Power Rangers Jurassic Patrol
Number ?
Number of episodes: 3
First episode: Start the Day
Last episode: Epilogue
Intro: Power Rangers Jurassic Patrol/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: UnderFist
Production Order
Power Rangers Animal Defense
Power Rangers Pokemon Tamer
Power Rangers Jurassic Patrol (often abbreviated as PRJP) is the second power rangers season created by UnderFist.


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Main Jurassic Patrol Rangers

Apatosaurus Dink Matson
Styracosaurus April Tops
Stegosaurus Peter
Pteranodon Skitter Carlos
Parasaurolophus Shelly Carlos
Tyrannosaurus Rexadar
Iguanodon Iggy
Triceratops Trizan

Other Jurrasic Rangers

Spinosarus Tristen Tenten
Velicoraptor Daniel Jabby
Plesosarus Sammy Harm
Mosarex Stephen Vince
Tryanosarus Rex Marcus Luthor
Anyklsaur Marcus Luthor
Pachysaur Amy Silver
Parasarus Sarah Fisher


  • Jurassic Morpher:Morpher of the Jurassic Rangers, activated by pushing the green button.
  • Tyranno Morpher:Morpher of the Tyranno Ranger, activated by opening the mouth and then pushing the green button.
  • Sauria Morpher:Morpher of the Sauria Ranger, activated by pushing the green button.
  • Tria Dagger :Defense weapon of Warrior Threehorn.
  • Jurassic Weapons:Assortment of personalized weapons used by Jurassic Rangers.
  • Tiny-Saur:Miniature robot dinosaur that becomes a blaster.
  • Jurassic Dagger:Standard Ranger weapon.
  • Sword of Skybax Rider:Weapon for Battilized armor.
  • Firebreak Skybax Rider: Dinosaur used for flying.
  • Gallimimus Riders: Personal transportation for the power rangers.



  1. Start the Day
  2. The Mysterious Warrior
  3. Epilogue, Part 4
    • Zords Powerless

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