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Power Rangers StarLights is the 32th and 33th season of Power Rangers.serving as an adaption of the 47th installment of the Japanese franchise,Super Sentai Kyuusei Sentai WakuseiberIcon-crosswiki.png.

This series is Hasbro's fourth production under their film divisionAllspark Pitcures & Entertainment One following their acquistion of the franchise.


On February 14,2024 Hasbro revealed at New York Toy Fair 2024 that the next Power Rangers adaptation would be based off the 2022 planet-light based Super Sentai season, Kyuusei Sentai Wakuseiver. However, the official title wasn't revealed at the time. It was revealed as Power Rangers Season 32. On May 14, 2024, it was revealed that the adaptation would be called Power Rangers Starlights.


The three mans and two females are mysterious heroes with the stop Evil Engine to save planet earth with Source DNA.



The Starlight Rangers

Main article: Starlight Rangers
Designation Name Actor
Starlight Red Farrel Paver Ethan Cutkosky
Starlight Blue Conrad Oakley Asher Angel
Starlight Yellow Kiro Adrien Jacob Hopkins
Starlight Green Layla Grayson Nikki Hahn
Starlight Pink Maddie Paris Lola Flanery





Main Article: Arsenal (Starlights)

Multi-Use Devices

  • Planet Cube Keys

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

  • Mega Slash
  • Mercury Saver
  • X-Transluser
  • Flash Demetor
  • Galtarone


Main Article:Episodes (Starlights)

Season 1:

1.The Gredative



4.Magical Capsule:Part 1

5.Magical Capsule:Last Part

Season 2:

1.Starlights Set On!

2.Mission Flashnight

3.692 Testament Capsule

4.Saving the Tears


Suit Actors:

  • Starlight Red:Kaito Shibutekara
  • Starlight Yellow:Kitaro Yumenshi
  • Starlight Green:Yune Makoto
  • Starlight Blue:Hayate Chibara
  • Starlight Pink:Oona Akijri

Video Realase

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  • This Series has based of planet!!
  • On the season have a Female Green Ranger
    • The Starlights Series have not each Megazords

See Als

  • Kyuusei Sentai Wakuseiber - Super Sentai counterpart . See comparison page.