Red alert WARNING: This fanfictional series contains scenes of dark tones and drama. Viewer discretion is advised!
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Power Rangers Jurassic Blaze
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First episode: Enter the Hotheaded Knight
Last episode:
Intro: Power Rangers Jurassic Blaze/Theme Song
Adapted from: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger
Original airing: 25th of Feb
Author: AnimeLover569
KSR-Ryusoulger (All Six)
Production Order
Power Rangers:Ultimate Battle
Power Rangers Spirit Gems (AnimeLover569)


Years ago during the dinosaur era a war raged against an alien species lead by Zarkon who wanted to use the dinosaurs’ powers. So a King gave powers to his best knights to stand up against this threat and the war raged on and on. Years later in 2019 Zarkon reawakens so a new team is chosen to fight the evil and to save the world while also having to deal with the feelings of keeping secrets



Color Role Actor
Jurassic Blaze Red Miguel Hernandez Diego Boneta
Jurassic Blaze Blue Brian Wolfhard Caleb McLaughlin
Jurassic Blaze Pink Min-Jee Song Ahin Lee
Jurassic Blaze Green Sean Grayson Taron Egerton
Jurassic Blaze Black Daniel Timmons Bryan Dechart
Jurassic Blaze Gold Joon-Hyung Chung RM
Jurassic Blaze Aqua Gina Katherine McNamara
Jurassic Blaze Knight TBA TBA
Jurassic Blaze Bronze TBA TBA

temporary ranger

Color Role Actor
Jurassic Blaze Pink Sun-Hi Song Nancy Jewel Mcdonie


Color Role Actor
Master Red Abdul Laurence Fishburne
Master Blue Bryzen Colin O’Donoghue
Master Pink Carlya Jennifer Morrison
Master Green Daylen Magnús Scheving
Master Black EzraElward Luke Wilson ►Robert Downey Jr
Master Aqua Gwendolyn Liu Yifei
Role Actor
Tyrian Xavier Robert Carlyle
Charline Xavier Sadie Stanley
Abigail Anna Cathcart
The Mysterious Guardian unknown actor
Raju Chiwetel Ejiofor
Flarzon Aneurin Barnard
Princess Kamila Keira Knightly

Trio R

Color Role Actor
Jurassic Blaze Red Alice Jacqueline Scislowski
Jurassic Blaze Blue Bella Kristina Ho
Jurassic Blaze Pink Chloe Liana Ramirez


Alazne Hernandez
Nicolas Wolfhard
Sasha Wolfhard
Jong-Kyu Song
Emilie Grayson
Robert Timmons
Arthur Grayson
Amanda “Mandy” Crawford

First Team

The first team to be bearers of the Jurassic Blaze team

Colour Role
Jurassic Blaze Red Atreyu
Jurassic Blaze Blue Basil
Jurassic Blaze Pink Cynthia
Jurassic Blaze Green Desmond
Jurassic Blaze Black Edgar
Jurassic Blaze Gold Frederik


Role Voice actor
Zarkon Keith David
Mephisto Terrance Zdunich
Slimer Daniel Brühl
Mad Hatter Todd Haberkorn
Copgold Adam Driver
Conkeldur Chris Hemsworth
Hurricane Robert Downey Jr
Inferno Don Cheadle
Bullet Bill Micael Fassbender
King Samurai David Tennant
  • Zarkasaurus
  • Knightborgs

evil Rangers

Color Role Actor
Jurassic Scarlet Euphoria Emilie de Ravin
Dark Knight Elrino Elrino Raphael Sbarge
Jurassic Crimson Enzo Colby Strong


  • DinoKnight Changer
  • DinoKnight Sword
  • DinoKnight Buckler
  • DinoSuperKnight Armor
  • DinoKnight Soul


DinoKing Rex Megazord

DinoKing Trio Megazord

DinoKing Fortress

Tricera DinoKing Megazord

Ankylo DinoKing Megazord

Sabertooth DinoKing Megazord

Stego DinoKing Megazord

DinoKing 5 Knights Megazord


  • Red Tyranno Zord
  • Blue Tricera Zord
  • Pink Ankylo Zord
  • Green Sabertooth Zord
  • Black Stego Zord


Link for the episodes:


  • the first five episodes are fanmade episodes of the rangers gaining their powers
  • this series will be up on the author’s wattpad account
  • Contains elementals from Fresh Precure, a bit of Sailor Moon, Ryusoulger and Once Upon a Time
  • Daniel’s Dad and Sean’s Mum are engaged and their names are references of the actors names who portrayed Rumpelstiltskin and Belle from ABC’s show Once Upon a Time
  • Is a drama/romance theme and the author took inspiration from ABC’s show Once Upon a Time
    • Coincidently this series has many actors from the show
      • Also this series also has actors who have been Beast Morphers which coincidentally enough aired prior to the official adaptation of Ryusoulger since the author casted the Beast Morphers actors before knowing about Power Rangers Dino Fury
  • Jurassic Blaze has the most repainted Rangers, ie being 4 with Jurassic Darkness, Jurassic Scarlet, Jurassic Crimson and Jurassic Blaze Aqua
    • It also has two rangers whose suits were originally male but edited to be female versions
  • the series will be dark and more mature
  • Due to that in real life that knights swore to protect royalty, there’ll be references to royalty in the story
  • Will feature three k-pop stars. Ahin from Momoland as Min-Jee Song who is pink and RM from BTS as Joon-Hyung Chung who is gold, this will feature fellow Momoland member Nancy as Sun-Hi Song who is Min-Jee’s sister
  • Sean’s forename was inspired by the Irish YouTuber Jacksepticeye, whoes real is actually Sean and is associated with the colour green
  • Sean and Daniel’s names and the fact they’re going to be brothers could be a reference to the game Life is Strange 2 because the protagonists are two brothers with the names Daniel and Sean
  • Min-Jee’s catchphrase “wow” is a reference to Amy from Kyoryuger
  • Joon-Hyung being a villain and eventually become a hero is based on Setsuna from Toei’s show Fresh Precure as she starts as a villain and eventually become a precure, they both pretend to be an ally to the main team before joining and ends up living with their leaders by being adopted into their families
  • Will be the most darkest due to the most drama in the series
  • Similar to Power Rangers Police Thieves both series have a new ranger that is a recolour of a existing Ranger
  • The name of the first Red Jurassic Blaze is Atreyu which was inspired by the character with the same name from the movie The NeverEnding Story which the song was featured in the Netflix show Stranger Things that features the actor for Brian Wolfhard as the character Lucas
  • The team live in a fictional New York town called KyoryuKishi town, Kyoryu means dinosaur and kishi means knight, this was inspired by Clover Town Street from Fresh Precure


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