Power Rangers Gem Machines
Number 34
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Intro: Power Rangers Gem Machines/Theme Song
Adapted from: Mashin Sentai Kiramager
Original airing: 2027
Producer Saban Brands
Author: Reynoman
Production Order
[[Mecha Force]]

Power Rangers Gem Machines is the fanfiction 34th season of Power Rangers. It's based on Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


A princess from a land of jewels & mystical gemstones comes to Earth in search of people with outstanding charm & talent. She seeks them out to make them into warriors to defend Earth from an evil army. Five are chosen by these gemstones, which transform into sentient vehicle companions called Gem Machines. Using these powers, they fight the evil army bent on robbing people of their hope & radiance.



Gem Rangers

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Designation Name Actor
Red Gem Ranger Josh Jules John Patrick White
Yellow Gem Ranger David Irving Esteban Powell
Green Gem Ranger June Isantya Katherine McNamara
Blue Gem Ranger Sean Kerzman Sara Pasrad
Pink Gem Ranger Ally Mitchell Linda Cardellini
Silver Gem Ranger Austin Ross Lynch


South Coast Region Tech College

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Gold Gem Ranger (Fake) Beau Sudworth

Crystal Kingdom

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  • King Lazward - King of the Crystal Kingdom, father of Princess Pearl, & adoptive father of Austin.
  • Queen Jasmine - Late Queen of the Crystal Kingdom.
  • Princess Pearl - Princess of the Crystal Kingdom & daughter of King Lazward.


  • Dr. Farran Mitchell - Ally's uncle & head doctor of the South Coast Region Hospital.


Supporting Characters



  • Gem Wheel Morpher - The morphing device of the main five Gem Rangers.
  • Diamond Morpher - The morphing device of the Silver Gem Ranger.
  • Phoenix Arrow Morpher - An arrow weapon used by the core Gem Rangers to power-up into the Phoenix Gem Rangers.

Individual Weapons & Team Weapon

  • Diamond Breaker - The Silver Gem Ranger's personal jackhammer weapon.


Multi-Use Devices

Other Devices



Gem Weapons



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