Power Rangers Totem
Number 5
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Totem/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: UnderFist
Production Order
Power Rangers Pokemon Tamer
Power Rangers Totem (often abbreviated PRT) is the 5th season created by UnderFist.


3 centuries ago, in what would one day become Vancouver, Canada, 5 different First Nation tribes each picked a warrior to fight the evil tribe leader Roaring Dragon. they each used the powers of their tribes' respected guardians. These were the eagle, wolf, frog, seal, and dove. The warriors defeated Roaring Dragon, and sealed him away. But, he was unleashed (in current time) by a descendant of one of the tribes. Now, him and the other descendants must stop Roaring Dragon from taking over earth. Little do they know, when the ancient tribes sealed Roaring Dragon away, there was a 6th tribe, which he was a chief of. This tribe utilized the powers from the Thunderbird guardian spirit.


Eagle Ron
Wolf JT (Totem)
Frog Ryu
Seal Pocahontas
Dove Anna

Peter (Totem)


  • Totem Morpher: the morphing device of the totem rangers.
  • Thunder Morpher: the morphing device of the white totem ranger.
  • Phoenix Morpher: the battlized morpher of the red totem ranger.
  • Totem Weapons: The personal weapons of the totem rangers.
  • Power coins: the coins in all the rangers' morphers. They are used to summon the weapons and zords.


  • Totem zords
    • Eagle zord
    • Wolf zord
    • Frog zord
    • Seal zord
    • Dove zord
  • Totem Megazord (combination of eagle, wolf, frog, seal, and dove zord)
  • Thunder Megazord
    • Thunderbird zord
  • Guardian zords
    • Cougar zord
    • Eagle zord
    • Snake zord
    • Dolphin zord
    • Moose zord
  • Guardian Megazord (combination of Cougar, Bear, Snake, Dolphin, and Moose zord)
  • Thunder Totem Megazord
    • Totem Megazord
    • Thunder Megazord
  • Phoenix Megazord
    • Phoenix zord
  • Guardian Ultrazord
    • Totem/Guardian Megazord
    • Turtle Carrier

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