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Power Rangers Sports Skill
Number 27
Number of episodes: 45
First episode: The Sports History
Last episode: The Showdown Against the Evil
Intro: Power Rangers Sports Skill/Theme Song
Adapted from: Gorin Sentai Sportranger
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Author: Future Beetle
Power rangers sports skill by kaiserf11
"Sport Power! Gear up!"
Production Order
Power Rangers Wild Strike
Power Rangers Prism

Power Rangers Sports Skill is the twenty-seventh season of Future Beetle's Power Rangers series. This season was preceded by Power Rangers Wild Strike and succeeded by Power Rangers Prism. It was created by Future Beetle as the 27th season. It also contains plenty elements from the sequel Sport Ranger and some elements from Power Rangers Mystic Force. This season has a Sport motif.


Long ago, the Evil Overlord Villamax who plans to take over the world, the five teens with attitude who become Heroes as the Power Rangers in order to save the world from destruction.


Sport Rangers

Power Rangers Sports Skill (Navy Ranger)
Main article: Sport Rangers
Ranger Designation Sport Character
Red Sport Ranger Boxing Jordan Findlay
Blue Sport Ranger Soccer Rudy Raab
Green Sport Ranger Tennis Chad Humphrey
Yellow Sport Ranger Dodgeball Emma Winters
Pink Sport Ranger Gymnastic Michelle Montag
Orange Sport Ranger Basketball Tyrone Jackson
Purple Sport Ranger Volleyball Paige Mills
Snowboard Sport Ranger Snowboard Frost

Extra Rangers

Ranger Designation Sport Character
Navy Sport Ranger Baseball Patrick Cubitt
Sky Sport Ranger Swimming Skyler Moore
Crimson Sport Ranger Bowling Jamie Findlay


Renegade Warriors

  • Lord Villamax
  • Calgar
  • Opicker
  • Princess Preach
  • Dreadwing
  • Vulboon - Baboon and Vulture hybrid
  • Mephiles
  • Vortex
  • Moogies


Transformation Devices

  • Sport Accelerate Morphers
  • Snow Sport Morpher
  • Ultrasound Sport Morpher

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Power Ball
  • Tennis Blade
  • Ball Smasher
  • Agility Ribbon
  • Basketball Blaster
  • Volleyball Hammer
  • Snow Shield
  • Baseball Bat
  • Swimming Cut Fin
  • Bowl Striker


Auxiliary Zords


Alternate Combinations


  • Episode 1: The Sports History (First appearance of Jordan, Rudy, Chad, Emma, Michelle, Jamie, Dr. Wright, Mr. Wilkerson, Vince, Elizabeth, Lord Villamax, Calgar, Opicker, and Moogies)
  • Episode 2: Sport Rangers Rule
  • Episode 3: Gym Class
  • Episode 4: Home Run Marathon (Chad focus) (Patrick debuts this episode)
  • Episode 5: Track & Field (Michelle focus)
  • Episode 6: Lacrosse Lesson (Rudy focus)
  • Episode 7: Badminton Tryouts (Emma focus)
  • Episode 8: Sports Assembly (Skyler debuts this episode)
  • Episode 9: Football Game (Jordan focus)
  • Episode 10: Orange & Purple (Tyrone and Paige made their debut in this episode)
  • Episode 11: Deep from the Shadows (Mephiles debuts this episode)
  • Episode 12: The Key to Victory (Skyler and Jamie becomes Swimming and Bowling Sport Rangers respectively)
  • Episode 13: Fight Fire with Fire
  • Episode 14: Learning the New Power (The Shaolin Fury Rangers becomes Super Shaolin Fury Rangers)
  • Episode 15: The Black Hero (Frost makes his debut in this episode)
  • Episode 16: Winter Newcomer (Frost transforms into the Snowboard Sport Ranger and made his Ranger form debut this episode)
  • Episode 17: Rangers Suit Up (Princess Preach debuts)
  • Episode 18: Golfing Chore
  • Episode 19: Brainstorming
  • Episode 20: Monkey Business (Vulboon debuts in this episode)
  • Episode 21: Calgar's Scheme
  • Episode 22: Forged Under Fire
  • Episode 23: Billiard Playtime
  • Episode 24: Courage in Red
  • Episode 25: Threat Arose
  • Episode 26: Sport Technology
  • Episode 27: Cunning Intruder (Dreadwing debuts in this episode)
  • Episode 28: Villamax's Idea
  • Episode 29: Magma Invasion
  • Episode 30: Dark Fate (Mephiles gets destroyed by the Sport Rangers)
  • Episode 31: Enter Vortex (Vortex debuts in this episode)
  • Episode 32: Fencing Match
  • Episode 33: Gigantic Zord Project
  • Episode 34: Earth Saves the Day
  • Episode 35: Wild Strike and Sports Mix (Wild Strike and Sports Skill team up)
  • Episode 36: Sports Collaboration
  • Episode 37: Needles of Danger
  • Episode 38: Assignment for Disaster (Dreadwing gets destroyed by Sport Rangers)
  • Episode 39: The Reign
  • Episode 40: Lady's Request (Princess Preach redeem herself)
  • Episode 41: Revenge (Vulboon gets destroyed by the Sport Rangers)
  • Episode 42: Justice is Served (Opicker gets destroyed by Sport Rangers)
  • Episode 43: Unstoppable Heroes (Vortex gets finally destroyed by Sport Rangers)
  • Episode 44: One Last Chance (Calgar was destroyed by the Sports Rangers)
  • Final Episode: The Showdown Against the Evil (Lord Villamax and Moogies were finally destroyed by the Sport Rangers)


Future Beetle

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