Red alert WARNING: This fanfictional series contains scenes of dark tones and drama. Viewer discretion is advised!
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Power Rangers Spirit Gems
Number of episodes:
First episode: A New Shining Hope
Last episode:
Intro: Power Rangers Spirit Gems (AnimeLover569)/Theme Song
Adapted from: Mashin Sentai Kiramager
Original airing:
Author: AnimeLover569
MSK-Team Transformation (Five Member)
Production Order
Power Rangers Jurassic Blaze


During a school field trip five teenagers find five crystals, they then harness the powers of gems and now have to defend earth from the Wendigo Army.



MSK-Team Transformation II (Five Member)

"The bonds within our trust and spirits! Power Rangers! Spirit Gems!"

Colour Role Actor
Spirit Gem Red Shinji Asaka Takeru Satoh
Spirit Gem Yellow Jim Watson Tyrel Jackson Williams
Spirit Gem Green Audrey Simons Elizabeth Olsen
Spirit Gem Blue Hugh Ramirez Jeff Wahlberg
Spirit Gem Pink Belle Arya Naomi Scott
Spirit Gem Silver George Caldwell Sam Claflin


Steven Callison
Rahni Callison



  • The Wenidgo Army
    • Hades
    • Alucard
    • Caliban
    • Garions
    • Wendigos
    • Hells Beast


  • Gem Changers
  • Spirit Gem Blasters
  • Spirit Gem Sabers


Mecha(Power Rangers Spirit Gems)

  • Twinkling Spirit Gem Megazord
  • Twinkling Spirit Gem Megazord Complete Form
  • Sparkling AirJet Megazord


  • Ruby Gem Zord “Ruby”
  • Topaz Gem Zord “Topaz”
  • Emerald Gem “Emerald”
  • Lapis Gem Zord “Lapis”
  • Rhodonite Gem Zord “Rhodonite”



  • Prologue
  • Scroll 1~A New Shining Hope
  • Scroll 2~The New Crystal Warrior
  • Scroll 3~The Chosen Leader
  • Scroll 4~Blue’s headaches
  • Scroll 5~A Strange new Machine


  • The Prologue is fanmade and the first episode will be based on Kiramager episode 0
  • Themes are crystals/vehicles/dreams
  • Originally the rangers weren’t supposed to know each other but the blue and pink rangers are childhood friends and the yellow and green rangers know each other due to Yellow being a jock and Green being a cheerleader
  • Their Zords’ nicknames are what gem they are, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Lapis and Rhodonite. Ruby and Lapis can be considered to be feminine sounding names despite being voiced by guys but because the nicknames come from what gem the Zords represent, the names become irrelevant of what sex the Zords happen to be
  • The Zords will be voiced by previous ranger actors
  • Belle Arya and Rhodonite’s actresses share the same first name and the same initials
    • Belle Arya-Naomi Scott
    • Rhotonite-Naomi Sequeria
  • Audrey is the only Spirit Gem Ranger whose gender is different than her zord
  • Lee Mack and Hugh Jackman swapped roles
  • Unlike his sentai counterpart Shinji will be more serious than Juru’s happy go lucky personality
    • All the Rangers, minus the 6th ranger, are high schoolers while Juru is the only Kiramager who is a high schooler


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