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Power Rangers Hexagon
Number 30 (PR)

5 (Viacom Era)

Number of episodes: 30
First episode: Phantoms and Prophecies
Last episode: Christmas and Hanukkah
Intro: Power Rangers Hexagon Theme
Adapted from: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patranger
Original airing: March 4-December 9, 2023
Producer Amit Bhaumik and Doug Sloan
Author: Lindsay Tobias "Yale"
The Bond of Brotherhood have been triggered
Production Order
Power Rangers Battle Thunder
Power Rangers Coaster Force

Power Rangers Hexagon (The Rangers)

Power Rangers Hexagon is the 30th Season of Power Rangers, despite Battle Thunder features more aspects of an anniversary season (similar to Ohranger and Carranger). This is very fitting as its plan was originally going to adapt the post anniversary season of Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger. It is actually an adaption of the 42nd sentai: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. It marks the conclusion of Alex Fierro in Power Rangers.


Hexagon was also based off the original Hexagon Plan of Amit Bhaumik, who was brought back as executive producer after Jed Springham (who previously worked on The Thundermans) left. He asked Doug Sloan to help and he obliged.

During the run of Super Ninja Steel, Saban had sued for damages by Toei on using the Hexagon plans without permission. Toei settled that they would have to produce both an adaption to Kyuranger and Patoranger/ Lupinranger. However, Viacom bought it and adjusted the contract to allow aspects of the first 5 Sentai (Goranger-Sun Vulcan) to be used, albiet GSA would be very original in contrast with really only using suits and little footage.

This is the first and only season that was exclusively produced in New Orleans, LA.


The series follows Billy Cranston avenging the death of Tommy Oliver and uncovering his plans for a new team of rangers, the Hexagon Rangers. Meanwhile, their old friend Jason has created his own team of rangers to get back his treasures


Super Squadron

Top-Super Squad w/ Titanium Knight Bottom-Super Squad with Light Rail Gold

Hexagon Rangers

Designation Name Actor
Hexagon Red Bristol Rogers Emjay Anthony
Hexagon Green Louis Mitchell Noah Jupe
Hexagon Pink Genova Le Miyu Honda

*The trio can become a fusion of their colors as a power up

Super Squadron unmorphed

Phantom Rangers

Designation Name Actor
Phantom Yellow Chelsea Scott Annie LeBlanc
Phantom Red Jackson Grove Seth Carr
Phantom Blue Turin Brooks Riley Lio
Titanium Knight/Light Rail Gold
Darwin Scott Finn Wolfhard

*= Jackson can clone himself for final attacks

Top: MMPR Legends (Billy, Rocky, Jason) Bottom Left: Lightspeed (Dana and Ryan Mitchell) Bottom Right: Buttercup and Taylor

Legendary Rangers

Designation Name Actor
Red Ranger (Gold Ranger II) Jason Scott Austin St. John
Blue Ranger Billy Cranston David Yost
Lightspeed Pink General Dana Mitchell Alison MacInnis
Titanium Ranger Captain Ryan Mitchell Rhett Fisher
Zeo III Blue Rocky DeSantos Steve Cardenas
Wild Force Yellow (Savage Storm Shark) Taylor Earhardt Alyson Sullivan
Kraken Navy Buttercup Savannah May




Neo-Shogun Army Corps (7-20)

Iron Blade Conference (1-29)

The Bounty Hunter (10-14, 28+29)

Other Villains

Viper Crimson Sage Lilimar


Main Article: Arsenal (Hexagon)

Transformation Devices

  • Oliver Magnum (PR, PB, PY, HR, HG, HP)
  • Light Rail Fusion Morpher (Titanium/Gold)

Multi-Use Devices

  • Sky Zords (Phantom Rangers)
  • Rampage Zords (Hexagon)
  • Light Rail Zords (Titanium/Gold)

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

  • Titanium Sword/Rod

Side Arms

  • Phantom Rapier
    • Phantom Claw
  • Battle Staff
    • Horn Mode


Hexagon Zords

Alternate Combinations

Savage Zords


This series follows the same naming conventions as Battle Thunder.

  1. Phantoms and Prophecies
  2. Stand and Deliver
  3. Light and Speed
  4. Adventure and Treasure, part 1
  5. Adventure and Treasure, part 2
  6. Son and Daughter in Love
  7. Dead and Alive, part 1
  8. Dead and Alive, part 2
  9. The Police, The Phantoms, and Snide
  10. Savage Storm and Titanium Knight
  11. Gems and the Missing Brother
  12. Bounty Hunter and Galactic Ninja
  13. Seeing Double and Handcuffs
  14. Silver Bullet and Golden Steamer
  15. Sister Act and Double Agent
  16. Mystic Knights and Medieval Virus, part 1
  17. Mystic Knights and Medieval Virus, part 2
  18. Fall Fest and The Brawl
  19. Witch Doctor and Margaux's Secret
  20. Rail, Sky, and Road
  21. And Back to the Thunder
  22. Thunder, Pride, and Era's End, part 1
  23. Thunder, Pride, and Era's End, part 2
  24. Memory Robbery and The Master
  25. And into the Fire
  26. All Souls Knight
  27. New Vows and Mysterious Detectives
  28. Endings and Beginnings, part 1
  29. Endings and Beginnings, part 2
  30. Christmas and Hanukkah


Coaster Force vs Hexagon: Time Flies


  • Everything about Titanium Knight/Light Rail Gold is almost exactly the same as the Titanium Ranger excepts he's the older brother of the Yellow Ranger
  • First ranger to die of old age
  • First time a human-like villain becomes good and willingly goes evil again
  • This is the first season without an Orange Ranger since Super Ninja Steel
  • Longest villain arc since the Zordon Era
  • Like Huricanger/Ninja Storm, the lovers in the sentai are the same as the Power Rangers season
    • Like Hurricanger, it uses "and" in the episode naming convention
  • Leading up to Savannah May returning to portray Buttercup, many of her Knight Squad co-stars did voice and acting work-Amarr M Wooten voiced Bounty Hunter Season 5 Victor Hazard, Lilimar did voice work for Lady Shadow, Owen Joyner was Unwritten, Jason Sims-Pretwit and Daniella Perkins were in her return episode as The Governor and Chartune (voice). Lexi DiBendetto was both Mirror and Teller, Seth Carr is Jackson/Phantom Red, and Geno Segers was apart for the Golden Brothers (in the episode she departed before returning in Sisterhood)
    • Lilimar returned as Sage in All Souls Knight, which is the episode that breaks the "and" convention

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