Infinity Strike
Power Rangers Infinity Strike
Number 1
Number of episodes: 49
First episode: The Power Within
Last episode: Battle For The Moon
Intro: [The Day By NateWantsToBattle]
Adapted from: OC
Original airing: 2023
Author: TooMuchTortuga
Infinity Strike Poster
Production Order
Power Rangers Cyberverse

Power Rangers Infinity Strike is a fanfiction season of Power Rangers set in an alternate universe. It features the return of Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and Angel Grove.


The year is 2023. The Power Rangers defeated the forces of evil 25 years ago, purifying their old enemies of corruption. While more threats plagued earth, and more rangers stepped up to stop them, Angel Grove has become a quiet town once more. But not all is right. Lord Zedd, who once renounced his old ways, once again seeks to conquer the universe. Standing in his way is his wife Rita, a powerful sorceress and former nemesis to the Power Rangers. In order to stop her husband, she entrust five Stones of Power to five foster siblings so that they can help her stop Zedd’s conquest

The five have a long way to go before they can live up to the legacy before them, but together they can save the world as the Power Rangers.


Infinity Rangers

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Red Infinity Ranger Ashley Yang
Yellow Infinity Ranger Cam Sloan
Blue Infinity Ranger Jeremy Lloyd
Pink Infinity Ranger Valorie Kaur
Black Infinity Ranger Owen Valdez
White Infinity Ranger Jay Tanner


  • Rita Repulsa
  • Grace Whitaker
  • Hanna Whitaker


  • Micah Martin
  • Troy Taylor
  • Lilly Kelly
  • Dawn Ellison


  • Lord Zedd's Army
    • Fractals
    • Scorponok
    • Octorix
    • Andromache
    • Obsidious
      • Lord Zedd




  • Infinex Blaster
    • Lion Sword
    • Tiger Claw
    • Shark Crossbow
    • Eagle Shot
    • Rhino Axe
  • Wolf Blaster


Infinity Zord System

  • Infinex Megazord
    • Red Lion Zord
    • Yellow Tiger Zord
    • Blue Shark Zord
    • Pink Eagle Zord
    • Black Rhino Zord
  • White Wolf Zord


Season 1

  1. The Power Within, Part 1
  2. The Power Within, Part 2
  3. Power Struggle
  4. Try Hard
  5. The Sound Of Music
  6. The Crass Samurai
  7. Time Flies By
  8. A Date To Remember
  9. Lone Wolf
  10. Curse Of The Wolf
  11. Howl Of The Wolf
  12. White Wolf
  13. Blackout
  14. Escape plan
  15. Ice Age
  16. Lost And Found
  17. Journey to the center of the Palace
  18. Join The Club
  19. Identity Theft
  20. Oh Brother
  21. Whistleblower
  22. Sticks and stones
  23. Flight Of The Red Ranger
  24. Rescue Of The Red Ranger
  25. Battle For The Moon, Part 1
  26. Battle For The Moon, Part 2

Season 2

  1. It Came From The Talos Dimension, Part 1
  2. It Came From The Talos Dimension, Part 2
  3. Dream on
  4. Homecoming
  5. Sigh of the tiger
  6. Brother in arms
  7. The zord whisperer
  8. Movie night
  9. A mile in their shoes
  10. Three for one
  11. High altitude
  12. A night to remember
  13. Through the fire and flames
  14. I spy
  15. Rubble without a cause
  16. Owen of all trades
  17. The doctor is in
  18. Karma comes knocking
  19. Visionary
  20. Deja vu
  21. The final countdown
  22. Doomsday, Part 1
  23. Doomsday, Part 2


  1. Legacy Of Power
  2. Into The Morphing Grid


  • This is the first season since Megaforce to feature the original Red-Black-Blue-Yellow-Pink main team formation
  • This is the third season to take place in an alternate universe, following RPM and Dino Charge
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