Power Rangers Special Rescue Patrol
Number 27
Number of episodes: 42
First episode: Rescue Begins
Last episode: The Last Mission
Intro: Power Rangers Special Rescue Patrol/Theme Song
Adapted from: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
Original airing: 2019
Author: Starlina
Production Order

Here the protect and serve the universe!; POWER RANGERS SRP!

Power Rangers Special Rescue Patrol is based on Tomica Hero: Rescue Force tells the story of Real Life Rescue situations and a battle against evil terrorism Crusaders under the command of Venjixa. The Rangers are assembled to combat this latest threat and save the entire planet.


The Power Rangers are formed to combat the latest terrorism threats worldwide.

SRP Rangers

SRP Power Rangers

SRP Rangers as a Five man team
SRP Rangers
Name Ranger Designation
Hans Rescue 1 Ranger
Felipe Rescue 2 Ranger
Willow Rescue 3 Ranger
Duffy Rescue 4 Ranger
Brock Rescue 5 Ranger


Rescue Warrior Megazord

  • Crane Rescue Zord
  • Fire Striker Rescue Zord

Arsenal + Gear

  • Rescue Com Morpher
  • Rescue Striker Blasters
  • Rescue Bird Blaster


  • Rescue Search Car (Willow)
  • Rescue Medicaid Truck (Duffy)


  • They are the first Power Rangers team not to be recognized by color but by numbers
  • They are the first team as well to wear orange spandex with their Ranger suits
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