Power Rangers Shine Machine
Number 29
Number of episodes: TBA
First episode: Make It Shine!
Last episode: TBA
Intro: Power Rangers Shine Machine/Theme Song
Adapted from: Mashin Sentai Kirameiger
Original airing: 2023
Producer Hasbro
Author: Patrick.cesare
MSK-Kiramager Poster
Production Order
Power Rangers Armored Saurus
Power Rangers Shine Machine is a fanfictional season of Power Rangers. It's based on Mashin Sentai Kirameiger .


A princess named Apat from the planet Almasi, the Land of Gems, seeks refuge on Earth with the Shine Gems to find individuals with strong "shining spirits", otherwise known as Fantashine, to become the Shine Machine Rangers and fight off the threat of Giza, an imperial legion of darkness that conquered her homeworld and now plans to invade Earth.



Kiramager with All 6

"We take pride in our might,to make future bright! Power Rangers Shine Machine!"

Shine Machine Red Clifford
Shine Machine Yellow Leland
Shine Machine Green Nicki
Shine Machine Blue Clint
Shine Machine Pink Tami
Shine Machine Silver Kurtis Almasi




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Additional Formations


  1. Make It Shine!: After conquering "Almasi Kingdom", the "Giza Legion" begins their invasion of Earth. Meanwhile, the Shine Machine Rangers look for their 5th and final member until they meet Clifford, a young artist with a burning passion for drawing.
  2. Clifford Try: Apat and most of the Shine Machine Rangers welcome a surprised Clifford with open arms as their fifth member and leader, but Nicki is not so sure about him yet. Just then, the Giza Legion sends an Harmask to attack the city and challenge the Shine Machine Rangers to a hellish version of rugby. When Nicki is forced to choose between competing in a race and fighting, Clifford uses his Fantashine to create Dazwil, a blue crystal that can transform into a copy of anyone who touches it, with the others thinking that the copy will race while Nicki fights. However a surprise arrival during the fight shows that Clifford does have what it takes to be the leader.
  3. Under Pressure Clint: While fighting Vise Harmask, the monster attaches a vise to Clint' head. Due to his reserved personality however, he continues his duties as a stuntman even in spite of it. While the others try to find the bar needed to loosen the vise and free him, Clifford tries to get Clint to open up about why he is always seen as cold and methodical by everyone and help him unlock his Fantashine.
  4. Primitive Shung: After defeating the Giza Legion's latest Harmask, a jet black Shine Gem appears instead of the usual Behemask. When Apat arrives on the battlefield to investigate, her uncle, Shung, appears before her and the Shine Machine Rangers; claiming he was manipulated into betraying Almasi Kingdom and becoming the Giza Legion's commander. The alien princess wants to believe him, but Clifford and Leland suspect this could be a trap.
  5. Shovel Game: The Yellow Shine Gem, Shovel Gemzord, demands to know why Leland isn't the Shine Machine Rangers' leader after recognizing his partner's leadership qualities and questioning the rule behind whoever is partnered with the Red Shine Gem automatically becoming the leader. When three new Shine Gems are found on Earth, Leland sees this as an opportunity to prove that he has what it takes and potentially take Clifford' position away from him.
  6. Tami Focus: The Shine Machine Rangers face off against Shung and a camera-themed Harmask that has been making people disappear. After Nicki and Clint vanish, Tami suddenly loses her memories and mentally regresses to a five year-old state, leaving Clifford and Leland to figure out how to get her memories and their friends back.
  7. Cold Training: The Shine Machine Rangers put Clifford through an intense training regimen to become a better leader. When they talk about making it harder, he flees and explains to the Shine Gems that he fears objecting as he knows they are doing it for his benefit. Apat spies on the training, and sees that Clifford is starting to hallucinate. Meanwhile, the Giza Legion's strategist, ???, sends two Harmask, one fire-themed and the other ice-themed, to attack the city and overwhelm the Shine Machine Rangers. Already weakened from the training, Clifford struggles against the onslaught. He attempts to harness all of the Fantashine he can, only to collapse from exhaustion. Just as Shung goes for the finishing blow, a god-like being intervenes.
  8. Hot Express: Shung' attack is halted when a god-like being that only he and Clifford can see intervenes. When Clifford faints, the being vanishes, allowing the Shine Machine Rangers to escape. With Clifford comatose from exhaustion, the Red Shine Gem, Truck Gemzord blames Clifford' allies for pushing him too hard. Apat adds to this, citing that they cast aside his artistic skills, which is what makes his Fantashine strong and how he felt. Unbeknownst to them, Clifford dreams of an encounter with Almasian King Tanzan. When he wakes up, he is mysteriously drawn to the secret warehouse housing the white crystal Apat came to Earth in. Meanwhile, Shung attempts to harness the power of Fantasupay in preparation for a rematch. Shung discovers them and attempts to destroy it, only for Clifford to transform the crystal into Train Gemzord, which he uses to turn the tide against the Harmask. Afterwards, Clifford gets his retribution by forcing the others to under his special training, an art class where he reveals how ruthless he can be.
  9. Nicki Memory: While jogging with Clifford and Leland, Nicki bumps into an old rival, Martha, who has mysteriously decided to give up on something. They later learn she was attacked by a Memory-themed Harmask, who has been affixing giant cards to people's foreheads and forcing them to participate in his hellish game. With her speed and Memory experience, Nicki is the only one capable of saving the victims and defeating the Shine Machine Rangers' latest foe. However, she reveals that Martha was her best friend before she started insulting her and beating her at Memory, which crippled their friendship and Nicki's confidence in her abilities. However, Clifford wonders whether Martha said those things because she is afraid of Nicki's skills.
  10. Discordant Note: Clifford, Leland, and Nicki fall under the spell of an internet idol with a possible connection to Giza Legion, but when Clint and Tami try to stop her, the former loses his composure around her as the idol has an obsessive crush on him.
  11. Fight Loop: After an encounter with a literal two-faced Harmask, Leland finds himself trapped in a time loop and fights to get free.
  12. Piercing Meteor: While responding to an emergency in the mountains,Tami inexplicably experiences a string of bad luck from losing her Jewel Morpher to spraining her ankle while making her descent. Along the way, she runs into a man named Kurtis Almasi who says he will get her down safely in exchange for a "bynlrju snfnu". Meanwhile, the Shine Machine Rangers combat the Giza Legion's latest Harmask after it attacks a G.LEAM observatory.
  13. Family Reunion: The Shine Machine Rangers learn that Kurtis is Apat' foster brother, whom she resents for abandoning Almasi before Giza invaded to go treasure hunting. They ask him to join them, but he refuses, claiming he does not need their help despite asking his biological brother Graham to build him his own Zord. However, Clifford believes he may be lying about what he really wants.
  14. Silver Value: Kurtis officially joins the Shine Machine Rangers, but asserts that treasure hunting is still more important to him. While accompanying him on one such hunt, Clifford finds a new Shine Gem, though Kurtis is not impressed by it. Meanwhile, the other Shine Machine Rangers attempt to fight a locomotive-themed Harmask who claims to not have time to fight them.
  15. Siblings Bonds: After noticing Kurtis is still keeping his distance and straining his relationship with Apat even further, Clint steps in to try and alleviate the situation. Concurrently, while trying to take her mind off her foster brother, Apat gets captured by ???, who has come to Earth to challenge the Shine Machine Rangers personally.
  16. Sweetheart: The Shine Machine Rangers try to fight a marshmallow-themed Harmask capable of turning people into marshmallows and deflecting any attack directed against him with his elastic body, but Kurtis is unable to due to a childhood fear of marshmallows. In response, Nicki comes up with a solution to help remedy her friend's problem.
  17. Shining Like A Gem: Following a fierce battle with a hammer-themed monster, the battered Shine Machine Rangers return to "G.Leam Company" and learn from Graham that Kurtis' Zord mecha mode will be able to stop it. The only problem is that he lacks a Shine Gem to help it transform. Meanwhile, Kurtis claims to have found the treasure he has been seeking, but requires Leland' help to retrieve it. Apat implores her foster brother to stay and help, but Leland agrees to leave and help Kurtis despite the latter's reluctance to reveal what the treasure is.
  18. Opacity: Kurtis begins to prioritize finding the four Wishing Gems, jewels capable of granting any wish once they are all found, so he can save Apat. However, Shung takes control of him and forces him to attack his comrades. Kurtis begs them to destroy him before it is too late, but Clifford refuses to give up on him.
  19. Switched Places: While giving drawing lessons at a local school, Clifford struggles to help an unenthusiastic boy get involved. Complicating matters, the Shine Machine Rangers and Gemzords somehow switch bodies after getting hit with a strange beam following a battle with Shung and Tyranno Gizazord, and Truck decides to take Clifford' place at school.
  20. Sticky Situation: When the Shine Machine Rangers get called in to stop a glue-themed Harmask, Clifford accidentally gets stuck to a classmate of his, potentially threatening his secret identity.
  21. The Curse Kicks In: As Clint continues to practice with his Fantashine, Kurtis searches for the next Wishing Gem, but a fishing-themed Harmask steals it before he can get to it. Suddenly, Apat begins to emit a purple light, confirming Kurtis' fears that she is being afflicted by the Giza Legion witch, ???, curse.
  22. Boat On A Swamp: The Shine Machine Rangers use the power of the Reverse Wishing Gem to travel to the past and stop Mashid from corrupting the Aqua Shine Gem, which they need to break the curse that threatens Apat' life, but they will have to carry out the task without causing a paradox.
  23. The Queen Is Safe: The Shine Machine Rangers are happy to learn that Apat' mother, Queen Larimar, is alive, but they are worried about how she will react when she discovers what happened to her husband and home planet.
  24. The SM Band: To encourage a patient of hers who is about to undergo surgery, Tami invites the other Shine Machine Rangers to form a band with her.


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