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Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - The Next Generation
Number 40
Number of episodes: 35
First episode: Beginning of a new Drive
Last episode: Uprising End
Intro: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - The Next Generation/Theme Song
Adapted from: GoGo Sentai Boukenger
Original airing: 2020
Author: Starlina
Overdrive Accelerate!
Production Order
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive - The Next Generation is the new sequel to Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


The New Power Rangers are formed as a group of explorers saving the universe from a new wave of terror.

New Overdrive Rangers
Name Ranger Designation
Anthony Lipton Red Operation Overdrive Ranger
Rachelle Williams Yellow Operation Overdrive Ranger
Dyer Gaines Black Operation Overdrive Ranger
Robyn Kishi Pink Operation Overdrive Ranger
Phillip Billings Blue Operation Overdrive Ranger
Christoffer Steel Mercury Operation Overdrive Ranger

Arsenal and Gear

  • S.H.A.R.C.: A sleek jet-like vehicle created by Andrew Hartford. It is the primary mode of transportation for the rangers.
  • Overdrive Tracker: The morpher of the Overdrive Rangers. It can tell the hazard levels of the treasures they find, and decode clues. It is also used to call the Driver Zords.
  • Mercury Morpher: The morpher of the Mercury Ranger. It can be used to summon Dump Driver (# 1) to Rescue Runner 2 (# 13).
  • Control Driver: Used by the Rangers to control their DriveMax Zords, they fold into a suitcase form for traveling.
  • Double O Zip Shooter: A hand device used by the Overdrive Rangers, the Double O Zip Shooter has many functions at it's disposal.
  • Drive Defenders: Sidearms of the Rangers it is normally a blaster, but can transform into a saber for closer combat.
  • Overdrive Weapons
    • Drive Lance: The weapon of the Red Ranger.
    • Drive Slammer: The weapon of the Black Ranger.
    • Drive Vortex: The weapon of the Blue Ranger.
    • Drive Claw: The weapon of the Yellow Ranger.
    • Drive Geyser: The weapon of the Pink Ranger.
    • Drive Detector: The weapon of the Mercury Ranger.
  • Defender Vest: Andrew Hartford developed the Stabilizing Shield. It is used to neutralize the kick in the Drill Blaster by dispersing the impact. With the connection of a Dragon Scale with the Stabilizing Shield activates the Defender Vest.
    • Drill Blaster: A gun created by Andrew Hartford used together with the Defender Vest. It consists of two modes. Drill Mode, and Tri-Laser Mode.
  • Transtek Armor: Another one of Andrew's creations, The Transtek Armor is for use of each of the five rangers. It has a Vehicle Mode and a Blast Mode.
  • Hovertek Cycle: A cycle created by Andrew Hartford for the use of Dyer the Black Overdrive Ranger. It has two modes Cycle Mode and Hover Mode.
  • Red Sentinel Ranger


DriveMax System

  • DriveMax Ultrazord 
    • DriveMax Megazord/Mega Truck 
      • Dump Driver 
      • Speed Driver 
      • Gyro Driver 
      • Dozer Driver 
      • Sub Driver 
    • DualDrive Megazord 
      • Drill Driver 
      • Shovel Driver 
      • Cement Driver 
      • Crane Driver 
      • Sonic Streaker 

Rescue Runner System

  • Flash Point Megazord 
    • Fire Truck Zord 
    • Rescue Runner 1 
    • Rescue Runner 2 

BattleFleet System

  • BattleFleet Megazord/BattleFleet Battleship Formation 
    • BattleFleet Zord 14 
    • BattleFleet Zord 15 
    • BattleFleet Zord 16 
    • BattleFleet Zord 17 
    • BattleFleet Zord 18 


  • Sentinel Knight 

Alternate Combinations

Alternate Megazords

  • Super DriveMax Megazord 
  • Operation Overdrive Arsenal Ready 

DriveMax Megazord

  • Drivemax Megazord: Drill Formation 
  • Drivemax Megazord: Shovel Formation 
  • Drivemax Megazord: Mixer Formation 
  • Drivemax: Megazord: Drill and Crane Formation 
  • Drivemax Megazord: Drill and Mixer Formation 
  • Drivemax Megazord: Crane Formation 
  • Drivemax Megazord: Rescue Formation 

Flash Point Megazord

  • Flash Point Megazord: Drill and Shovel Formation 
  • Flash Point Megazord: Drill and Mixer Formation 
  • Flash Point Megazord: Dozer and Sub Formation 
  • Flash Point Megazord: Crane Formation 

DriveMax Ultrazord

  • DriveMax Ultrazord: Rescue Formation 

Operation Overdrive Arsenal Ready

  • Operation Overdrive Arsenal Ready with Sentinel Sword 
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