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Power Rangers HyperForce - The Next Generation
Number EX 2
Number of episodes: 73
First episode: Hype for Hyper Force
Last episode: Hyper Redemption
Intro: Power Rangers HyperForce - The Next Generation/Theme Song
Adapted from:
Original airing: 2020
Producer Hasbro
Author: Starlina
HyperForce Rangers NG
Its Morphin Time - GO GO HyperForce!
Production Order
Power Rangers Time Force 2.0

Power Rangers HyperForce - The Next Generation is the 2nd EX Season and sequel to RPG series Power Rangers Hyper Force.


The Time Force Academy receives word of an invasion of the Neo-Technos. the descendant of the original Technos. Bent on carrying out the legacy of founder Lazarus.

Captain Jen Scotts-Collins chooses 5 top students at the academy to take on this task as the new Power Rangers.

Main Article HyperForce Rangers

Ranger Designation Name
Hyper Force Red Ranger Darren Marston
Hyper Force Blue Ranger Ric Fuentes > Silo Martinez
Hyper Force Yellow Ranger Jett Brimstone >Yukinojo "Yuki" Nasegawa
Hyper Force Black Ranger Lisa Sunako
Hyper Force Pink Ranger Monet Stephens > Naya Sunako
HyperForce Green Ranger Ty Mavis


  • Hyper Force Morpher - Morph Call: Its' Morphin Time! - GO GO HyperForce!
  • Hyper Power Cards - Transformation Cards Inserted in their morphers
  • Chrono Blasters - Sidearm Blasters used by the HyperForce Rangers while unmorphed.
  • Hyper Force Blade Blasters - A gun sidearm weapon with an extendable plasma and holographic unit that allows the gun to act as a bladed energy weapon. According to Alpha 55, the weapons were built and designed by Trip and Jen Scotts as the successor of the Chrono Saber and Chrono Blaster weapons used by Time Force, fusing the concept of the two weapons into a single sidearm device. Designwise, they resemble a mass production model of the Quantum Ranger's Quantum Defender. 
  • Hyper Quantum Cycles

Individual Weapons

  • Main Weapons
    • Iapetus Blaster
    • Oceanus Trident
    • Coeus Axe
    • Hyperion Bow
    • Crius Hammer 
    • Hydra Twin Daggers 

Secondary Weapons

  • Iapetus Claws
  • Oceanus Blades
  • Coeus Shield
  • Hyperion Scythe
  • Crius Cannon


  • Vortex Cannon


  • Captain Jen Scotts-Collins
  • Commander Wesley Collins
  • Sub Commander Jillian Hammerstein
  • Supreme Masked Rider/Michaela Astroman
  • Alpha 55
  • Aisha Campbell
  • Aaliyah Hathaway
  • Stephanie Townsend
  • Shaunelle
  • Time Force Rangers 2.0
  • Wild Prime Rangers
  • MegaForce Rangers
  • TQG Rangers
  • Mrs. Nasegawa
  • Sensei Sunako
  • Dakota Henderson


The Neo Technos

  • Commander Jynx
  • Cyclobots - Foot Soldiers
  • X-Borgs - Foot soldiers
  • Escapada
  • Malasite
  • ScoJite



Chronos HyperForce Megazord

    • Lion Hyper Zord
    • Cerberus Hyper Zord
    • Serpent Hyper Zord
    • Ram Hyper Zord
    • Phoenix Hyper Zord


Hyper Force Titan MegaZord

  • Iapetus Titan Zord
  • Coeus Titan Zord
  • Crius Titan Zord
  • Oceanus Titan Zord
  • Hyperion Titan Zord

Episode List

Season 1

  1. Hype for Hyper Force
  2. The Powers of the Ancient World
  3. The Rising of the Zords
  4. The Origins of the Techno’s
  5. Jinx’s Jinxed
  6. Madness of the mind games
  7. Bounty Hunter passing
  8. Heavy Heartaches
  9. A Birthday Wish Gone Wrong
  10. Uprising Evil
  11. Uprising Evil
  12. Uprising Evil
  13. The Elements of the Weapons
  14. A Ranger Legend Returns
  15. A Ranger Legend Returns
  16. Dangerous Games of battles
  17. A New Kind of Yellow
  18. A New kind of Yellow
  19. A New Kind of Yellow
  20. A New Kind of Yellow
  21. Crius’ Pure Fighting Equal
  22. A Family Worth Fighting
  23. Evolution of a Ranger
  24. Jinxed In
  25. Hyper End Game

Season 2

  1. Hyper Time Combination
  2. Secondary Evolution
  3. Battle Worth Fighting For
  4. Battle Worth Fighting For
  5. Mind Gameplay
  6. Always Here
  7. Double Standard of a Ranger
  8. Resistance is Futile
  9. Yonder of Yellow
  10. The True Meaning of a Ranger
  11. Festival Scramble
  12. Hyper Time Force Revolution
  13. Hyper Time Force Revolution
  14. The Edge of Zords
  15. The Edge of Zords
  16. Uprising Danger
  17. Rangers Forever
  18. Madness Monsters
  19. Reinforcing the Law
  20. Pure Pink
  21. Pure Pink
  22. Pure Pink
  23. Hyper Shadow 
  24. Hyper Shadow
  25. Hyper Game Over
  26. Hyper Game Over
  27. Hyper Game Over
  28. Hyper Game Over

Season 3

  1. Titan Power
  2. Titan Power 
  3. Titan Power
  4. An Ocean of No Return (The Beginning of the HyperForce Blue Saga as Ric's Hyper Power Card is stolen by an associate of Jynx's putting his life-force is serious danger and forcing the Rangers to find an alternative)
  5. An Ocean of No Return ( As Ric's life-force continues to deteriorate the Rangers meet a new friend Silo who just move into town and enrolled at the Academy and he brings strong assistance during this crisis)
  6. An Ocean of No Return (Alpha 55 creates an alternative Power Source for Ric but it remains uncertain on how long he can stay morph during the next battles ahead)
  7. Titan Zords
  8. Titan Terror
  9. Green with Justice
  10. Green with Justice
  11. The Brightest Side of Blue
  12. The Brightest Side of Blue
  13. The Brightest Side of Blue
  14. The Brightest Side of Blue
  15. A Brigade's Determination
  16. A Cadet's Long Run With the Game
  17. Ride the HyperShip
  18. In the Nick of Time
  19. In the Nick of Time
  20. In the Nick of Time
  21. Hyper Redemption
  22. Hyper Redemption


  • This is the Live-Action sequel to the RPG PR Series
  • Alpha 55 is the first of the Alpha series to be female. The Gender is male in the RPG
  • The Neo-Techno's are the descendants of the original Techno's Corporation founded by Lazarus (SpyForce)
  • Unlike the RPG the Time Force Academy is in the year 2018 after Jen decided to stay in the present with Wes
  • The HyperForce Rangers are the Time Force Academy Cadets and in addition to their Ranger duties, the team also attends their cadet responsibilities.
  • There's a Total of 8 Rangers of the HyperForce team ( 2 Yellow Rangers, 2 Pink Rangers and 2 Blue Rangers)
  • Darren and Lisa are only two original HyperForce Rangers still remaining.
  • The Rangers morphers are worn on the left side opposed to the RPG Series' Morphers worn on the right.
  • The HyperForce also met the MegaForce Rangers and joined forces with them against foe Jynx

The Rangers' powers motif as described

  • The Red Ranger.  Based on the Titan Iapetus with the motif of a lion.
  • The Black Ranger. Based on the titan Coeus with the motif of Cerberus. 
  • The Yellow Ranger.  Based on the Titan Crius with the motif of a ram.
  • The Blue Ranger.  Based on the titan Oceanus with the motif of a serpent.
  • The Pink Ranger.  Based on the titan Hyperion with the motif of a phoenix.
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