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Power Rangers Ninja Samurai
Number 55
Number of episodes: ???
First episode: ???
Final episode: ???
Adapted to:
Author: Future Beetle
Production Order
Power Rangers Galaxy Thunder
Power Rangers Knight Force (Future Beetle)

Power Rangers Ninja Samurai is the fiftieth-fifth season of Future Beetle's Power Rangers series. This season was preceded by Power Rangers Galaxy Thunder.


Ninja Force Rangers

Ranger Designation Character
Red Ninja Force Ranger ???
Blue Ninja Force Ranger ???
Green Ninja Force Ranger ???
Black Ninja Force Ranger ???
Silver Ninja Force Ranger ???

Samurai Force Rangers

Ranger Designation Character
Orange Samurai Force Ranger ???
Yellow Samurai Force Ranger ???
Purple Samurai Force Ranger ???
White Samurai Force Ranger ???
Gold Samurai Force Ranger ???
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