Number 28
Number of episodes: 22
First episode: All Aboard
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Intro: Power Rangers TQG/Theme Song
Adapted from: Ressha Sentai ToQger
Original airing: 2021
Producer Hasbro
Author: Reynoman
Production Order
[[Beast Morphers]] EX
[[Super HyperForce]]
[[Hyper TQG]]
Power Rangers TQG (Train Quantum Guardians) is the fanfiction 28th season of Power Rangers, based on Ressha Sentai ToQger.

Theme Song


We have come to join the team
To fight the Shadow Line's machines
(Let’s go!)
It’s going to be a bumpy ride

Don’t they know we’ll find a way?
Power Rangers are here to stay
Yeah, yeah

(Go! Go!)

Is anybody out there?
(Yes we are!)
Can anybody hear me?
(Yes we can!)
Shout out loud, we’ll together stand our ground

(Let’s go!)

'Cause if they try to take us
(Let them here!)
They never can break us
(We are here!)
Fighting for the survival of humankind

(Power Rangers TQG!)
(Power Rangers TQG!)


"Our whole lives changed ten years ago when the evil Shadow Line appeared, casting our entire hometown in darkness. Fortunately, my siblings & I were rescued & taken to the Rainbow Line, where we were raised by our Uncle Herbert. Ten years later, we have returned to our hometown, & we're determined to save everyone we love from the Shadow Line. Together, we are Power Rangers Train Quantum Guardians!"
—Russell narrating

Only those with a great Imagination can see the mystical railway known as the Rainbow Line, on which run massive trains known as Trainzords are driven by five young Power Rangers known as the Train Quantum Guardians. While it is their mission to save towns from the evil forces of the Shadow Line who are using the residents' fear & sadness to establish their railway to enable the coming of their leader Emperor Zedd, whose intention is to consume light to plunge the world into darkness, the five Train Quantum Guardians are also siblings, the Mervilles, who also fight to recover the memories of their parents & hometown after it was consumed by the Shadow Line's evil years ago. After being joined by a former Shadow Line member named Zaram who now goes by the name of Aaron as their sixth member, the original Train Quantum Guardians regain their memories of their hometown & discover that it is completely consumed within the Shadow Line's railroad. The Train Quantum Guardians begin a campaign to free these "Shadow Towns" from their Shadow Creep Keepers in an attempt to recover their memories & save their parents & friends, while Emperor Zedd must deal with some opposition among his subjects.


Train Quantum Guardians

Color Role Actor
Train Quantum Guardian Ranger 1 Russell Merville Eli Baldwin
Train Quantum Guardian Ranger 2 Niles Merville Noah Schnacky
Train Quantum Guardian Ranger 3 Melanie Merville Alicia Judd
Train Quantum Guardian Ranger 4 Irving Merville Gunnar Young
Train Quantum Guardian Ranger 5 Rosa Merville Emma York
Train Quantum Guardian Ranger 6 Aaron Reyn Robinson


Rainbow Line

Galaxy Line

Other Allies

Star Knight Star Knight


Shadow Line

  • Emperor Zedd: The second-born son of Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd, & the heir & leader of the Shadow Line.
  • Baron von Nero: The golden masked general serving the leader of the Shadow Line. He is the acting leader of the Shadow Line.
  • Madame Noira: The general serving the leader of the Shadow Line. She is a member of the Shadow Line, & is grooming her only daughter Miss Glitta to be wed to the Darkness Emperor.
  • General Schwartz: The Black Iron General of the Shadow Line, who serves as its military leader. He is obsessed with creating the Shadow Liner forces. Miss Glitta notes Schwartz's presence whenever he enters or leaves the room.
  • Miss Glitta: The general serving the leader of the Shadow Line. She is the only child of Madame Noira, & is currently being groomed to be the wife of the leader of the Shadow Line, making her the future Empress.
  • Robberons - The train robber-themed foot soldiers serving the Shadow Line. They are armed with Tommy guns that can also be used as pickaxes once folded up.
  • Shadow Creeps



Morphing Devices

Multi-Use Devices


Individual Weapons & Team Weapon

Cockpit Control Weapons





  1. All Aboard!: As far as he can remember, Russell & his siblings have been living with their uncle Herbert in the mysterious Rainbow Line... what he can't seem to understand is the point of all this. When the evil Shadow Line begins to use their evil train, the Shadow Liner, to kidnap children, Russell mysteriously finds himself amongst those nearly captured. He is soon rescued by his siblings, who were given the ability to become Train Quantum Guardians. After learning from their uncle what happened to them & their parents ten years ago, Russell is inspired to help protect the children with his siblings.
  2. Coming Home: The Train Quantum Guardians return to their home city, Pleiades City, after ten years. While there, they arrive at a train station taken over by the Shadow Line, controlled by the Shadow Line's Saber Shadow who makes everyone fight relentlessly. Russell & the others do their hardest to protect a boy who is scared at what the Shadow Line has done to his neighborhood & figure out a way to end the Shadow Line's control.
  3. Halloween Special: On Halloween night, the Train Quantum Guardians arrive at the next Shadow Town, where they come across various fictional characters, with Niles' favorite childhood superhero Star Knight appearing before him to encourage him, but all is not as it seems.
  4. TBA: The Train Quantum Guardians must defeat Miss Gritta & General Schwartz while trying to recover their memories of their long lost home town.
  5. Christmas Special: On Christmas Eve, the Train Quantum Guardians are given coins to make wishes at a wishing well--unaware that the owner of that well is a Shadow Creep.


  • Hasbro launched a toddler-oriented toyline for TQG, before launching the official toyline.

Video Games


  • Even before Power Rangers TQG aired, Saban knew that a ToQger adaptation would prove a challenge, as the possibility that a train-themed Power Rangers season may not achieve as much popularity in America than in Japan.
  • TQG features the first official Orange Ranger.
  • This may be the first season since Power Rangers Super Megaforce to feature the original Red-Blue-Green-Yellow-Pink main team formation.
  • This may be the second time a Power Rangers season has adapted the Sentai out of order, as ToQger was skipped over initially. The first was Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
  • This may also be the first season since Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue where the Rangers' suits have white gloves & boots as part of their uniforms.
  • Just like Dino (Super)Charge 's similarities to Jungle Fury, TQG also shares many similarities with RPM. This trend would continue in the next series.

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