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Power Rangers Global Defenders
Number 38
Number of episodes: 30
First episode: Foreign Affairs Unites
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Intro: Power Rangers Global Defenders/Theme Song
Adapted from: Gurōbaru Sentai Globalranger
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Producer Saban Brands
Author: Starlina
Global Power Rangers
Production Order
Power Rangers Global Defenders is the 38th Installment of Power Rangers - The Next Generation


Evil Terrorists on a rampage to destroy the world. The United Nations must put together a team of teens from around the world to combat this threat and One representative was selected by each member of the UN, eventually it was narrowed down to the top five, who were given the powers to become, the Global Defender Power Rangers. Later on a sixth member joins the team after they are kidnapped by the enemy.

Global Defender Rangers

Name Ranger Designation Country
Maury Heartson Red Defender Ranger USA
Shaista Mohammed Pink Defender Ranger India/New Zealand
Jean-Marc Boulvier Blue Defender Ranger Canada
Luka Satoshi Yellow Defender Ranger Japan
Dean Marino Black Defender Ranger Italy
Claude Malveaux Gold Defender Ranger France


Transformation Device

  • Defender Morpher


  • Eagle Blade
  • Kiwi Staff
  • Horse Hammer
  •  Carp Cannon
  • Wolf Lance
  • Rooster Rapier


Global Defender MegaZord

  • Eagle Defender Zord
  • Kiwi Defender Zord
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