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Power Rangers Paleo Fighters
Number 05
Number of episodes: 10
First episode: The Great Return Part 2
Last episode: TBA
Intro: Power Rangers Paleo Fighters/Theme Song
Adapted from:
Original airing: February 11, 2023
Producer Hasbro
Author: TerraDX
Paleo Fighter team
Production Order
Power Rangers Trinity

Power Rangers Paleo Fighters was created by TerraDX, with production by Hasbro Inc. This is also the fourth series in the Novus Era, whereas most of its predecessors were part of the Betaverse; which is now extinct.




Paleo Fighters

Rangers Name Dinosaur
Blue Paleo Fighter Tyler Pterodactyl
Red Paleo Fighter Cyrus Triceratops
Yellow Paleo Fighter Sydney Velociraptor
White Paleo Fighter Jackson Plateosaurus
Pink Paleo Fighter Madison Diplodocus
Green Paleo Fighter Natalie T-Rex
Crimson Paleo Fighter Shane Brachiosaurus
Cyan Paleo Fighter Morgan Plesiosaurus





Transformation Devices

  • Paleo Cellmorpher
  • Paleo Bracemorpher

Multi-Used Items

  • Paleo Datacards

Sidearm Weapons

Paleo Weapons

  • Paleo Arrowblade
  • Paleo Shield
  • Paleo Handgun
  • Paleo Rifle
  • Paleo Lance
  • Paleo Saber
  • Paleo Buster
  • Paleo Dagger


  • Paleo Striker Megazord Super Formation
    • Knight Formation
      • Tricera Paleozord
      • Raptor Paleozord
    • Melee Formation
      • Raptor Paleozord
      • Zigongo Paleozord
    • Defense Formation
      • Ptero Paleozord
      • Tricera Paleozord
    • Offense Formation
      • Raptor Paleozord
      • Diplo Paleozord
        • Plateo Paleozord
  • T-Rex Fighterzord
    • Tyranno Paleozord
  • Twin Paleo Megazord
    • Brachio Paleozord
    • Plesio Paleozord


  • Episode 01: The Great Return


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