Power Rangers Shining Spirits
Number N/A
Number of episodes: 38
First episode: The Beginning (SS)
Last episode: Here's a Health to the Company
Intro: Shining Spirits
Adapted from: Mashin Sentai Kiramager
Original airing: N/A
Author: Lemurseighteen
An unlikely brotherhood rises to defeat the Nether Star Clan
Production Order
Power Rangers Chivalry Force

Power Rangers Coaster Force

Power Rangers Shining Spirits is Lemurseighteen's fanon for Mashin Sentai Kiramager. It takes a queue from the older concepts of Power Rangers Coaster Force involving real players in the "Coaster Community" on YouTube. This story focuses on Koaster Kids/Thrills United community. Even though maybe these reps actually deserve their place, what if these "Kiramei Stones" were like the Dino Gems, except scattered all over the world?


The Father of the Nether Star Clan has arrived to track down the components of the Gaia Crystal. When Amanda discovers a Yellow Crystal similar to the red one around her neck, she becomes suspicious of her father.

She returns home with her sister, Natalie, to find the crystals are mysterious machines that begin to imprint on their brother, Logan, and his friends. The shiniest and most thrill-seeking team will travel the world to collect the Gaia Crystals.

Thrills United

Ranger Braves

6 Kiramagers
Designation Name
Fire Chaser Logan Joiner
Digger Zack
Lightning Callie
Jet Star Itai
Chopper Sophia
Silver Star Gai Hikaru

Regional Reps

These are the names of the Crystals each rep is associated with in order of the rep's debut. Maddy being the exception as she uses animal spirits, but appears in the same episode as Mulin.

Designation Name
Orion Eliza
Baryonyx Nye
Raptor Archie
Rigger Paul
Funidoria Emilio
Lifter Connor
Archaeopteryx Marina
Spinosaurus Natalia
Polar Marc
Wolf Ranger (II) Maddy
Striker Mulin
Blazing Hudson
Taron II Dane
Rescue II Billy
Dragstar Austin
Hauler Dominick
Mixer Robert
Great White Hunter
Mako Micheal
Hornet Sean
Phoenix Villias
Wodan Miriam
[Tiger] Sam
[Lion] Skylar

Thrills United (2042)

see Also: Thrills United (Literary Guardians)

  • Moria Reiner
  • Max Joiner
  • Zadra Graffis



Primary Allies

Star Wanders

Koaster Kids

  • McKinely and Caden (9 and 38 [Flashback/Archive Footage])
  • Maddie (15, 38 [Archive footage])
  • Chase (32, 38 [Archive Footage]]

Former Kid Reporters/Regional Reps

  • Abe (15, 38 [Archive footage])
  • Pablo (25, 38 [Archive footage])

Community Allies

  • Theme Park Worldwide (5, 38)
    • Alex Crump (5, 38)
    • Shawn Sanbrooke (38, archive footage)
    • Charlotte (38, Archive Footage)
  • ReviewTyme (11): Hudson and Darrel and Louis from ReviewTyme actually morphed in episode 11, so if Dane and Billy would have ever morphed, they would have been Rescue II and Taron II, being the only Reps with that distinction (Besides Maddy)

    Left: Dominick Lacey (Darrel) Right: Luke Carroll (Louis)

Designation Name
Taron I Darrel Glacey
Rescue I Louis Carroll
  • Dan/Midway Mayhem (12 [mention], 19, 38 [Archive Footage])
  • Sean Flaharty (12 [mention], 19, 38 [Archive Footage])
  • Ed Hart (19 [Silhouette], 38 [Archive Footage])
  • Taylor Bybee/Coaster Studios (19, 30-31, 38 [archive footage])
  • Scott Bravenboer (22, 38 [archive footage)
  • Mike Graham (25 [Mention], 38 [archive footage])
  • Coaster Bot (38, Archive Footage)
    • Harry
    • Zoe
    • Joel
    • Aron (also mentioned in ep 22, as well as 38)
    • Andrew (mentioned to be attending Keys to the Kingdom in ep 19, as well as 38)

Minor Allies

  • The Battalion (9, 17, 38 [mentioned only])
  • Ashley (20, 38 [archive footage])
  • Seamus (20, 38 [archive footage])
  • Nik, Villas' roommate (24, 38 [archive footage])
  • Ceara Quinlin (29, Literary Guardians)

see Also: Minor Characters in Power Rangers Shining Spirits

Legendary Allies

Power Rangers

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger all six

Manticore Squad

Rampage Megazord cockpit

I tried to remove GekiChopper. If anyone can do a better job, please do so

Color Role
Lion Warrior Jarrod
Chameleon Warrior Camille

Maddy is also a member and a Phi Zhuq Master by the end of the series and the only member of Thrills United to still have powers by that time.

Kamen Riders (29)

See also: Order of the Sword

Sword of Logos

The Literary Guardians

Kamen Rider Saber
Milo Quinlin
Kamen Rider Blade
Tyreem Cutler
Kamen Rider Espada
Isabella Morales
Kamen Rider Kenzon
Ryo Hanarate


Nether Star Clan

  • King Moonsault (1-10, 12-38)
    • Tessa/Doctor Asheera/Gatling Asheera/Mecha Asheera (1-10, 12-38)
    • Max Elerbeck/Doctor Axel/Demon Axel (1-10, 12-22, 33-35, 38 [archive footage])
    • Tori/Doctor Kareem/Demon Kareem (1-10, 12-38)
    • Shoelien (33-38)
      • Phears
        • Moonsault and Shoelien's Phears
        • Kareem's Phears
          • Rugby Phear (2)
          • Paleo Phear (5)
          • Fly Trap Phear (15)
          • (21)
          • (35-36)
        • Asheera's Phears
          • Signal Phear (3)
          • Camera Phear (7)
          • Music Phear (10)
          • LARP Phear (20, 38)
        • Axel's Phears
          • Magnet Phear/Magnet Troll (4)
          • Grand Meiser (8-9)
            • Kiln Phear (8-9)
            • Cooler Phear (8)
          • Time Slip Phear (14)
          • Body Swap Phear (18)
        • Darkness Beasts [prototypes]
          • Defender Behemoth (6)
          • Cumilostratus (7)
          • Stage Firefly (10)
        • Troopers (1-10, 12-38)
        • Koiyenman (2-5, 7, 12-13, 16-21, 26-38)
        • Zords

"Talos Dimension Allies"

  • Drokar (11-33, 38 [archive footage])
  • Sarapis (11-34, 38 [archive footage])
    • Phears
      • Water Tower Phear (11)
      • Locomotive Phear (16)
    • Darkness Beasts
      • Faucet Leviathan (12)
      • Tesla Eel (13)
      • Super Shark Hammerhead (15)
      • Diesel Thunder (16)
      • Battleship Granzilla (18)


See Also: Arsenal (Shining Spirits)

Transformation Devices

Side Arms

Individual Weapons

  • Ginga Drill
  • Action Cannon-used in Bicoline
    • Funidoria Hammer
    • Mixer Laser
    • Lifter Claw
    • Rigger Sword
    • Wodan Axe
  • Hornet Dagger

Special Weapons

These weapons come from the zords, or are associated with their power.


Gaia System

Rail Guardian System

Elemental System

  • Dairen Megazord
    • Blaze Zord
    • Forrest Machine Wodan
    • Taron Zord
    • Rescue Zord
    • Super Rocket Orion

Super Beast Liger

  • Super Beast Liger
    • Lion Zord (Skylar)
    • Tiger Zord (Sam)

Phoenix Zord System

  • Phoenix Zord

Other Zords

  • Action Zords
    • Big Rig Zord
    • Forklift Zord
    • Steamroller Zord
    • Hauler Zord
    • Mixer Zord
  • Dragstar Zord
  • Beast Machines
    • Hornet Zord
  • TBA (Marc)
  • TBA (Tyler)
  • TBA (Declan)
  • TBA (Iacapo)
  • TBA (Parker)

Alternate Combinations

  • Gaia Megazord Funidoria Hammer
  • Gaia Megazord Lifter Trident
  • Gaia Megazord Rigger Shield
  • Rescue ActionZord
  • Gaia Megazord Form Wodan
  • Gaia Megazord Wodan Saber
  • Gaia Bullet Strike
  • Dragstar Megazord
  • Housekeeper Megazord
  • Gattaling Megazord
  • Draijan Satellite
  • Striker Megazord
  • Foundry Megazord

Jungle Beast System (Jungle Fury)

  • Rampage Megazord
    • Cheetah Spirit
    • Jaguar Spirit
    • Wolf Spirit
    • Lion Spirit
    • Chameleon Spirit


Each episode is dedicated to usually someone associated with Thrills United (Regular, Rep, or family), or an ally/friend of Logan (Alex Crump, Scott Bravenboer). Gai's focus episode is his tribute episode. There will be an episode dedicated to the artist in the coaster community.

All the episode titles are music-based. 2 come from Albums (14 and 34). Episode 10 is a phrase as the plot is music-based. Many genres and periods are represented, but there is a lean toward 80's rock and folk songs (namely 4 of the episodes are named after songs on the Longest John's album "Cures What Ails Ya").

  1. The Beginning
  2. Trust Me, I'm in Control
  3. Into the Danger Zone
  4. Out the Road
  5. Port Issac by the Sea
  6. I Saw Three Crystals
  7. Lucky Strike
  8. My Love's in Germany
  9. Express Train
  10. Face the Music
  11. Down Under
  12. Across the Sea
  13. Higher Power
  14. Bending Tradition
  15. The Flower of Evil
  16. Danger on the Track
  17. Kingdom Key
  18. Head Games
  19. The Clock Ticks On
  20. In Heart and Soul
  21. Scotland's Story
  22. Lowlands of Holland
  23. Nobody's Hero
  24. Leap of Faith
  25. I Don't Want to Get Hurt
  26. Bow and Arrow
  27. Eye of the Liger
  28. Over the Border (Amusement Insiders Crossover?)
  29. Twenty Years From Now [Kamen Rider Literary Guardians Crossover]
  30. Lost in the Wilderness (Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg episode, set up from Rocky Road)
  31. Rocky Road to Utah
  32. Seven Deadly Sins
  33. The Shadow of Mardi Gras
  34. Between Shadow and Light
  35. Kung Fu Fighting
  36. Fire and Flames
  37. Ashes
  38. Here's a Health to the Company



  • Lemurseighteen initially thought that Taylor Bybee and his sister Rachel should be Kiramei Blue and Kiramei Pink prior to seeing the first trailer.
  • War Eagle is a reference to Auburn University, the alma mater of Dane and Chappy's father
  • Medichopper is the only zord of the original 5 to be connected to the sentai as Kiramei Pink is a surgeon
    • Digger is a reference to Diggerland, the other 3 are named after roller coasters
  • Nye and Declan are the only non-rep pair to have a multi-piece zord.
    • Their connections come from both being in the United Kingdom (UK), which is where the locomotive was invented and the Industrial Revolution started.
  • The following are siblings, thus are not counted as core or reps: Chappy (Dane's little sister), Lex (Maddy's little brother) and Amanda and Natalie (Logan's Older sisters). Like the reps, they are considered minor allies
  • They spend 5 episodes in Ohio, 4 in New York, and 2 in Koblenz; Japan; Louisville; Connecticut; and New Orleans
  • To be fair, Lemurseighteen would want to slightly alter the current logo would be to hybridize the Thrills United Logo by putting the Power Rangers lightning bolt in its place while maintaining the feel of the current logo. As for the show title part, he honestly has no idea

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