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Power Rangers Planet Force
Number 39
Number of episodes: 40
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Intro: Power Rangers Planet Force/Theme Song
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Author: Future Beetle
Production Order
Power Rangers Constellation Force
Power Rangers Time Crusades

Power Rangers Planet Force is the thirtieth-ninth season of Future Beetle's Power Rangers series. This season was preceded by Power Rangers Constellation Force and succeeded by Power Rangers Time Crusades. It also contains a plenty and tons of elements from Choushinsei Flashman, Power Rangers In Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Mystic Force, and Battle Strike Team: Space Deleter. This season has a Planet-themed Rangers.



Planet Force Rangers

Ranger Designation Planet Power Character
Red Planet Force Ranger Mars Rufus
Blue Planet Force Ranger Mercury Dexter
Pink Planet Force Ranger Venus Tessa
Yellow Planet Force Ranger Jupiter Coco
Green Planet Force Ranger Saturn Vance
Crimson Planet Force Ranger Uranus Blake Russel
Navy Planet Force Ranger Neptune Bailey Russel

Extra Planet Force Rangers

Ranger Designation Planet Power Character
Purple Planet Force Ranger Pluto Majestic
Ceres Planet Force Ranger Ceres Artemis
Juno Planet Force Ranger Juno Orion
Pallas Planet Force Ranger Pallas Senator
Vesta Planet Force Ranger Vesta Regulus
Chiron Planet Force Ranger Chiron Altair
Earth Planet Ranger Earth Sirius



  • Darklord Zax
  • Astronick


  • Planet Crystals
  • Planet Blitz Morphers
  • Planet Sabers
  • Super Planet Blitz Striker
    • Planet Blitz Striker
      • Mars Blade
      • Mercury Blaster
      • Venus Baton
      • Jupiter Daggers
      • Saturn Lance
    • Planet Smasher
      • Uranus Spear
      • Neptune Trident Crossbow

Zord System

  • Planet Victory Megazord
    • Planet Force Megazord
      • Mars Voyager Zord
      • Mercury Voyager Zord
      • Venus Voyager Zord
      • Jupiter Voyager Zord
      • Saturn Voyager Zord
    • Planet Ace Megazord
      • Uranus Voyager Zord
      • Neptune Voyager Zord


Future Beetle

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