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Power Rangers Samural - Next Generation
Number EX 3
Number of episodes: 35
First episode: Nu Samurai Rises
Last episode: The Battle of Centuries
Intro: Power Rangers Samural - Next Generation/Theme Song
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Author: Starlina
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GO GO Samurai
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Power Rangers Samurai - Next Generation is the sequel of Power Rangers Samurai - The Next Generation. Set 1,000 years later.


The New Power Rangers Samurai are here! New Look, New battles, and New Zords.

Set 1,000 years into the future after the demise of Master Xandred. The New Samurai Power Rangers gain access the elemental power of thunder with the addition of their Elemental Powers Fire, Water, Forrest, Sky, and Earth.

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Future Samurai Rangers
Name Ranger Designation Element
Joshua Shiba > Jodi Shiba Red Samurai Ranger Fire
Kristopher Blue Samurai Ranger Water
Matthew Green Samurai Ranger Forrest
Marie Pink Samurai Ranger Sky
Evelyn Yellow Samurai Ranger Earth
Ace Gold Samurai Ranger Light


  • Sensei Taebo
  • 18th Generation Samurai Rangers



  • Neo Samuraizer - Core Rangers Morphing Device
  • Neo Samurai Morpher - Gold Ranger's Morpher
  • Thunder Samurai Armor - Super Morphing Device
  • Black Box

Sidearms Weapons

  • Samurai Blade
  • Samurai Frog Blaster


Alternate Megazords

Samurai Thunder Megazord

  • Red Tiger Thunder Samurai Zord
  • Gyara Thunder Samurai Zord
  • Arana Thunder Samurai Zord
  • Swan Thunder Samurai Zord
  • Mandrill Thunder Samurai Zord


  • This takes place in the future 1,000 years later in a futuristic city and dojo.
  • The Rangers costume is a combination of Samurai and Squadron Rangers' Uniforms
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