Power Rangers Prism
Number 28
Number of episodes: 40
First episode: The Rainbow Team
Last episode: Pink Psycho Defeat
Intro: Power Rangers Prism/Theme Song
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Author: Future Beetle
Production Order
Power Rangers Sports Skill
Power Rangers Reptile Force

Power Rangers Prism is the twenty-eighth season of Future Beetle's Power Rangers series. This season was preceded by Power Rangers Sports Skill and succeeded by Power Rangers Reptile Force. It was created by Future Beetle as the 28th season.


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Prism Rangers

Red Prism Ranger Rob
Orange Prism Ranger Travis
Yellow Prism Ranger Patricia
Green Prism Ranger Carl
Blue Prism Ranger Randy
Indigo Prism Ranger Luke
Purple Prism Ranger Rhonda
Sparkling Prism Ranger


  • Lord Prism
  • Dr. Burton (Rangers' mentor)
  • Emily
  • Billy Cranston
  • Anthony
  • Freddy
  • Harvey
  • Sport Rangers


  • King Dark Baron
  • Dark Queen Lydia
  • Shadow Baron/Gold Lord (Formerly)
  • Lady Tiara
  • StoneCrafter
  • Gold Lord Jr
  • Darkloids
Super Psycho Pink Princess Shadia/Psycho Pink


SunBaller and Fire Seeds



Bound Stinger

Power Sucker

Tongue Mistress

Park Phantom

Terror Maker


Alien Priest

Archer Assassin

Toxic rangers

Glass regenerator

Keeper of the eye of Secrets


Surf Crasher

Metal Astronema

Super Crash Brothers

Iron Knuckle

Pie Saucer

Blue Fatale


Great Titan

Scarred Bully


Fool Joker

Mad Hooper



  • Prism Crystals
  • Prism Morphers
  • Prism Sabers
  • Prism Blasters
  • Red Prism Sword
  • Orange Prism Ax
  • Yellow Prism Bow
  • Green Prism Lance
  • Blue Prism Mace
  • Indigo Prism Daggers
  • Purple Prism Baton
  • Sparkling Laser


  • Red Prismzord
  • Orange Prismzord
  • Yellow Prismzord
  • Green Prismzord
  • Blue Prismzord
  • Indigo Prismzord
  • Purple Prismzord



Episode 1 The Rainbow Team (First Appearance of Rob, Travis, Katrina, Carl, Randy, Shane, Rhonda, Lord Prism, and Dr Burton)

Episode 2 The Rainbow Team Part 2

Episode 3 To Be or Though To Be

Episode 4 All That Jasmine

Episode 5 Beware the Sting

Episode 6 Here Comes the Main Course

Episode 7 Scoodie Capture

Episode 8 HalloScream

Episode 9 Terror Maker

Episode 10 One for All and All For One

Episode 11 A New Threat Begins (First Appearance of Gold Lord)

Episode 12 Make Room for one more

Episode 13 Four Times The Trouble

Episode 14 Gone with the windows

Episode 15 Royal Loss (Lydia and Baron are Marked Destroy by the NeonLight MegaZord)

Episode 16 Rise of the new queen (Shadia Become New leader and Super psycho Pink)

Episode 17 The Eye of Secrets

Episode 18 judgment Day

Episode 19 Surfs Up

Episode 20 StarGazer

Episode 21 Ready set go

Episode 22 Iron knuckle

Episode 23 Destroy all humans

Episode 24 Black or Blue

Episode 25 Frostbite

Episode 26 Death of A Hero (Gold Lord Jr Is Marked Destroy Gold Lord is Killed

Episode 27 Final Countdown (Gold Lord is resurrected)

Episode 28 Dead End Valley

Episode 29 One Last Chance

Episode 30 April Flunk

Episode 31 Spring Break Madness

Episode 32 Senior Prom

Episode 33 Near the End

Episode 34 Out of Time (Lady Tiara Is Marked Destroy)

Episode 35 Long Forgotten (The Rangers Powers are Gone but later return)

Episode 36 Return of the King (Baron's Ghost appears And is Vanished into BlackHole)

Episode 37 Long live the Queen (Lydia's Ghost is blasted by Super Nova)

Episode 38 For the Honor of Love part 1

Episode 39 For the Honor of love part 2 (StoneCrafter is Marked Destroy by Ultraviolet Ultrazord)

Episode 40 Pink Psycho Defeat (Super Psycho Pink is Marked Destroy)


  • This is the first and only season to start with 7 Rangers from the beginning which is more than 5 Rangers in regular series.

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