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Power Rangers Japan Warriors is the seventh Power Rangers series by Wikidude135. It is based on the 46th Super Sentai series, Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, and replaces Power Rangers Legendary.

The show's theme is Japan and its folklore, specifically the legend of Momotaro. It also acts as a sequel to Power Rangers Legendary, with many elements and ideas from that series being brought back and upgraded here.

It is then followed by TBA.


500 years ago, the legendary Momotaro has taken down the terrifying Great Demon Army, sealing them away with a powerful spell. Today, the Great Demon Army returns for revenge. However, a new generation of heroes arises to bring order back to Japan. They are the Power Rangers Japan Warriors!



Ricky (Red Samurai Warrior)

Bobbos (Blue Ape Warrior)

Demona (Yellow Demon Warrior)

Larry (Black Wolf Warrior)

Airashi (Pink Pheasant Warrior)

Goku (Shining Chi Warrior)

Zeke (Red/Black Legendary Ranger)


Grandpa Tsurugi

Grandma Hana

Mr. Daisuke

Master Gohan


Master Oni







Shadow Shark Warrior



Transformation Devices

Warrior Blaster

Chi Staff

Individual Weapons

Samurai Sword

Demon Club

Wolf Star

Tiger Disk Shield

Ninjark Sword


Samurai Warrior Zord

Ape Warrior Zord

Demon Warrior Zord

Wolf Warrior Zord

Pheasant Warrior Zord

Dragon Warrior Zord

Tiger Warrior Zord

Samurai AncientZord

Dragon ChiZord

Shark ShadowZord

Samurai Cycle

Super Megaforce Altaro Zord

Beast Morphers Altaro Zord

Dino Charge Altaro Zord

Track Force Altaro Zord

Ninja Steel Altaro Zord

Primal Instinct Altaro Zord

Astro Force Altaro Zord

Robber Altaro Zord

Cop Altaro Zord

Dino Fury Altaro Zord

Gem Squad Altaro Zord


Legendary Megazord

Warrior Megazord

Shining Chi Megazord

Shining Warrior Megazord


Episode 1: Warriors Arise! Part 1

Ricky Hiro, an American boy of Japanese decent, makes his way to Japan to spend the year with his grandparents at their peach farm. Once there, he's totally confused and unable to adapt to the regional changes he finds everywhere. But that's only the start as he's attacked by mysterious monsters, finds mysterious weapons, and is met with a mysterious man in red.

Episode 2: Warriors Arise! Part 2

Now that Zeke has lost is original powers, he and Ricky work on assembling the rest of the team, including a powerful female warrior named Airashi, a man who lives in the jungles of japan named Bobbos, and a man turned into a dog named Larry. The Great Demon Army now begins to send monsters to attack the people as well. Time for the warriors to unleash their real power!

Episode 3: The Way of the Warriors

The Japan Warriors are still being taught the way to use their new powers, while also having to deal with their own life struggles as people. Ricky with the farm, Larry with his dog form, Airashi with her other warrior training, Bobbos with his jungle, and Demona with being accepted by the rest of the town. How will they pull through?

Episode 4: Light the Way

As the Rangers continue to learn their powers, they get word of lights all across town being stolen by an unknown thief. The rangers suspect the work of the Great Demon Army, and plan to catch him in action.

Episode 5: Rice-a-thon

The Rangers find out that someone is going to a local café, and eating up all the rice balls, driving the café to bankruptcy. They decide to investigate further, and later, challenge him to a rice-a-thon.

Episode 6: Dog on the Run

Larry is worried about what his human body has been doing now that a dog is controlling it. As he tries to find out, he finds a dog catcher chasing after him, and he's forced to hide with the other Rangers until they know it's safe. But why's the dog catcher only after Larry?

Episode 7: Fly, Airashi, Fly!

Airashi Ari is a very skilled warrior in Japan, who, after joining the Japan Warriors, struggles to learn English, and also worries that her skills may not be good enough. Now the rest of her team must help her learn how to spread her wings and fly.

Episode 8: Steaming Sensei

Demona overhears that a local school sensei is mistreating his students, putting them through way too much work, enforcing all kinds of harsh rules, and has the shortest of tempers. She, along with the rest of her team, decide to investigate as assistant teachers.

Episode 9: Dog Gone

Airashi and Larry, now close friends, are surprised to find that a new demon has been sent, and has kidnapped Larry. Airashi, willing to do anything to protect her friends, leads the rescue mission to retrieve him.

Episode 10: Speed is Key

When the new demon Cheetahtron comes around, he starts going so fast that he manages to wear out Ricky, forcing the others to help him get back up. But it all becomes complicated when they find out they need to feed him 300 Kibi dango.

Episode 11: Zord Power, Unleashed

The Rangers are informed that the location of the Warrior Zords has been found. Now they're on a mission to find them before the Great Demon Army does! Meanwhile, Demona tries to fit in better with humans.

Episode 12: One Hot Dog

The newest member of the Great Demon army arrives, and uses his powers to poison Larry with a sunstroke. Now it's up to the Rangers to help him out so they can defeat him together!

Episode 13: Release the Megazord!

The Rangers are all trying to figure out how to get their Zords to combine into its Megazord form, but at the same time, they discover a new idol who's lying about everything to reach the top of stardom.

Episode 14: A Duel of the Demons

Ricky is still the only Ranger who knows what Donald's true identity is. Now he has to show the other Rangers who he and his friends really are, with an ultimate duel between Rangers and Demons!

Episode 15: The Ravaging

The wild and unchained Ravagers arrive to assist the Great Demon Army with destroying the Rangers! Meanwhile, the Rangers discover the existence of a Sixth Ranger set of weapons created by Momotaro. So, they look to find them, and are met with the help of a warrior who trains with the power of Chi.

Episode 16: The Warrior of Chi

The Rangers begin to think that Goku may be their best option for their new 6th Ranger. But they have to figure out how to deal with the Ravagers as well. So, maybe if Goku helps them out, then he'll be able to prove himself worthy.

Episode 17: A Heated Rivalry

With Goku now a member of the Rangers, he tries to prove how powerful he truly is, but as a result, he gets into a big rivalry with Ricky, leading them to fight against each other. How will this fare for the team?

Episode 18: The Shadow of a Shark

The Rangers are forced to deal with a bird demon attacking the city, but when they start fighting it, they learn that a new threat has appeared from seemingly nowhere! And this new threat seems to have a grudge against Zeke.

Episode 19: Looking Like You've Seen a Ghost

The Rangers hear the story of a ghost haunting a phone booth, eternally waiting for someone to call her. So, the Rangers choose to investigate this mystery, but grow suspicious when a new demon comes around at the same time.

Episode 20: The Tiger Takes Charge

With Goku unable to find a way to access his alleged 2nd mode, he is given the chance to take charge of the team for a while. Taking the opportunity, he leads the team in a way Ricky never did. But things get complicated as another chi-powered dragon comes around to challenge him.

Episode 21: Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Go


Episode 22: The Mysterious Manga


Episode 23: A Dog Eat Dog World


Episode 24: The Love of Grandma