Red alert WARNING: This fanfictional series contains scenes of graphic violence,blood and bloodshed. Viewer discretion is advised!
Power Rangers Shining Force
Number 44
Number of episodes: 48
First episode: Shine Time
Last episode: TBA
Intro: Power Rangers Shining Force/Theme Song
Adapted from: Mashin Sentai Kiramager
Original airing: 2021-2022
Producer Hasbro
Author: 3e4rfgt56
MSK-Kiramager Poster
Production Order
Power Rangers Knight Force (My Version)
Power Rangers Cyber Fury

Power Rangers Shining Force is the 44th season of Power Rangers. It is based on Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


A princess from a land of jewelry and Spirit Gems comes to Earth in search of people with shining spirits. She seeks them out to make them into warriors to defend Earth from an evil army. Five college students are chosen by the Spirit Gems, which transform into sentient vehicle companions known as Majesticles. Using these powers, they fight the evil army bent on robbing people of their hope and despair.


Color Role Actor
Shining Force Red Collin Miller Kolton Stewart
Shining Force Yellow Edgar Oken Wllliam Brent
Shining Force Green Daisy Nicholson Mackenzie Foy
Shining Force Blue Alfie Knight Davis Cleveland
Shining Force Pink Becca Lau Haley Tju
Shining Force Silver Bogdan Lee Kouhei Takeda
Jason Faunt (voice)


  • Princess Lila
  • Roger Agreste


Masked Riders

Masked Rider Riser Zack Nichols
Masked Rider Volt Larry Parker
Masked Rider Barrage Maddie Lancaster
Masked Rider Force Mert
Masked Rider Executor Gabe
Masked Rider Thous Ron Stewart


1:Shine Time:Fleeing from the invasion of her homeworld, Princess Lila recruits five college students to become the Power Rangers Shining Force.

2:I'm Not Sure About Him Being Leader:Lila welcomes the team with open arms and appoints Collin as leader , but Daisy isn't so sure about this. Just then, the Darkling Army sends a Monster to attack the city and challenge the Rangers to a hellish version of rugby.

3:Stuck in the Vice:While fighting Viceray, the monster attaches a vise to Alfie's head. Due to his reserved personality however, he continues his normal day even in spite of it.

4:He's Fooling You!:After defeating the Darkling Army's latest monster, a jet black Crystal Stone appears instead of the usual Darkling Beast. When Lila arrives on the battlefield to investigate, her uncle, Geyza, appears before her and the Rangers; claiming he was manipulated into betraying Shinealia and becoming the Darkling Army's commander. The alien princess and Collin want to believe him, but Edgar suspects this could be a trap.

5:I Want A Different Leader!:The Yellow Crystal Stone, Shovel, demands to know why Edgar isn't the leader of the team after recognizing his partner's leadership qualities and questioning the rule behind whoever is partnered with the Red Crystal Stone automatically becoming the leader. When three new Crystal Stones are found on Earth, Shovel sees this as an opportunity to prove that Edgar has what it takes and potentially take Collin's position away from him.

6:What I'm 6 Years Old?:The Rangers face off against Geyza and a camera-themed Monster that's been making people disappear. After Daisy and Alfie vanish, Becca suddenly loses her memories and then both physically and mentally regresses to a six year-old state, leaving Collin and Edgar to figure out how to get her memories and their friends back.

7:Time 4 Training:With Daisy and Alfie's help, Collin undergoes an intense training regimen to become a better leader. Meanwhile, the Darkling Army's strategist, Zarmentula, sends two Monsters, one fire-themed and the other ice-themed, to attack the city and overwhelm the Rangers.

8:All Aboard The Crystal Express:While fighting Geyza and his zord, Collin attempts to harness all of the power he can, only to collapse from exhaustion. Just as Geyza goes for the finishing blow, a god-like being that only he and Collin can see intervenes; allowing the Ranger to escape. As Rescue blames Collin's allies for what happened to him, Geyza attempts to amass all of the dark energy he can in preparation for a rematch.

9:Youthful Path:While jogging with Collin and Edgar, Daisy bumps into an old friend who has mysteriously decided to give up on something. They later learn she was attacked by a karuta-themed Monster, who has been affixing giant cards to people's foreheads and forcing them to participate in the Tournament of Doom. With her speed and karuta experience, Daisy is the only one capable of saving them and defeating the Rangers' latest foe.

10:Girl Chases Guy:Collin, Edgar, and Daisy fall under the spell of an internet star with a possible connection to the Darkling Army, but when Alfie and Becca try to stop her, the former loses his composure around her as she has an obsessive crush on him.

11:Repetitive Time!:After an encounter with a literal two-faced Monster, Edgar finds himself trapped in a time loop and fights to get free.

12:Silver Spotlight pt.1:While responding to an emergency in the mountains, Becca inexplicably experiences a string of bad luck from losing her morpher to spraining her ankle while making her descent. Along the way, she runs into a man named Bogdan Lee who says he will get her down but it's gonna cost her. Meanwhile, the Rangers combat the Darkling Army's latest Monster after it attacks a CARAT observatory.

13:Silver Spotlight pt.2: The Rangers learn that Bogdan is Lila's cousin, whom she resents for abandoning Shinealia during Darkling's invasion to go treasure hunting. They ask him to join them, but he refuses, claiming he does not need their help despite asking CARAT's founder Roger Agreste to build him his own Zord. However, Collin believes he may be lying about what he really wants.

14:Red & Silver Aces:Bogdan officially joins the Rangers, but asserts that treasure hunting is still more important to him. While accompanying him on one such hunt, Collin finds a new Crystal Stone, though Bogdan is not impressed by it. Meanwhile, the other Rangers attempt to fight a locomotive-themed Monster who claims to not have time to fight them.

15:Listen To Me:After noticing Bogdan is still keeping his distance and straining his relationship with Lila even further, Alfie steps in to try and alleviate the situation. Concurrently, while trying to take her mind off her cousin, Lila gets captured by a monster, who has come to Earth to challenge the Rangers personally.

16:Marshmallow Maze:The Rangers try to fight a marshmallow-themed monster capable of trapping people in a marshmallow maze and deflecting any attack directed against him with his elastic body, but young girl is unable to due to a traumatizing fear of marshmallows. In response, Daisy and Bogdan come up with a solution to help the girl get over her fear.

17:Strange Stone:Following a fierce battle with a hammer-themed monster, the battered Rangers return to CARAT HQ and learn from Roger that Bogdan's Zord's robot mode will be able to stop it. The only problem is that he lacks a Crystal Stone to help it transform. Meanwhile, Bogdan claims to have found the treasure he has been seeking, but requires Edgar's help to retrieve it. Lila implores her cousin to stay and help, but Edgar agrees to leave and help Bogdan despite the latter's reluctance to reveal what the treasure is.

18:Fade To Darkness:Bogdan begins to prioritize finding the four Mystic Stones, jewels capable of granting any wish once they are all found, so he can save Lila. However, Geyza takes control of him and forces him to attack his comrades. Bogdan begs them to destroy him before it is too late, but Collin refuses to give up on him.

19:Freaky Crystal Day:While giving drawing lessons at a local school, Collin struggles to help an unenthusiastic boy get involved. Complicating matters, the Rangers and Zords somehow switch bodies after getting hit with a strange beam following a battle with Geyza and Train Zord, and Rescue decides to take Collin's place at school.

20:Weird Pair:When the Rangers get called in to stop a glue-themed Monster, Collin accidentally gets stuck to an old friend of his, potentially threatening his secret identity.

21:It's almost Too Late As Alfie continues to practice with his Shining Spirit, Bogdan searches for the next Mystic Stone, but a fishing-themed Monster steals it before he can get to it. Suddenly, Lila begins to emit a purple light, which Takamichi fears could be the first stage of a Darkling witch's curse that took his aunt's life.










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