No matter how hard he trained and how many damsels in distress he saved, he was always going to be second best to the most famous knight in the world. He was most certainly an amazing rider and fighter and if he were to battle said knight one on one, there would be a chance that he'd win. The problem was that he simply wasn't charismatic enough to bring in the same kind of support for his exploits. It bit at him sometimes that if he'd been born in a later generation, he might have been thoroughly hailed for his skill and strength. Because he came about when he did, however, he would be second banana for his entire life. Will this somehow second-rate power rangers do something about his plight or let it play out?

The Ranger

Clifton Arnold

Wilbur Bradshaw

Floyd Blevins

James Maddox

Anne Haynes

Deborah Baird

Glenda Robbins

Tiffany Walter

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