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Power Rangers Space Voyagers
Number 02
Number of episodes: 41
First episode: These are the Voyagers
Last episode: Battle of the Galaxy
Intro: Power Rangers Space Voyagers/Theme Song
Adapted from: Battle Strike Team: Space Deleter
Original airing: Early January 2017
Author: Starlina
Space Voyager Rangers
Production Order
Power Rangers SpyForce
Power Rangers Squadron

Power Rangers Space Voyagers also known as PRSV or just Space Voyagers is the second installment of the Power Rangers - The Next Generation saga it is based on the adaptation of the Chinese Sentai Battle Strike Team: Space Deleter it is the continuation of the Space adventure sharing elements from Power Rangers In Space.


30 years after the In Space saga in 2028 the evil aliens arrived on a dangerous space ship to attack the universe This time an evil Space Empress name Galactica is on the rampage to conquer the universe including Earth. A new team of 5 teen cadets from Earth who are aboard on an orbiting space station are chosen as the new Power Rangers to combat this new threat to the universe.

Space Voyager Rangers

Main Article: Space Voyager Rangers

Space Voyager Rangers
Space Voyager Red Ranger Issac Turner
Space Voyager Blue Ranger #1 Bray Cooper
Space Voyager Blue Ranger #2 Patrick Koyabashu
Space Voyager Green Ranger Jesse Knight
Space Voyager Gold Ranger Taron Stedman
Space Voyager Pink Ranger Rhianna Bryant
Space Voyager Dragon Ranger Donnie Spencer



  • Evil Society of the Galaxy
  • Galactica 
  • Quantrons 2.0
  • The Techno's Corp Renmants


Voyager Quintuple Cannon

  • Astro Drill
  • Galaxy Tonfas
  • Satellite Laser
  • Star Drill
  • luna Slicer


Voyager Galactic Megazord

  • Rocket Voyager Zord
  • Flyer Voyager Zord
  • Shuttle Voyager Zord
  • Odyssey Voyager Zord
  • Beetle Voyager Zord

Dragon Voyager Zord

Episodes 1-20

Season 1

  1. These are the New Voyages 
  2. Blazon
  3. The Lost Kids Pt 1.
  4. The Lost Kids Pt 2.
  5. Eyes of An Evil Alien
  6. Dangerous Mind Games
  7. Shadows of The Night
  8. Spacekiller
  9. Galactic Chaos
  10. Danger Ranger - The Debut of Donnie as the Dragon Ranger.
  11. A Brand New Dawn
  12. Rise of the New Planets
  13. Alien Eyes
  14. Age of the new Aquarius Pt. 1
  15. Age of the new Aquarius Pt. 2
  16. Rise of the Galaxy
  17. Strangers In the Stars
  18. The True Star Warriors
  19. Battle of the Ages Pt.1
  20. Battle of the Ages Pt. 2

Episodes 1-20 + Special

Season 2

  1. A New Wave of Galactic Terror
  2. The Past
  3. Take Our Breath Away
  4. Downtime
  5. Dragon Ranger Rising
  6. Space Sick
  7. An Alternate Side of Blue Pt. 1 - "Bray learns he's being recruited for a new mission with special flight Cadets and he's uncertain how will his fellow Rangers will react to it especially Rhianna."
  8. An Alternate Side of Blue Pt. 2 - " As Bray ponders about his decision a new ally helps the Rangers defeat one of Galactica's monsters his name is Patrick Koyabashu and the little brother of the yellow rangers Jasmine and Keiko Pink Ranger Sakura and older brother of Muzuko and Nanami the Blue Rangers as well.
  9. An Alternate Side of Blue Pt. 3 - As Bray makes a final decison about the special mission he decides go against it for Rhianna's sake but Rhianna says she can't step aside and let Bray pass up this opportunity and Captain Spencer assured him that he will always be a ranger in spirit. After the team and the Captain gave him their approval and blessings Bray decides to pass his powers to Patrick thus making Patrick the new Blue Ranger.
  10. Kids of Aquarius
  11. Galactic Danger Zone
  12. Enforcing the Spy Galactic Law Pt. 1- The SpyForce Rangers make a return to assist the Space Voyager Rangers to combat Galactica's newest plot involving the Techno's leader Lazarus' demise and joining forces with his remain henchmen.
  13. Enforcing the Spy Galactic Law Pt. 2- As the Space Voyager and the SpyForce Rangers get acquainted as Keres Lazarus' former fiancee assist the Rangers bringing down the technos once and for all.
  14. Planet Rising
  15. Pirates of Space
  16. Intergalactic Head Games
  17. The True Essence of the Voyagers
  18. Rising Up
  19. Galactic End Battle Part 1
  20. Galactic End Battle Part 2
  21. Battle of the Galaxy (Special Edition Episode)


  • It is the first Power Rangers Series to have a Gold Ranger to be on a main Power Rangers team in the place of the Yellow Ranger.
  • The Space Voyager Rangers are from a futuristic timeline
  • Rhianna the Pink Ranger is Second-in-Command of the Rangers and the most Tactical.

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