Power Rangers Platforms Forces is a thirtieth-third season created by Toonwriter. This season was preceded by Power Rangers Super Star Force succeeded by Power Rangers Police Thieves.

Power Rangers Platform Forces
Number 1
Number of episodes: 31
First episode: 1
Last episode: 31
Intro: Power Rangers Platform Forces/Theme Song
Adapted from: Forces Sentai Gameranger
Original airing: 2020
Producer Brian Casentini
Author: 2020
Production Order
Power Rangers Police Thieves
Power Rangers Super Star Force


The Rangers Are The 6 Teenagers,To Become The Fighter,Dark-CC And Light-880 Mans Are Back In The Wars


Red Switch Ranger Xander Richard Brancatisano
Blue Playstaion 4 Ranger Marv Peter Sudarso
Green Xbox 1 Ranger Eleven Millie Bobby Brown
Yellow 3DS Ranger Hunter Adam Tuominen
Black PC Ranger Gia Ciara Hanna
Pink DS Ranger Kimberly Amy Jo Johnson


  • CC-900
  • Evil Woman
  • 8-Workman
  • 65-CEO
  • Drone Man
  • Plane Woman And Man
  • Virus Man
  • Anit Woman


  • Platforms Morpher
  • PC Zord
  • DS Zord
  • PS4 Zord
  • XB1 Zord
  • 3DS Zord
  • NS Zord
  • Ultra Mode
  • Mega Mode
  • Super Mode
  • Ultimate Mode
  • Ultra Mega Mode

Morphing And Roll Calls

  • X:It's Morphin Time!
  • X:Plat Acess! Code On!
  • X:Switch Mode!Red
  • M:Ps4 Mode!Blue
  • E:XB1 Mode!Green
  • H:3DS Mode!Yellow
  • G:PC Mode!Black
  • K:DS Mode!Pink
  • X:The The Platforming As The Forces
  • All:Power Rangers!Platform!Forces
  • X:Give Download And Install