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Super Beast Morphers
Number 28 & 29
Number of episodes: 22 (Season 1)
22 (Season 2)
44 (Overall)
First episode: Beasts Re-Unleashed (Season 1)
Last episode: Vargoyle Re-Unleashed (Season 2 & Overall)
Intro: Power Rangers Super Beast Morphers/Theme Song
Adapted from: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger
Original airing: March 2021 - 2022
Producer Allspark Pictures
Author: Reynoman
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Production Order
[[Beast Morphers]]
[[Dino Fury]]

Power Rangers Super Beast Morphers is the sequel season of Beast Morphers. The series borrows footage, costumes, & props from Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, though some elements remain from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

Theme Song

Power Rangers, growing stronger
Faster every day
Standing up to evil forces
Coming our way

Call on mighty animal strength
Mammal & machine
Earth's defenders protecting us
From all of the unseen

(Go!) Power Rangers Super Beast Morphers (2x)

Power up to win the battle
Protecting us all they'll never give up
Keep us safe from all that we face
Our future's in their hands

(Go!) Power Rangers Super Beast Morphers (4x)


After Evox's defeat, the city of Coral Harbor & even the Earth itself is safe once again. However, an old enemy returns, & he unleashes new virus monsters more powerful than anything the Beast Morphers have faced. To gain the upper hand, the Beast Morphers are now able to tap into the Morphin Grid & receive new animal DNA powers. They're no longer just Beast Morphers... they are now Super Beast Morphers!



Main article: Beast Morphers Rangers

7 zyuoh.jpg

Designation Name Actor
Super Beast Morphers Red Devon Daniels[1] Rorrie D. Travis
Super Beast Morphers Blue Roxy Collins[2] Liana Ramirez
Super Beast Morphers Yellow Blaze Turner[3] Colby Strong
Super Beast Morphers Green Ravi Shaw[4] Jazz Baduwalia
Super Beast Morphers White Zoey Reeves[5] Jacqueline Scislowski
Chimera Ranger
Matt Phillips Joshua Fraser
Super Beast Morphers Orange Mayor Adam Daniels[6] Kevin Copeland

Secondary Rangers

Beast Morphers Gold Nate Silva Abraham Rodriguez
Beast Morphers Silver Sterling "Steel" Silva Sam Jellie (Human)
Jamie Linehan (Beast Bot)


Grid Battleforce

Beast Bots

Animal Name Voice Actor
Cheetah Cruise Kelson Henderson
Gorilla Smash Charlie McDermott
Rabbit Jax Emmett Skilton
Beetle Steel Jamie Linehan



Phantom Rider Kelsey


Cybervillain Super-Blaze
Blaze Colby Strong
Cybervillain Super-Roxy
Roxy Liana Ramirez


Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices

Individual Weapons & Team Weapon




Other Devices


Beast Grid Zord System



Alternate Combinations

Beast-X Zord System


Season One

  1. Beasts Re-Unleashed: When Vargoyle, Scrozzle's creation, returns to Earth with a new virus army, Devon, the new Commander of Grid Battleforce, brings the Beast Morphers back together & gives them new animal powers. However, when tragedy strikes, Devon starts to question his place in the team.

Season Two

  1. Vargoyle Re-Upgraded: The Super Beast Morphers Rangers hear that Vargoyle captured Matt & challenged them personally. Little do they know that it's all part of a scheme by Psitron & Scrozzle to draw Vargoyle to a trap & have their revenge. However, when the Super Beast Morphers Rangers agree to help Psitron & Scrozzle fight Vargoyle, the Virus Army leader uses the data obtained from the Whale-X Zord to transform into an even bigger threat.
  2. Vargoyle Re-Unleashed: It's the final battle between the Super Beast Morphers Rangers & Vargoyle, who has finally executed his master plan. The Super Beast Morphers Rangers recoil from Vargoyle's overwhelming evil data, boldly attacking, but their attacks don't hit at all. Furthermore, Vargoyle begins to engulf everything & strikes repeatedly. But in all of this, frantically looking for an opening, Devon realizes Vargoyle's weakness.


  • Super Beast Morphers contains similarities & differences from the previous sequel seasons: Super Samurai, Super Megaforce, Dino Supercharge, & Super Ninja Steel.
    • Like the Mega Rangers in Super Megaforce, the Beast Morphers Rangers gain new Ranger powers upgraded from their Turbo Ranger powers to their Space Ranger powers.
      • They are also the second team of Rangers to gain new Ranger powers outside of the Zordon Era.
      • Also, like the Mega Rangers, the Beast Morphers Rangers' original powers are still their primary forms.
    • This may be the first season of Power Rangers to have a completely separate second opening theme, not sticking with one opening.
  • The two seasons of Super Beast Morphers plus the two other seasons of its previous series, Beasts Morphers, results in the entire series consisting of four seasons. Because of this, Beast Morphers beats Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a Power Rangers series to have more than one season. (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had three seasons.)
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