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Power Rangers SCIENTIA is a series created by Tokoyami no Nietzsche. Its theme is science and technology, with the Rangers being based on various types of scientist and engineer.


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Rangers are themed after scientists, and each one is a college student (or a scientist) in a certain field. Each one has a superpower connected to their science: the Red Ranger, who is a doctor, has a healing touch, while the Black ranger emits electricity from his hands, the Blue manipulates a gravity field to walk on walls and ceilings or reflect attacks, the Purple can quickly hack into computers through a psychic connection, the Green shoots silk threads that immobilize enemies, the Brown has super strength and the Aqua can turn into a fluid that corrodes metal.

Color Name
Red Medicine Ranger Walter Guzman
Black Electricity Ranger Yuri Mikhailovich Suugan
Blue Aerospace Ranger Elena Parisi
Purple Computer Ranger Kaoru Nakamoto (Shaytan)
Green Biology Ranger Irene Zeiss
Aqua Chemistry Ranger Mok Lin
Brown Construction Ranger Mok Damien
Gray Wind Ranger Savonius Shihong

Walter Guzman: A high school graduate. Originally he wanted to study aerospace engineering but after the Quantum Executioner bombed his house and caused his mother to fall into a coma, he's instead inspired to choose medicine to save her. He's filled with hate against the Executioner.

Elena Parisi: Walter's classmate and girlfriend, who still studies aerospace engineering. She still cares for Walter and acts as a supporting figure, her love helping him overcome the trauma of his house being bombed.

Yuri Mikhailovic Suugan: An electric engineer. He's the cofounder of SCIENTIA and its main combat enforcer. When he was a college student, he was one of the most promising, so he was kidnapped and forcibly initiated into Eden Society and brought to a mysterious facility called Garden of Eden near the village of Rautjarvi, in Xinjiang, China. In the Garden, he and Shihong were given the "Forbidden Fruit", AKA what would become the SCIENTIA Morpher, and became what Eden referred to as a "Dark Executioner" and a "Gray Executioner". However, he and Shihong escaped Eden and exposed it to the Chinese intelligence agency, taking the Forbidden Fruit with them. After the Chinese army managed to reverse-engineer said Forbidden Fruit, Yuri and Shihong kept working for the Chinese army, founding the spy-scientist unit SCIENTIA, and later developed the SCIENTIA Morphers.

Kaoru Nakamoto (Shaytan): A creation of Ouroboros, modeled after a younger version of the computer engineer who had designed the system.


  • Savonius Shihong: A famed Chinese engineer, who was kidnapped by Eden due to his knowledge of wind power. Like Yuri, he too was imprisoned by Eden Society in the Garden of Eden in Rautjaervi. He and Yuri ran away from the Garden of Eden and exposed the society. He and Yuri escaped Eden and exposed it to the Chinese intelligence agency, taking the object known as Forbidden Fruit with them. After the Chinese army managed to reverse-engineer said Forbidden Fruit and develop the SCIENTIA Morphers, Yuri and Shihong kept working for the Chinese army, founding the special unit SCIENTIA (which works as both scientist and spies). Only later on does he finally use a Morpher developed specifically for him.


The main antagonists are a mysterious cyberterrorist group/sect called Eden Society, which uses science, especially genetic engineering and advanced cybernetics, to "evolve humanity to a better species".

  • Eden Society
    • God of Eden
      • Ouroboros: A monstrous sentient supercomputer created by Kaoru Nakamoto of Eden, and later awakened by the Quantum Executioner. Its spawn are Adam, Eve and Shaytan.
    • Regents of Eden
      • Adam: A male-looking robot.
      • Eve: A female-looking robot.
    • Quantum Executioner
      • Ashton Montezuma Guzman: Walter and Elena's son, who is an evil ranger who came to the past to prevent the creation of the dystopian future he's from. In said future, his parents Walter and Elena had built a space station, which brought to Earth an alien lifeform codenamed "Azrael" (literally "Angel of Death"). Azrael started thriving on Earth and destroying cities. Since no one could stop it, because his fellow Rangers from the future died in the fight, Ashton decided he had to off his parents before they could build the ship, and as such used Quantum Step. He's associated with quantum physics and his power is Quantum Step, which makes him capable of moving through time and as such change the future. His Quantum Step consumes a lot of his body's energy, especially after he had used it to travel 20 years to the past, and this is the reason why he can't just undo anyone's birth at any time.
    • Edenites: Monsters of the Week. Eden does not have mooks, instead Edenites are actually characters, humans mutated by Ouroboros, who are fought in two episodes instead of one (they grow in the second).



  • SCIENTIA Morpher MK2 (Walter, Elena, Irene)
  • SCIENTIA Morpher Prototype (Yuri)
  • SCIENTIA Solid State Morpher (Damien)
  • SCIENTIA Liquid State Morpher (Lin)
  • SCIENTIA Gaseous State Morpher (Shihong)

NOTE: Kaoru does not use a Morpher. Being a cyborg, he just goes into combat mode.

Individual Weapons

  • Slasher Scalpel (Walter)
  • Lightning Lance (Yuri)
  • Cosmo Crossbow (Elena)
  • Digital Drone (Kaoru)
  • Nature Needles (Irene)
  • Bulldozer Bludgeon (Damien)
  • Corrosive Cannon (Lin)
  • Whirlwind Shooter (Shihong)


  • Scientia Grand Master Ultrazord
    • Scientia Megazord
      • Red Ambulance Zord
      • Blue Satellite Zord
      • Black Tower Zord
      • Green Cocoon Zord
      • Purple UFO Zord
    • Two States Megazord
      • Brown Backhoe Zord
      • Aqua Cistern Zord
      • Gray Glider Zord


Episodes (Series Name)


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  • It's one of the few series not to have a Ranger of black ethnicity, but instead it's got four East Asians (a Japanese who is technically a robot, two Finns and a Chinese) and, among the rest being all white, one is Latino (Walter), one is Russian (Yuri) and one is Italian (Elena).
  • Savonius Shihong is named after Savonius Sigurd (whose non-Europeanized Finnish name is unknown but it seems to be Sawon Shiwu), a Finnish engineer famous for his wind turbines.