Power Rangers Frontier Recon
Number 35
Number of episodes: 35
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Intro: Power Rangers Frontier Recon/Theme Song
Adapted from: Kuukan Sentai Astroranger
Original airing: 2019
Author: Starlina
Frontier Rangers
Production Order
Power Rangers Frontier Reckon is the 35th installment of Power Rangers - The Next Generation universe.


In a futuristic city called Astrolite City an evil intergalactic menace erupts through Satelite waves and plants chaotic assault on the planet and a new team of Power Rangers are chosen to defeat him once and for all.

The Frontier Rangers

Name Ranger Rank
Rex Haines Red Frontier Ranger
Janna Reid Yellow Frontier Ranger
Brett Deele Blue Frontier Ranger
Ronnette Schaivo Pink Frontier Ranger
Dexy Biggs Black Frontier Ranger
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