Shadow Justice
Number 32
Number of episodes: 40
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Intro: Power Rangers Shadow Justice/Theme Song
Adapted from: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger
Original airing: 2025
Producer Hasbro
Author: Reynoman
Production Order
[[Star Force]]
[[Dino Knights]]

[[Battle Royale]]

Power Rangers Shadow Justice is the fanfictional 32nd season of Power Rangers, based on Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. The series is the first to feature two different teams of heroes: the Shade Rangers, who embody the gentleman thief hero archetype motif, & the Justice Rangers, with a police motif. The two teams are almost rivals but are forced to team up against the series' main villains. 


A collection of ancient artefacts has fallen into the hands of a crime syndicate from another dimension who act as the enemy for both the Shade Rangers & the Justice Rangers. However, though they share the same enemy, they are not always on the same page. At times they will team up & other times set their aims on each other in the name of retrieving the collection. Both teams have important things they are fighting for.

Involving the teams, the story sets itself as a human drama pitting the Red Shade Ranger, a socialite disguised as a normal everyman, against Justice Officer Ranger 1, a serious policeman; complete opposites of each other. Together with their fellow rangers, the tale of the 6 young people & their opposing groups is woven.



Shade Rangers

Main article: Shade Rangers
Red Shade Ranger Arthur Fantome Danny Healy
Blue Shade Ranger Vince Cooper Dennis Burgess III
Yellow Shade Ranger Abigail Carman Sarah Plumb
Silver Shade Ranger Ezra Emile Kenton Duty

Justice Rangers

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Justice Officer Ranger 1 Chris Outterridge ►◄ Arthur Fantome Justin Anderson ►◄ Danny Healy
Justice Officer Ranger 2 Aiden Flanagan ► Hector Kendall ►◄ Vince Cooper Logan Henderson ► Arthur Riess-Freeman ►◄ Dennis Burgess III
Justice Officer Ranger 3 Tracy Harel ►◄ Abigail Carman Brooke Ross ►◄ Sarah Plumb
Justice Officer Ranger X Ezra Emile Kenton Duty


  • Louis - The butler to the Fantome Estate & mentor to the Shade Rangers.
  • Jove - The British-speaking robotic assistant to the Justice Rangers.



Supporting Characters



Individual Weapons & Team Weapon

  • Scissor Shield & Blade Boomerang
  • Magic Arrow
  • Splash Blaster
  • Shadow Magnum



Individual Weapons & Team Weapon

  • Crane & Drill TriggerZords
  • Splash Blaster


  • Justice Speakers




Alternate Combinations



Alternate Combinations


01. Thieves VS Polices



  • Considering that this series airs in 2025, this series is somewhat a prequel to Power Rangers SPD, taking place before Earth has welcomed alien beings to live peacefully with the human race.
  • This certain series of Power Rangers has a whole lot of firsts & returning trends as it:
    • is the first entry since Power Rangers TQG to have the original Ranger colors of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, & Pink.
    • is the first to feature a non-Anniversary treasure hunting team with the Shade Rangers, unlike the other known treasure hunting themed team in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (adventurers).
    • is the first season since Power Rangers Dino Charge to not feature a Megazord battle in the first episode
    • continues the trend started by Dino (Super)Charge/Jungle Fury, as it shares many similarities with Power Rangers Beast Morphers:
      • The Beast Morphers & the Justice Rangers are special mission themed, & the Shade Rangers to some extent.
      • The three teams start with three Rangers.
      • Both have useful items (Fantome Collection & Morph X) preyed upon by the villains (Goonlocks & Evox's Virus).
      • Both feature a Gold & Silver Male Ranger duo who are listed as the Sixth Rangers (Silver Shade Ranger/Ranger X technically & Beast Morphers Gold/Beast Morphers Silver). Except the difference is that the Silver Shade Ranger & Ranger X are the same person, while Beast Morphers Gold & Silver are not.
      • Both teams have a dress style than other modern teams.
      • Both the Shade Rangers & the Beast Morphers are the first teams since Time Force to have rangers that have colored visors.
    • is the first series to start with six rangers technically, with three in each Core team.
    • is the first season to have 2 Core Red Rangers at the start, as opposed to having only one Core Red Ranger.
    • is the first series to have one person as two 6th Rangers for different teams at once.
    • is the first to have more than one Collectible Gimmick/Zord System: the Fighterzords for the Shade Ranger, the TriggerZords for the Justice Rangers, & the X TrainZords used by Ezra Emile.
    • is the first to feature a team without a Blue Ranger in the case of the Justice Rangers, as well as the first without both Blue & Yellow on a team.
    • is the first season of Power Rangers to feature no new villains, either as generals or a separate force.
  • The Justice Rangers are the second police themed team, after Power Rangers SPD.
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