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Power Rangers Turbine (Starlina's Version)
Number 27
Number of episodes: 36
First episode: Rev It Up!
Last episode: End of the Road Battle Pt 3
Intro: Power Rangers Turbine (Starlina's Version)/Theme Song
Adapted from: Kousoku Sentai Turboranger
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Author: Starlina
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Turbine Rev it Up!
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Power Rangers Turbine (Starlina's Version) is the 27th Installment in the Power Rangers - The Next Generation Universe. Based on the adaptation Kousoku Sentai Turboranger combining the elements from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.


Five teens with the need for speed are drafted by an assistant to the legendary Race Car Driver to combat the latest threat by his rival now a race hacking machine.

Turbine Rangers
Name Ranger Designation
Rowan Spencer Red Turbine Ranger
Oscar Rodriguez Black Turbine Ranger
Jacques Bolvier Blue Turbine Ranger
Tina Koyabashu Yellow Turbine Ranger
Brittani Townsend Pink Turbine Ranger


  • Professor Sebastian
  • Marlene
  • Cato
  • Coxwell Twins


  • Cain Pain
  • Cyclopes


  • Turbine Morpher
  • Turbine Auto Cannon
  • Turbine Sword
  • Turbine Hammer
  • Turbine B-Bow
  • Turbine Blaster
  • Turbine Stick Wand


Turbine MegaZord

  • Turbine Cruiser
  • Turbine Truck
  • Turbine Jeep
  • Turbine Chaser
  • Turbine Dune

Auxliary Zords

Turbine Carrier

  • Turbine Jet MegaZord

Episode List

  1. Rev up Ranger
  2. Turbo Twin Danger
  3. Operation Throttle Steal
  4. Grand Old Throttle Prix
  5. Mayhem on the Road
  6. Rangers on the Run
  7. Double Turbo Trouble
  8. Wild in the Streets
  9. A Ride to Remember
  10. The Funky Road
  11. Winding Upside Down
  12. Rock and Rev
  13. Young and High on the Wheels Pt 1
  14. Young and High on the Wheels Pt 2
  15. Young and High on the Wheels Pt 3
  16. Mega Drive
  17. Family Affair on Wheels
  18. Heart Filled with pain
  19. Forever In Vain
  20. The Linger Side of the Streets
  21. Plan A To Plan C
  22. Back on the Road 
  23. The Carrier Caper Pt 1
  24. The Carrier Caper Pt 2
  25. The Carrier Caper Pt 3
  26. The Other Side of Life in the Streets
  27. Turbo Lover
  28. A Ranger Rescue 
  29. Tears Might Fall
  30. The Pain Cain Killer
  31. Riding Through The Storm
  32. The Road Warriors
  33. End of the Road Battle Pt 1
  34. End of the Road Battle Pt 2
  35. End of the Road Battle Pt 3


  • The Turbine Rangers are teen obsessed with speed but with purpose

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