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Red alert WARNING: This series contains scenes of swearing, bloodshed, death, drama, peril, and dark tones that may not be suitable for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised!
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Power Rangers Neo
Number 3 (Rangerverse)
03 (Beginning Era)
Number of episodes: 45
First episode: The Beginning of The Neo Era
Last episode: End of The Road
Intro: Power Rangers Neo Theme Song
Adapted from: Ohden Sentai Chourikiger
Original airing: November 2020 - March 2021
Producer Saban Brands


Author: Xojinz
"Neo Mode! Engage!"
Production Order
[[Power Rangers Wild Storm]]
Power Rangers Crystal Charge

Power Rangers Neo (or known as PRN) is the 3rd installment in the Rangerverse created and written by Xojinz, replacing Power Rangers Wild Storm, and the series is produced by Saban Brands, Netflix, and Hasbro, and the series is adapted from its Sentai counterpart Ohden Sentai Chourikiger. Power Rangers Neo is also the first series in the Rangerverse to be set in the future in the year 2027. It is also the first Rangerverse Series to take place in its own Universe instead of the same universe in Jet Storm and Wild Storm.

Unlike the previous 2 series (Jet Storm and Wild Storm) Power Rangers Neo is more of a darker season containing small uses of swearing, bloodshed, peril, and darker tones that some viewers might not be suitable with.

With this giving the Series a TV-14 Rating, making Power Rangers Neo the first Rangerverse Series to have the rating.

Power Rangers Neo is also based on and shares heavy elements with the 1996 Power Rangers Series Power Rangers Zeo as well as its Super Sentai Counterpart Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.

After its conclusion in March 2021, The series will be replaced by the next installment in the Rangerverse Power Rangers Crystal Charge.


"In the year 2027, a robotic army created by accident started spreading like wildfire and slowly started to take over our home. And in just around a few months they managed to take over nearly a quarter of our world. but there were still places where we can be safe. And our only hope left is the Neo Rangers..."

77 years ago before the invasion, scientists were trying to find a way to create robots to protect and serve humanity. as days went by the government helped fund the robotic experiments which made the scientists work even harder. Among one of them was a scientist named Dr. Lee who was one of the scientists that started the whole along with his partner Dr. Reeves. Both were very close and worked together to create a device that would give a person advanced abilities and powers that can make the user stronger, this would later become the Neo Morphers, they would also create 7 gems to power up the Neo Morphers, which they named Project NEO. 

One day Dr. Lee came up with a brilliant idea that could possibly change the plan forever. Dr. Lee later started working on a program that can enhance the robot's abilities and strength. Many of the other scientists even including his partner Dr. Reeves were not aware of the program that Dr. Lee was making. Eventually, the program that was still not finished by Dr. Lee accidentally got leaked and all the other workers were freaking out and were very curious about Dr. Lee's creation. After finding out that his program got leaked, Dr. Lee told them that his program was made to upgrade the robot's abilities and make them stronger so they can protect more people around the world, and he gave the name of his program Project Zenjrox. After the others heard about this they were very impressed with Lee's invention and later implanted the program In all of their robots they created and decided to give the robots name the Negabots. 

As time went by, the scientist's experimented and tested the robots with Lee's program. but one day in 1952 everything went horribly wrong...  

One day scientist's started to notice that some of the robots started to malfunction, but most of them didn't really care at first, but as days ago by it started to get worse. one day the robots started attacking the scientists with many of them being killed by them, shocked and very confused Dr. Lee realized that someone had hacked into the program and messed it up. Dr. Lee and his partner Dr. Reeves managed to successfully escape the lab from the robots, with Lee blaming himself on all of it. With both of them with nowhere else to go, Lee and his partner decide to part ways, Dr. Reeves went to go to help his family and Dr. Lee now saddened that his project Zenjrox failed, he later gave the Neo Morphers to one of the few surviving scientists that survived the attack Dr. Marston, telling her to always keep the Morphers safe and never let the Negabots find them and use them for evil. Dr. Lee later vanished and faked his death, never to be seen again...  

10 years later in 1962, Clair Marston (Dr. Marston's real name) later founded The Neo Resistance, a resistance team to fight against the Negabots and destined to save their home and save humanity from going extinct and being enslaved by the Negabots. Clair would later choose 5 members of the Neo Resistance to use the Neo Morpher's powers to fight the Negabots, and they would later become the first generation of the Neo Rangers.   

Decades go by and very slowly the Negabots grew stronger and more powerful while expanding their army and advancing their abilities and even going so far into turning people into Negabot Troops, and as time goes on the Negabots slowly taking over Earth conquering each country one by one.   

At their highest peak in 1994, The Negabots took over nearly a quarter of the Earth's land meaning they were absolutely unstoppable, killing anyone in their way. Fast forward in the year 2027 and the Negabots are now powerful than before, at this point, The Neo Resistance was defeated but there was still hope. later 5 young survivors were chosen by Neo Resistance to use the power of the Neo Morphers and the Neo Gems to fight against the Negabots   

With the power of the Neo Gems and the Neo Morphers   

They become The Neo Rangers, Humanity's last hope...   


Neo Rangers

Main article: Neo Rangers
Designation Name Ability
Red Neo Ranger 10 Predesesscors Daryl Nickson Strength
Black Neo Ranger 10 Predesesscors ► Rufus McGrath Speed
Blue Neo Ranger 10 Predesesscors ► Nigel Sanchez Blast
Yellow Neo Ranger 10 Predesesscors ► Maddie Banner Invisibility
Pink Neo Ranger 10 Predesesscors ► Clara Elison Wind
Quantum Neo Ranger Maxwell Robins Phase
White Neo Ranger Clair Marston (Light Novel Exclusive) Telekinesis
Hybrid Neo Ranger Taro Yoshimura Speed


The Neo Resistance

  • Dr. Jarod
  • Mitch Flynn
  • David Yumiko
  • Clarissa Croft
  • Andy Croft
  • Daniel Schmitt
  • Garret Lee
  • Mike Everett
  • Luther
  • Alice Chang
  • Garrick Fredrickson
  • Jerry Chen
  • Mark Webb

North District Rangers (Task Team)

From TerraDX's Power Rangers Task Team

Designation  Name Animal
Red Task Team Ranger Alex Pheonix
Green Task Team Ranger Luca Wolf
Orange Task Team Ranger Shane Bat
Aqua Task Team Ranger Allie Shark
Purple Task Team Ranger Jake Rhino
Pink Task Team Ranger Kiera Pegasus
Aerial Task Team Ranger Riley Gryffin
Gold Task Team Ranger Luna Tiger
Giga-Strength Task Team Ranger Trey  Elephant
Polar Task Team Ranger Frostbyte Polar Bear

S.H.I.E.L.D. Rangers

From MP6's Power Rangers Project S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ranger Designation Name S.H.I.E.L.D. Hero Power
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Red Will Ashcroft Super Speed
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Blue Kurt Nemeth Telepathy
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Yellow Sally McKnight Flight
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Orange Austin Glencross Super Strength
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Purple Monique Kingston Invisibility
S.H.I.E.L.D. Ranger Silver Ralph Rodriguez Shapeshifting

Wild Rangers

Designation  Name Spirit Beast
Red Wild Ranger Armen Evans  Tiger
Black Wild Ranger Jullian Grimes Bull
Blue Wild Ranger Milo Erickson Shark
Yellow Wild Ranger Stella Zhang Eagle
Pink Wild Ranger Misa Rhee Lynx
Eclipse Wolf Ranger Dereck Brown Wolf
Lunar Ranger Jarod  Cougar

Jet Storm Rangers

Ranger Designation Name Bird Guardian
Red Eagle Ranger Dan Kensaki Eagle
Black Raven Ranger Marvin Jones Raven
Blue Hawk Ranger AJ Reeves Hawk
Yellow Plover Ranger Clarissa Madison Plover
Pink Swan Ranger Laura Marston Swan
Green Osprey Ranger Rick Carter (Revived) Osprey

Zeo Rangers

Designation Name Actor
Zeo Ranger V Red Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank
Zeo Ranger IV Green Adam Park Johnny Yong Bosch
Zeo Ranger III Blue Rocky DeSantos Steve Cardenas
Zeo Ranger II Yellow Tanya Sloan Nakia Burisse
Zeo Ranger I Pink Katherine Hillard Catherine Sutherland
Gold Ranger Jason Lee Scott Austin St. John

Minor Allies

  • Barrison
  • Mary
  • Dan Sanchez
  • Barrison Greene

Movie Exclusive Allies

  • Zandor
  • Clair Marston
  • Dillan 
  • Conoraz
  • The Underground King
    • The Masters
      • Bangai
      • Naoto
      • Hizan
      • Marlo
      • Naki
      • Palaka
      • Denjuu



  • Negabot Army
    • Leader
      • Zenjrox
    • Generals
      • The Dark Hunter
      • Hyperizon
      • Draco
      • Zmarujin
    • Major
      • Electra
      • Speedrek
      • Nitrozang
      • Neoblitz
      • Slashkiller
      • Jesterious
      • Krakenmaster
      • Titanocron
      • Dragocron
      • Spinocron
      • Brachiocron
    • Minor
      • Minotaurus
      • Razorblade
      • Riotira
    • Light Novels Exclusive Villains
      • Zitarana
      • The Death King
      • The Demon Queen
      • Youkaizer
      • Zandrek
      • Ghost Hunter
      • Shinigaru
      • Totsu

Monsters of The Week

  • Negabot Beetledroid (1)
  • Negabot Mantis (2)
  • Negabot Tyanno (3)
  • Negabot Panther (4)
  • Negabot Arachnid (5)
  • Negabot Beastkiller (6)
  • Negabot Reaper (7)
  • Negabot Serpent (8)
  • Negabot Hound (9)
  • Negabot Saber-claw (10)
  • Negabot Killer-bee (11)
  • Negabot Fang (12)
  • Negabot Ghoul (13)
  • Negabot Slayer (14)
  • Negabot Ghost (15)
  • Negabot Phantom (16)
  • Negabot Magnetto (17)
  • Negabot Heatblast (18)
  • Negabot Blizzard (19)
  • Negabot Waves (20)
  • Negabot Spirit (21)
  • Negabot Canonbolt (22)
  • Negabot Bison (23)
  • Negabot Shedder (24)
  • Negabot Cutter (25)
  • Negabot Golem (26)
  • Negabot Kraken (27)
  • Negabot Grimm (28)
  • Negabot Stinger (29)
  • Negabot Wasp (30)
  • Negabot Bat (31)
  • Negabot Spades (32)
  • Negabot Ace (33)
  • Negabot Infinite (34)
  • Negabot Shadow (35)
  • Negabot Crackshot (36)
  • Negabot Snapper (37)
  • Negabot Darkness (38)
  • Negabot Bird Cage (39)
  • Negabot Hydranoid (40)
  • Negabot Zetrix (41)
  • Negabot Dynamite (42)
  • Negabot Raptor (43)
  • Negabot Dragonoid (44)


Transformation Devices

  • Neo Morphers
  • Quantum Neo Morpher
  • Hybrid Neo Morpher


  • Neo Hybrid Quantum Canon 
    • Neo Quantum Canon 
      • Neo Hyper Canon
        • Neo Smasher 
        • Neo Staff 
        • Neo Arrow 
        • Neo Longsword 
        • Neo Axe
        • Quantum Blade
        • Hybrid Whip

Multi-Used Items

  • Neo Gems 
  • Quantum Neo Gem
  • Hybrid Neo Gem 
  • Neo Swords 
  • Neo Blasters 
  • Neo Shields 


Legend: ◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord.

  • Neo Hybrid Quantum Ultrazord
    • Neo Quantum Megazord
      • Neo Megazord
        • Hyper Neozord
        • Omega Neozord
        • Nitro Neozord
        • Blitz Neozord
        • Titanium Neozord
        • Quantum Neozord
        • Hybrid Neozord

Auxillary Zords

  • Ultra Neozrod
  • Alpha Neozord
  • Mega Neozord
  • Gamma Neozord
  • Megadroid Neozord
  • Hyperion Neozord
  • Shadow Nezord

Alternate Combinations

  • Quantum Hybrid Megazord 
  • Ultra Hyper Megazord 
  • Alpha Mega Megazord 
  • Hyper Blitz Quantum Megazord 
  • Shadow Hybrid Nitro Megazord 
  • Titanium Omega Hyper Megazord 
  • Hybrid Quantum Hyper Megazord 
  • Shadow Hyperion Nitro Gamma Megazord  
  • Hyper Omega Nitro Megazord ◆  
  • Hyper Quantum Megazord 


01. The Beginning of The Neo Era
02. Rookies at Service
03. Last Sunday Night
04. The Source of The Neo Gems
05. Ruthless Killer
06. Daddy's Little Champion
07. The Dark Hunter
08. Darkness in The Air
09. Hound Runner
10. Lost History
11. Searching for Survivors
12. Trapped Inside
13. Bad Days
14. Dancing in The Dark
15. Robotic Madness
16. A Message From The Outside
17. Quantum Storm (Part 1)
18. Quantum Storm (Part 2)
19. Daryl's Lucky Day
20. Dimensional Calamity (Part 1)
21. Dimensional Calamity (Part 2)
22. Dimensional Calamity (Part 3)
23. Dimensional Calamity (Part 4)
24. The Lost Pieces
25. The Lost Doctor
26. Nitro Speed
27. What Happened Back in 1950
28. To The Moon and Beyond
29. Brothers in Arms
30. In The End
31. 100 Days of Fighting
32. Chaos Emerges
33. Last Chances
34. Coming Home
35. Losing Friends
36. Others In Need
37. The Portal
38. Neo-Zeo (PR Neo and PR Zeo Crossover)
39. Until We Meet Again...
40. The Hybrid Ranger
41. Losing Allies
42. Wild Neo Jet Storm (PR Neo, Wild Storm, and Jet Storm Crossover)
43. No Hope Left
44. Take Back Our Home
45. End of The Road

Light Novels

  • Clair Marston: The First Neo Ranger (Vol 1)
  • Clair Marston: The First Neo Ranger: Rise Of Dawn (Vol 2)
  • Clair Marston: The First Neo Ranger: Heroes (Vol 3)
  • Clair Marston: The First Neo Ranger: Nightfall (Vol 4)


  • This article used to be owned by TerraDX back in 2019, one year later in 2020 Xojinz later adopted the series after asking Terra for permission.
  • This is the third entry in the Rangerverse.
    • As well as being the third Rangerverse Series to be in the Beginning Era.
  • This is the first Rangerverse Series to.
    • bet set in its own universe.
    • To use profanity.
    • To have a TV-14 Rating (due to the amount of swearing, drama, and bloodshed in the series).
    • And the first series to take place in the future.
  • Originally, this series was going to be named Power Rangers Beyond, but was later changed to Power Rangers Neo, because the author thought the series would've been more of a futuristic season instead of a apocalyptic season.
  • This is the first Rangerverse series to not feature the Sixth Ranger until later in the series.
  • PR Neo is also the first series to have Monsters of the Weeks.
  • Xojinz has confirmed that PR Neo is one of the darkest Power Rangers Series ever.
  • Neo is also the first Rangerverse series to have a movie that takes place before the events of PR Neo.
  • This is the first Rangerverse Series to have the most diversity ever.
  • Power Rangers Neo is strongly based on Power Rangers Zeo
    • Both series have similar titles.
    • Both use crystal/gemstone energy (The Neo Gems and the Zeo Crystal).
    • Both have similarly designed suits
    • Both have Robotic enemies as the Villains (The Neobot Army and the Machine Empire).
    • And both have Similarly designed Zords.
  • Xojinz has confirmed that Neo will have a crossover with Zeo very soon later in the series.
  • The logo of the series was made by MP6.
  • This is the first and only series to have the most Alternate Combination Megazords.
  • This is the first series to have a Crimson Ranger.
    • This is also the first series to have a Crimson Ranger as a Sixth Ranger.
    • And this is also TECHNICALLY the first series to have 2 Red Rangers.
    • According to Xojinz, he has said that Crimson, Navy, or any colours of a darker shade counts as that Rangers colour (for example a Navy Ranger is counted as a Blue Ranger).
  • This is the last season until 3 seasons later to have a female Yellow Ranger.
    • After that, the next 3 Yellow Rangers would all be male instead of female.
  • This is the first and only Rangerverse series to have a Hybrid Ranger (or also known as A Multi-Colored Ranger).
  • This is the first series to have a Crossover with 2 Ranger Teams from different universes and 2 different users of the PR Fanon Wiki.
  • PR Neo would later be replaced by the 5th installment of the Rangerverse, Power Rangers Crystal Charge.
  • Xojinz has said that Power Rangers Neo is basically just a darker version of Power Rangers Neo.
    • The same also goes with its Sentai Counterpart, Ohden Sentai Chourikiger basically being a darker version of Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.
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