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Power Rangers Squadron
Number 03
Number of episodes: 35
First episode: Thunder Reborn
Last episode: Squadron's Last Stand
Intro: Power Rangers Squadron/Theme Song
Adapted from: Gosei Sentai Dairanger
Original airing: 2019
Author: Starlina
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Its Morphin Time - Squadron Ranger Unleash the Power!
Production Order
Power Rangers Space Voyagers
Power Rangers: SPD - The Next Generation
We Join in the power Thunder - Power Rangers Squadron!

Power Rangers Squadron is the third installment of the Power Rangers - The Next Generation universe.

A new breed of Power Rangers come forth to fulfill their destiny and battle an evil queen and her empire who plans to capture Earth for her collection. In addition, guiding them is the Amazon queen named Dulcedra who gave those powers of the five ancient creatures Dragon, Lion, Unicorn, Griffin, and Firebird to the new Rangers. Squadron Rangers.


"The Power of thunder was created by Zordon the original creator of the first Power Rangers and the zords after the dinozords were destroyed. Years later a new threat descended from an evil legacy of Zedd and Rita comes a daughter and little sister of Thrax. Zeddita inherits her mother's beauty and her father's Z Staff a spare one with advance power. Now the thunder power is reborn and a new team has formed under Dulcedra and there are "Power Rangers Squardron!"

Main Article: Squadron Rangers

Name Ranger Position
Brendan Laxford Squadron Red Ranger
Jermaine Downs Squadron Blue Ranger
Frederick Haines Squadron Green Ranger
Keiko Koyabashu Squadron Yellow Ranger
Kaycee Hart Squadron Pink Ranger


Main Article: Arsenal (Squadron)

  • Squadron Morpher
  • Thunder Gems
  • Squadron Staff
  • Squadron Chakrams
  • Squadron Thunder Cycles



Squadron Thunder Megazord

  • Red Dragon Thunderzord
  • Firebird Thunderzord
  • Unicorn Thunderzord
  • Griffin Thunderzord
  • Lion Thunderzord


  • The Squadron Rangers are the third Power Rangers team to use the Thunderzords after MMPR and the original Squadron Rangers.
  • The Rangers go to a rival High School far from the High School the Mega Rangers go.

Episode List

  1. Thunder Reborn
  2. Thunder Reborn
  3. Earth's Newest Heroes
  4. The Origins of Thunder
  5. The Origins of Thunder
  6. The Real Pink Passion
  7. A Mellow Yellow Tale
  8. Uncertain World
  9. A Legend's Connection
  10. Parade of Putties
  11. Rangers on Both Sides
  12. Rangers on Both Sides
  13. Rangers on Both Sides
  14. Rangers on Both Sides
  15. Battle of Evermore
  16. Eternal Dark Side
  17. A Mind Gameplay
  18. Fate by Destiny
  19. Uncertain in the World
  20. Zeddita's Biggest Plot
  21. Riots
  22. Riots
  23. The Other World
  24. The Other World
  25. Place Call Home
  26. Past 2 Present
  27. Heartbreak
  28. Heartbreak
  29. Worlds of Unknown
  30. Worlds of Unknown
  31. The Legend of Squadron
  32. Battle Worth Fighting For

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