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Power Rangers Literary Morphers
Number 33-35 (overall)

7-9 (Viacom Era)

Number of episodes: 37 (in total)
First episode: Chapter 1-It's time to Teseract
Last episode: Final Chapter-Doom of the Gods
Intro: Pages in the Past
Adapted from: Misutikkushiatā Sentai Kamanger (power ups and story)

Gigna Sentai Kaizukuranger (default suits)

Original airing: March-June and October-December 2026, April-August 2027
Producer Kira Kosarin, John D. Beck, Amy Jo Johnson
Author: Lindsay Tobias "Yale"
A new breed of Warrior will rise
Production Order
Power Rangers Nitro
Power Rangers Literary Morphers is the 33rd, 34th, and 35th (and final) seasons of Power Rangers. It is loosely based of Misutikkushiata Sentai Kamanger and Ginga Sentai Kaizukuranger. The main reason for this is the Kamangers have no default form.


"When a cruel king of yore controls a darkness simply known as IT, the stories man has written are in fear of being obliterated and feared. Only one team of heroes can stop them. They are the Power Rangers, Literary Morphers." -Narrator

Four years after Coaster Force vs Hexagon, Peter Ishitori has become a producer for a new show, but he also feels something is amiss. The next day, there are reports of stories dispersing and meets an aging producer and writer, John D Beck. With the know-how from a legend in the industry and old friend Teddy Winslow (who's struggled to get a job), they create a trading card system to enter the world of the stories to save them.

Five teen actors are chosen to save stories from the salamander's kerosene and become Power Rangers.

Along the way, they'll meet legendary heroes, villains, and the rangers that came before.


Literary Morphers

Designation Name


Morpher Red Nicolas Lanister
Morpher Blue Garret Southerland
Morpher Yellow Tasia Wardley
Morpher White Windra Yale
Morpher Green Fredrick Camwell
Morpher Pink Lucy Draves Jenna Frank
Morpher Orange William Flynn

The Privateers

Designation Name Actor
Violet Moon Violetta Delnosivo
Crimson Moon Christov Delnosivo
Navy Moon Navyia Delnosivo
Gold Moon Bangar "Ban" Delnosivo Karan Brar
Silver Moon Sylvia Delnosivo
New Moon Lucas Delnosivo

Legendary Leads

Name Sourse Actor
Haroun Haroun and the sea of stories
Edwin Drood

Zoe Pratt

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Winter Trials

Zoe Pratt
Guy Montag Fahrenheit 451 Micheal B. Jordan
Clarice McClellan Fahrenheit 451 Ella Anderson
Alexander Hamilton Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda
Nancy Drew Sweet Valley High/MMPR
Bess Marvin Sweet Valley High/MMPR
George Fayne Sweet Valley High/MMPR
Frank Hardy Sweet Valley High/MMPR
Joe Hardy Sweet Valley High/MMPR
Christine Winters Winter Trials
Rachel McClarity Winter Trials
Ody Latore Winter Trials
Logan Joiner Winter Trials himself


Legendary Allies



Delnosivo Clan (1-32)

The Alliance (32, 36, 37)

  • Force of Forgotten Monsters (32, 36-37)

Lord Drakkon's Army (23-37)

Other Villains

Chupwalas (2+3)

Omegaco (4-9)


Main Article: Arsenal (Literary Morphers)

Transformation Devices

Multi-use devices

Side Arms

  • Style Striker
    • Gun Mode
    • Sword Mode
    • Elemental Mode
    • Cannon Mode (all)
  • Legend Mode
    • Megazord Master Staff

Legendary Arsenal

  • Arsenal (Danger Rangers)
  • Arsenal (JAKQ)
  • Arsenal (Battle Fever J)
  • Arsenal (GSA)
  • Arsenal (Goggle V)
  • Arsenal (Dynaman)
  • Arsenal (Bioman)
  • Arsenal (Changeman)
  • Arsenal (Flashman)
  • Arsenal (Maskman)
  • Arsenal (Liveman)
  • Arsenal (Fiveman)
  • Arsenal (Arrowman)
  • Arsenal (Mighty Morphin)
  • Arsenal (Galactic Knights)
  • Arsenal (Alien Rangers)
  • Arsenal (Zeo)
  • Arsenal (Turbo)
  • Arsenal (in Space)
  • Arsenal (Lost Galaxy)
  • Arsenal (Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Arsenal (Time Force)
  • Arsenal (Wild Force) (Savage Storm)
  • Arsenal (Ninja Storm)
  • Arsenal (Dino Thunder)
  • Arsenal (SPD)
  • Arsenal (Mystic Force)
  • Arsenal (Operation Overdrive)
  • Arsenal (Jungle Furry)
  • Arsenal (RPM)
  • Arsenal (Samurai) (Super Samurai)
  • Arsenal (Megaforce) (Super Megaforce)
  • Arsenal (Delta Busters)
  • Arsenal (Dino Charge) (Supercharge)
  • Arsenal (Mega Voyagers)
  • Arsenal (Ninja Steel) (Super Ninja Steel)
  • Arsenal (Hyperforce)
  • Arsenal (GSA.O)
  • Arsenal (Battle Thunder)
  • Arsenal (Hexagon)
  • Arsenal (CF-Nitro)


  • Battle Knight Megazord
    • Condor Zord (Red)
    • Submarine Zord (Blue)
    • Dial Fighter Zord (White)
    • Gorilla Zord (Green)
    • Nazca Zord (Yellow)
  • Triforce Hunter Megazord
    • Light Runner Megazord
      • Orange Hunter
      • Pink Hunter
    • Rex Striker
  • Pirate Megazord
    • Bow Zord (Yellow)
    • Stern Zord (White)
    • Port Zord (Green)
    • Star port Zord (Blue)
    • Cockpit Zord (Red)
  • Super Mega Megazord
    • Galleon Zord (red)
    • Mystic Jet Zord (Blue)
    • Adventure Zord (Yellow)
    • Mystic Racer Zord (Green)
    • Submarine Zord (White)

Evil Megazords

  • Fusion Port Privateer
    • Privateer Ultrazord
      • New Moon Robo
      • Privateer Megazord
        • Shark Zord (Navy)
        • Black Hawk Zord (Crimson)
        • Blood Hound Zord (Violet)
        • Tiger Zord (Silver)
        • Bullet Zord (Gold)
  • Black Dragon (Lord Drakkon)


This series brings back special titles for episodes, using Chapter (Kamanger used Scene and Kaizukuranger spelled out Episode). Each season is called an Act.

Act 1: Into Danger

Chapter 1-It's Time to Teseract

Chapter 2-The Sea of Stories, part 1

Chapter 3-The Sea of Stories, part 2

Chapter 4-Where Darkness Dooms the Sky

Chapter 5-Super Mega Downfall

Chapter 6-Forged in Secret

Chapter 7-The Orange and the Pink

Chapter 8-Let There be Light Runners

Chapter 9-Destination: New York

Chapter 10-Aaron Burr, Sir

Chapter 11-Worth of a War

Chapter 12-The World is Not Wide Enough

Act 2: New Moon Trials

Chapter 13-Violetta's Vengeance

Chapter 14-Rangers of Sweet Valley, part 1

Chapter 15-Rangers of Sweet Valley, part 2

Chapter 16-Triforce Creation

Chapter 17-Literary Ultrazord Appears

Chapter 18-He Rises at the New Moon, part 1

Chapter 19-He Rises at the New Moon, part 2

Chapter 20-Nancy's Granddaughter

Chapter 21-A Meeting of Legends

Chapter 22-We won't Let Disney Forget

Chapter 23-Rise, New Moon Robo

Chapter 24-Racing Legend? Turbotastic

Chapter 25-Jason Beats Drakkon

Act 3: Shattered Grid

Chapter 26-Puffer's Nightmare Fuel

Chapter 27-The Subjects of Drakkon

Chapter 28-Violetta's Ruse

Chapter 29-The Hearth and the Salamander

Chapter 30-The Sieve and the Sand

Chapter 31-Burning Bright

Chapter 32-The Battle of Cornith

Chapter 33-A Tale of 2 Reefsides, part 1

Chapter 34-A Tale of 2 Reefsides, part 2

Chapter 35-A Call to the Farthest Corners

Chapter 36-Riders, Rangers, Troopers, and Beetles

Final Chapter-Doom of Gods


  • Two of the showrunners, Kira Kosarin and Amy Jo Johnson, have portrayed rangers in previous seasons
    • Amy was Kimberley, the original Pink Ranger, who would voice Ranger Slayer in Act 3
    • Kira was Phoebe, the eldest daughter of the Thundermans and Shogun Black (II)
    • John (as himself) is a recurring character in the series
  • This is first series since Dino Super Charge to not have have 3 New Red Rangers in a season
    • First since Samurai with only 2 reds
      • GSA-GSA Red, ASD Red, Danger Red
      • Galaxy Squad-Galaxy Squad Red, Quantum Ranger, Dragon Knight (post series)
      • Battle Thunder-Fire Knight (Mystic Knights-Cannoized as a ranger, Battle Thunder) and Viper Crimson
      • Hexagon-Hexagon Red, Phantom Red, and Savage Eagle
      • CF/Nitro-CF Red (I, II, III), Wild West Red, CF Crimson (I, II, III), Nitro Red (II, III), Arrow Hawk
      • It is unknown if Red Ace and Battle Japan were actually present as they are not part of the 199 Lunar Syndicate
        • If this was the case, then there would 4 new reds (along with Morpher Red, and Crimson Moon/Dawn)
  • First time a team uses two sentai at the same time since Super Megaforce
    • Coaster Force and Nitro end up coexisting, not being a form of the Coaster Force
  • Only series based off books, TV/movies, and musicals
  • Zoe Pratt, Micheal B Jordan, Jason David Frank, and Michael Shannon return to play former roles of theirs (Fiona and Edwin Drood [as well as herself], Montag, Tommy/Lord Drakkon/himself, Beatty) outside Teddy, Peter, and cameos (most only had the actors do ADR due to their age now compared to their season)
    • Jason's daughter, Jenna, portrays Lucy in this series
  • The third Act is heavily based off the Shattered Grid Comic event during the 25th anniversary
  • Episodes 1-12 have Adventure and Drama Themes, 13-28 have Mystery, and 29-37 are dystopia and Power Rangers itself
  • First, and only, Power Rangers family team
    • albiet evil, but become good and fight with the Literary Morphers in the final episodes
      • Which is more like Trent's counterpart in Abaranger
  • Nickelodeon dropped Power Rangers, making Doom of Gods the series finale
    • Initial plans were made to adapt Shinkai Sentai Akuareiger (Deep Sea Squadron Aqua Raiders), so much so that they weren't cut from the clip of the final assault of heroes and they were hinted at in the Ranger Getter that played at the end of international broadcasts
    • When WWW Scoutranger was aired, people were wondering if it would be adapted for the 120th anniversary of Scouting in the US
      • However, the stark differences between the Hexagon and Coaster Force/Nitro stories to their counterparts (Lupiranger vs Patranger and Himitsuranger) would be very costly to fix

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