Power Rangers Mushroom Kingdom Warriors
Number of episodes: 45
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Author: Future Beetle
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Power Rangers Smash Alliance
Power Rangers Mobius Quest (Future Beetle)


Princess Peach was kidnapped by Bowser once again, when Mario and Luigi tries to save her but they didn't succeed. They manage to call the Teenagers with attitude to stop Bowser and his evil forces and become the Power Rangers.



Ranger Character Power Character
Red Warrior Ranger Mario Marth
Green Warrior Ranger Luigi Lucas
Pink Warrior Ranger Princess Peach Paige
Blue Warrior Ranger Toad Teddy
Lime Warrior Ranger Yoshi Yo-yo
Brown Warrior Ranger Donkey Kong Dan "DK" Kingston
Orange Warrior Ranger Princess Daisy Danielle
Serenity Warrior Ranger Toadette Tea


Ranger Character Power Character
Yellow Warrior Ranger Wario Wade
Purple Warrior Ranger Waluigi Wallace
Love Warrior Ranger Birdo Barta
Fire Warrior Ranger Bowser Bart
Graffiti Warrior Ranger Bowser Jr. Bart Jr.


Ranger Character Power Character
Magic Warrior Ranger Geno Eugene
Marshmallow Warrior Ranger Mallow Mat


  • Bowser
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Koopas
  • Goombas
  • Kamek (Monster maximizer)


  • Goomboss
Ranger Character Power Character
Red Axem Ranger Axem Red Red
Black Axem Ranger Axem Black Black
Green Axem Ranger Axem Green Green
Yellow Axem Ranger Axem Yellow Yellow
Pink Axem Ranger Axem Pink Pink


  • Power Morphers
  • Shogun blade


  • Red Ape Zord
  • Green Lion Zord
  • Pink Hawk Zord
  • Blue Frog Zord

Auxiliary Zords

  • Lime Chameleon Zord
  • Brown Gorilla Zord
  • Orange Cat Zord
  • Yellow Rhino Zord
  • Purple Cheetah Zord
  • Birdo Hippo Zord


Mushroom Kingdom Megazord

Evil Zords

  • Axem Megazord
    • Axem Red (Torso)
    • Axem Black (Right Leg)
    • Axem Green (Left Arm)
    • Axem Yellow (Left Leg)
    • Axem Pink (Right Arm)
    • Breaker Beam (Head)
  • Koopaling Megazord
    • Iggy KoopalingZord (Waist and Thighs)
    • Morton KoopalingZord (Right Leg)
    • Lemmy KoopalingZord (Right Arm)
    • Ludwig KoopalingZord (Upper Torso)
    • Roy KoopalingZord (Left Leg)
    • Wendy KoopalingZord (Left Arm)
    • Larry KoopalingZord (Lower Torso)
    • Bowser Jr. Clown Car Zord (Head and Chest)

Future Beetle

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