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Power Rangers Shaolin
Number ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Shaolin/Theme Song
Adapted from: Jushen Zhanjidui
Original airing: ?
Author: Greencosmos
Production Order
Power Rangers Space Strike
Power Rangers Shaolin is a fanfictional series based on an adaption of the Chinese Sentai series, Jushen Zhanjidui.


Three young Kung Fu students studying a powerful technique called the way of the Warrior, had no idea that they were being trained to be Power Rangers by their Master Steed until ancient monsters from under the sea (called the Crustaceax Horde) attacked Earth. The three used new powers and weapons to become the Power Rangers Shaolin. They later met two additional Rangers, who had studied the Way of the Sky, who joined the team. A lone Purple Ranger who had mastered the Way of the Earth joined the team after being convinced that they need his powers. Finally they were joined by a Cyan Ranger who also mastered the Way of the Earth. Master Steed himself taps into the powers of the Gold Ranger soon after. All eight Rangers must use their powers to the fullest to save Earth from evil.



Animal Name Ranger
Gorilla Ken Red Ranger
Shark Sophia Blue Ranger
Boar Mason Green Ranger
Eagle Rachel Yellow Ranger
Lion Lee Silver Ranger
Wolf Russell Purple Ranger
Tiger Chris Cyan Ranger
Pegasus Master Steed Knight Ranger



Crustaceax Horde

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