PR Samurai Strike
Power Rangers Samurai Strike
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Number of episodes: 36
First episode: The Way of the Samurai, Part 1
Last episode: The End of the Samurai, Part 2
Intro: Power Rangers Samurai Strike/Theme Song
Adapted from: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Original airing: ???
Author: ???
Production Order

Power Rangers Samurai Strike is an adaptation of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.


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Designation Ranger Actor
Fire Todd Fisher Roxana Westley Jay Ryan
Water Chris Rowe Daniel Henney
Air Debra Hill Roxana Westley Tahyna Tozzi
Forest Leon Grant Ryan Corr
Earth Stacy Butler Meryl Cassie
Light Joey Kahn
White Todd Fisher Jay Ryan





Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord, ★ battlezord
  • Bushido Megazord
      • Samurai Lion Zord
      • Samurai Dragon Zord
      • Samurai Bear Zord
      • Samurai Ape Zord
      • Samurai Turtle Zord
        • Golden Lobster Zord/ClawStriker Megazord
        • Samurai Beetle Zord
        • Samurai Marlin Zord
        • Samurai White Tiger Zord
      • Samurai Bull Zord/Samurai Taurus Megazord
  • Lantern Fighter


  1. The Way of the Samurai Part 1
  2. The Way of the Samurai Part 2
  3. The Mountain Spirit
  4. What Hurts the Most
  5. Gone Fishing
  6. Un-Holy Matrimony
  7. Obedience School
  8. Taking Flight
  9. Return of the Swordsman Part 1
  10. Return of the Swordsman Part 2
  11. Misery Is A Pound
  12. The Sixth Samurai?
  13. Fusion Confusion
  14. A Flash of Light
  15. Frozen Aliveobster
  16. The Great Mutation
  17. Power Rangers Dragon Knight Part 1
  18. Power Rangers Dragon Knight Part 2
  19. Power Rangers Dragon Knight Part 3
  20. Let's Party
  21. A Quest for the Power of the New Weapon
  22. In A Web Of Trouble
  23. Have a Nice Nightmare
  24. Switching Into Object
  25. A New Villain, A New Zord
  26. Fossilio Strikes Back
  27. Where's the String?
  28. The Running Of The Bull
  29. A Demon Ate My Morpher
  30. Split Up or Stick together
  31. Venjix Is Back Part 1
  32. Venjix Is Back Part 2
  33. The Fire Wall Door
  34. Jayden's Memory
  35. The End of the Samurai Part 1
  36. The End of the Samurai Part 2
  • Rise of the Dinosaur

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