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Power Rangers Supersonic
Number 06
Number of episodes: 40
First episode: Be Supersonic
Last episode: Supersonic of the Ages
Intro: Power Rangers Supersonic/Theme Song
Adapted from: Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman
Original airing: April 2019
Producer Saban Brands
Author: Starlina
Supersonic Power Rangers
Production Order
Power Rangers T.Q.G (Starlina's Version) ‎
Power Rangers: Prism

Power Rangers Supersonic is the sixth installment of the Power Rangers - The Next Generation saga based on the adaptation of Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman the 14th entry of Super Sentai series.


Many years ago there were a group of Power Rangers on the planet Xybria where the unthinkable tragedy happened when one betrays them to join the side of evil. Despite the fall of the Original Rangers, their powers were preserved by Gosei. One Year Later 5 new teens are chosen by Xybrian Native who is new to Earth to form the new Supersonic Power Rangers Team to combat this new evil mastermind with a sinister plan to corrupt chaos on earth the feed the energy for the power of the NegaWorld.

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Supersonic Rangers

Supersonic Rangers
Name Ranger Designation
Brian Hathaway                 Red Supersonic Ranger      
George Larkson Blue Supersonic Ranger
Benny Drake Black Supersonic Ranger
Remi Koyabashu Yellow Supersonic Ranger
Paola Fuentes Pink Supersonic Ranger

Arsenal and Gear

Additional Arsenal


Supersonic Megazord

  • Supersonic Alpha Zord (Red Ranger)
  • Supersonic Land Zord (Blue and Pink Rangers)
  • Supersonic Carrier Zord (Black and Yellow Rangers)


  • Professor Winston
  • Original Supersonic Rangers


Galacto Red Galaticto Red Ranger
Galacto Blue Galacto Blue Ranger
Galacto Black Galacto Black Ranger
Galacto Yellow Galacto Yellow
Galacto Pink Galacto Pink Ranger



  • The Supersonic Rangers are longtime friends of each other since the earlier years
  • The Supersonic Rangers are the 2nd Generation of the Supersonic Rangers who came before them
  • Unlike their counterparts The Fiveman The Rangers are students in High School.
  • The current Supersonic Rangers are the successors of the original Supersonic Rangers who perished in battle on their home planet Xybria.


Supersonic Rangers

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