Red alert WARNING: This Series contains scenes of somewhat light uses of blood and horrible injuries, as well as mild language. Viewer discretion is advised!
Power Rangers: Olympian Force
Number 1
Number of episodes: 36
First episode: Power of the Pantheon
Last episode: The Alpha and the Omega
Intro: Power Rangers Olympian Force (Spidey-Cents version)/Theme Song
Adapted from: Kami Sentai OlympiRanger
Original airing: March 5th 2019
Author: Spidey-Cents1
Production Order

Power Rangers Olympian Force is a series created by Spidey-Cents1

It follows the adventures of the Olympian Force Rangers as they protect Olympia Hills from Hades, Lord of the Underworld.


Long ago, Cronus ruled the earth. After bearing five children and eating them all, he was tricked to eat a rock instead of the sixth, Zeus. Zeus managed to free his siblings and banded together with other Gods to become the first Olympian Rangers. Together with their allies, the team managed to defeat Cronus and his Titans.

When the time came to decide which of the three brothers, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, would rule which part of the Earth, Zeus won the skies, Poseidon the oceans and Hades the Underworld. Jealous of his brothers' better fortune, Hades declared war on the land above his own, Earth! The Gods stopped him at every turn, so he bided his time and waited for the belief in the Gods to die.

Almost 2000 years later, Hades has begun his new assault, and the Gods must turn to mortals to defend the world. To most, they are ordinary teenagers, but to the monsters that attack the city of Olympia Hills, they are the Power Rangers: Olympian Force!



Main article: Olympian Force Rangers
Ranger Color Full Name God/Goddess Status
Red Olympian Ranger Jason "Jay" Parker Zeus Active
Blue Olympian Ranger Nathanial "Nate" Seymor Poseidon Active
Black Olympian Ranger Victor Steel Hepheastus Active
Yellow Olympian Ranger Merrida "Mera" Cadwalader Athena Active
Pink Olympian Ranger Valerie Onasis Aphrodite Active
Gold Olympian Ranger Adrian Thomas Apollo Active
Silver Olympian Ranger Diana Thomas Artemis Active
Purple Olympian Ranger Dan Winslow Dionysus Reserve
Green Olympian Ranger Christina Farro Demeter Reserve




Main Villain




Dark Order


  • Mr. Rogers- the gym teacher at Olympia Hills High School
  • Mrs. Woolston- the history teacher at Olympia Hills High School
  • Mr. Ford- the math teacher at Olympia Hills High School
  • Mrs. Adamson- the English teacher at Olympia Hills High School
  • Jay's unnamed brother
  • James- Valerie's family's butler
  • Mr. Steel- Victor's father who runs the company Steel Works that designs half of the things in Olympia Hills
  • Mrs. Onasis- Valerie's mother who worries very much about her family's image.
  • Mr. Onasis- Valerie's father who doesn't stand up to his wife about important matters
  • Mr. Thomas- Adrian and Diana Thomas' father who supports them in their decisions


Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices




Main Zords and Combinations

Auxiliary Zords

They replace the Owl Zord arms or Deer Zord arms on any of the combinations introduced so far (excluding the Hero Zords)


  1. Power of the Pantheon 3/5/19
  2. No "Eye" in Team 3/9/19
  3. Taking the Bull by the Horns 3/18/19
  4. H2 Oh No! 3/28/19
  5. Turning Heads 4/6/19
  6. The Tangled Web We Weave! 4/18/19
  7. Order and Chaos 4/27/19
  8. Red Ranger Rising 5/3/19
  9. United We Stand, Divided We Fall 5/14/19
  10. Being Pig-Headed 6/13/19
  11. Birds on the Brain 10/11/19
  12. That Stings! 10/26/19
  13. The Hunter or the Hunted? 11/26/19
  14. A Golden Opportunity 2/15/20
  15. Family Matters 3/10/20
  16. Riddle Me This! 4/21/20
  17. Listen for the Siren! 5/14/20
  18. Steeled Resolve 6/15/20
  19. Mirror, Mirror 7/10/20
  20. The Solstice Siege 7/25/20
  21. Test Anxiety 8/10/20
  22. Everything is Magic 8/25/20
  23. Two-Faced 9/21/20
  24. Act Your Age!
  25. Overcoming Great Fear (tentative title)
  26. Second Genesis
  27. Clash of the Gods (tentative title)
  28. Love is in the Air
  29. Scattered to the Winds
  30. United as One (tentative title)
  31. Illusions
  32. Discord
  33. Dreaming of Victory
  34. Unbeatable
  35. Doors of Death
  36. The Alpha and the Omega


  • This series can be found on under the user Spidey-Cents1
  • The translation for the "Sentai" is God Squadron OlympiRanger
  • This series has been in development for years and gone through many, many drafts
  • The first draft of Power Rangers Olympian Force was written in 2015, but was discontinued after the first chapter. It can be found under Spidey-Cents (no "1") on
  • The first draft of Power Rangers Olympian Force had Harpies as the minions, Cronus as the villain, Charon as the mentor and a Black Ranger named Paul with the powers of Hades and a Cerberus Zord
  • The final episode order was decided after Episode 12, then revisited and edited after Episode 19
  • Each Ranger's name starts with the first letter of their God's Roman counterpart excluding Dan.
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