Power Rangers Olympius Force
Number ?
Number of episodes: 56
First episode: In the Court Of Gods
Last episode: To Kill a Titan-Bird
Intro: Power Rangers Olympius Force/Theme Song
Adapted from: Greco Sentai Olympyger
Original airing: ?
Author: Anonymous
Production Order


Thousands of years ago, during the time of the Greeks, the evil forces of the Greek Underworld came to conquer to world. However, the Greek Gods of Olympius battled with them, and sealed them into a Cave on a remote island. However, the Gods knew that they would break out, and created new powers for when they did. But they never did, so they gods went into a deep sleep but not before they created 5 crystal balls that when 

Olympius Rangers

Red Olympius Ranger Ari Scott
Blue Olympius Ranger Sheldon Black
Black Olympius Ranger Harley Micheals
Green Olympius Ranger Lester Hammond
Pink Olympius Ranger April Morgan
Gold Olympius Ranger   Chuck Henson
Yellow Olypius Ranger Zeus


Greek Gods

  • Ares
  • Poseidon
  • Hades
  • Hermes
  • Aprodite
  • Hercules

Allies Of Gods

  • Oracle: Harley's pet Snake, revealed to have


  • Olympius GigaZord
    • Olympius UltraZord
      • Fortress Of Olympius Zord Mode
    • Chariot Megazord
      • Trojan Olympius Megazord
  • Trojan Horse OlympiZord 
  • Olympius Megazord
  1. Water Nymph OlympiZord
  2. Ceberus OlympiZord
  3. Icarus OlympiZord
  4. Pegasus OlympiZord

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