Power Rangers Gemstone
Number 30
Number of episodes: 50
First episode: Gemstone Search
Last episode: Fate of Gems
Intro: Power Rangers Gemstone/Theme Song
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Author: Future Beetle
Production Order
Power Rangers Reptile Force
Power Rangers Jurassic Thunder

Power Rangers Gemstone is the thirtieth season of Future Beetle's Power Rangers series. This season was preceded by Power Rangers Reptile Force and succeeded by Power Rangers Jurassic Thunder.


The Gems was scatter across the universe but the evil seeks the gems. The Dark Matter was sealed away by the Light God. The 5 Teenagers becomes the new Power Rangers to stop Dark Matter and dark forces in their hands.


Main Gemstone Rangers

Ruby Gemstone Ranger Spencer Clooten
Sapphire Gemstone Ranger Mark
Emerald Gemstone Ranger Darcy
Topaz Gemstone Ranger Tracy
Quartz Gemstone Ranger Julia
Amethyst Gemstone Ranger Melissa
Amber Gemstone Ranger Garland
Garnet Gemstone Ranger Dakota
Cobalt Gemstone Ranger Fraser
Apatite Gemstone Ranger Obadiah

Extra Rangers

Onyx Gemstone Ranger Derek
Pearl Gemstone Ranger Monique
Tanzanite Gemstone Ranger Simon
Jade Gemstone Ranger Caitlin
Peridot Gemstone Ranger Leo
Aquamarine Gemstone Ranger Samantha
Tourmaline Gemstone Ranger Nancy
Bloodstone Gemstone Ranger Trevor
Zircon Gemstone Ranger Cheryl
Amazonite Gemstone Ranger Penelope
Azurite Gemstone Ranger Gary
Dioptase Gemstone Ranger Richter
Opalite Gemstone Ranger Gloria
Moonstone Gemstone Ranger Silver
Jasper Gemstone Ranger Spark
Diamond Gemstone Ranger Shine
Agate Gemstone Ranger Glitter


Element Guardian Overlords

Darkness Shadow
Earth Terra
Wind Twister
Water Aquarrior
Lightning Shockman
Fire Pyro


  • Lord of Darkness Dark Matter
  • Baron Black
  • Miss Shade
  • Duskman
  • Shade
  • Darkborgs


  • Crystal Gem Morphers
  • Ruby Blade
  • Sapphire Blaster
  • Emerald Ax
  • Topaz Boomerang
  • Quartz Bow
  • Amethyst Hammer
  • Amber Mace
  • Garnet Scepter
  • Cobalt Lance


  • Ruby Lion Zord
  • Sapphire Shark Zord
  • Emerald Wolf Zord
  • Topaz Ape Zord
  • Quartz Eagle Zord
  • Amethyst Panther Zord
  • Amber Tiger Zord
  • Garnet Unicorn Zord
  • Cobalt Pegasus Zord
  • Apatite Rhino Zord
  • Onyx Gorilla Zord
  • Pearl Giraffe Zord
  • Tanzanite Gazelle Zord
  • Jade Chameleon Zord
  • Peridot Frog Zord
  • Aquamarine Dolphin Zord
  • Tourmaline Deer Zord
  • Bloodstone Fox Zord
  • Zircon Mandrill Zord
  • Amazonite Hammerhead Zord
  • Azurite Sawshark Zord
  • Dioptase Elephant Zord
  • Opalite Rabbit Zord
  • Moonstone Jaguar Zord
  • Jasper Bear Zord
  • Diamond Bat Zord
  • Agate Kangaroo Zord



  • This is a first season to have a lot of Rangers more than 6.
  • This is a first season to have a large team of Rangers.


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