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Power Rangers Time Force 2.0
Number EX-1
Number of episodes: 20
First episode: Nu Battle in Time
Last episode: The Last Fight of all time
Intro: Power Rangers Time Force 2.0/Theme Song
Adapted from:
Original airing: Fall 2019
Producer Saban Brands
Author: Starlina
Time Force Next Generation Team
Production Order
Power Rangers Hyper Force - The Next Generation
Power Rangers Time Force 2.0 is the EX Sequel to Power Rangers: Time Force - The Next Generation.


The New Time Force Power Rangers are here a new battle commence. New Mutants arrives with a vengeance as the Time Force Academy run by Wesley and Jen their children lead the cause.

2.0 Time Force Rangers
Name Ranger Designation
Jade Collins Time Force Pink Ranger
Willie Collins Time Force Red Ranger
Brendan Hansen Time Force Blue Ranger
Kyle Jennings Time Force Green Ranger
Trisha Koyabashi Time Force Yellow Ranger
EJ Myers Time Force Quantum Ranger


  • Time Force Badge: Identification of Time Force members and is utilized to seal defeated criminals away in cryo-containment units.
  • Chrono Blaster: Standard sidearm of Time Force.
  • V Weapons/Vortex Blaster: Five cannons used by the Rangers; can combine into the Vortex Blaster which delivers powerful energy blasts capable of "freezing" or knocking out a criminal.
  • Chrono Morpher: Morpher of the Time Force Rangers; equipped with holographic communication array and can only be activated when the Red Chrono Morpher is activated; imprints with the user's DNA.
  • Chrono Sabers: Standard weapons (two to each Ranger) that can combine into double-bladed lances; capable of shooting energy blasts and delivering "Time Strike" attacks
  • Electro Booster: Special gun created by adding several attachments to a Chrono Saber.
  • Quantum Morpher: Morpher of the Quantum Time Force Ranger, used to control the Quantasaurus Rex; vocal command accepted only from the Quantum Time Force Ranger (or someone who can sound like him).
  • Quantum Defender: A sidearm used by the Quantum Time Force Ranger; also has a sword mode.
  • Battle Warrior Armor: Battlizer Armor for the Red Time Force Ranger, granted to him by the mystic Battle Fire; gives him torso armor, armored helmet & boots, and a two-handed battle sword.
  • Quantum Mega Battle Armor: Battlizer Armor for the Quantum Time Force Ranger, granted to him by Alex from the year 3000; gives him torso shielding, visor, rollerblades, and detachable wings that serve as blasters and blades; also grants him the ability to fly and a large energy blade that is capable of "freezing" giant criminals.
  • Vector Cycles: Motorcycles used by the Rangers for ground pursuit.
  • Strata Cycle: air/ground vehicle sent by Alex to aid Wes
  • TF Eagle: Transport of the Quantum Time Force Ranger, capable of time-traveling.
  • Time Jet: Aircraft used by Power Rangers; can transform into a blaster for the Time Force Megazord Mode Blue.
  • Time Ship: Vehicle used by the Time Force Power Rangers; Allowed the Rangers to travel through time.


Time Flyer and Shadow Force System

Time Force Shadow Winger Online!

Time Shadow MegaZord Online!

Time Shadow Force MegaZord Online!

  • Shadow Force Megazord: Mode Blue/Shadow Force Megazord: Mode Red 
    • Time Force Megazord: Mode Blue/Time Force Megazord: Mode Red/Time Force Megazord: Jet Mode
      • Time Flyer 1 
      • Time Flyer 2 
      • Time Flyer 3 
      • Time Flyer 4 
      • Time Flyer 5 
    • Shadow Winger/Time Shadow Megazord 
  • Quantasaurus Rex or Q-Rex/Q-Rex: Megazord Mode
  • Transwarp Megazord ●


  • Time Force 2.0 Rangers is a new Generation of Power Rangers.
  • The Collins Siblings are on the team as Pink and Red Rangers.
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