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Power Rangers OmegaForce
Number 01
Number of episodes: 30 (10 Season 1) (10 Season 2) (10 Season 3)
First episode: Rise of Omega
Last episode: Omega Eternity
Intro: Power Rangers OmegaForce/Theme Song
Adapted from: Power Rangers (Boom! Studios)
Original airing: Early February 2021
Producer Hasbro
Author: Starlina
Production Order
Power Rangers OmegaForce is based on Power Rangers Boom Comic series Necessary Evil Arc.


Original Rangers Jason, Zack, Trini and Kiya passed their Omega Ranger Powers to 4 new Rangers who are on the mission to confront a mean psychotic environmental activist who is bent on blowing up the Harbor Clinic.


Name Ranger Designation Element
Joash Omega Red Ranger Fire
Bayu Omega Black Ranger Air
Avani Omega Yellow Ranger Earth
Amaya Omega Blue Ranger Water


Mentor - Blue Emissary

Arsenal+Gear+ Zords


  • Omega Morpher

Omega Weapons

  • Omega Katanas
  • Omega Kamas
  • Omega Trident
  • Omega Hammer


Season 1

  1. Rise of Omega
  2. Origins Red
  3. A Fight For Peace
  4. Origins Yellow
  5. Origins Yellow
  6. Origins Black
  7. Origins Black
  8. Origins Blue
  9. Origins Blue
  10. Liberation

Season 2

  1. Liberation
  2. Unknown City
  3. Power of 4
  4. Power of 4
  5. Power of 4
  6. A Blue's Wave of Events
  7. A Mean Green Machine Fix
  8. Origins of the Element Power
  9. Rage of Red
  10. Rage of Red

Season 3

  1. Eco War
  2. Eco War
  3. Eco War
  4. Psycho
  5. Casual Rage
  6. Battle for the Environment
  7. Omega Max
  8. Dangerous Eco
  9. Dangerous Eco
  10. Dangerous Eco
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