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My adaptation of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger.  I'm doing an American take on the series.  But I change a lot of things so as to not make it fully like Kyoryuger.  I also add things and have come up with some original episodes.


Millions of years ago, a group of aliens that served the evil Destron invaded the Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs.  But the bird-like Avius altered 24 different species of dinosaurs and turned them into Fossilzords to defeat Destron & his army.  In the 21st century, Destron’s minions have resurfaced and continued with their invasion.  To stop them, Avius seeks out five individuals to defeat the first five Fossilzords to gain their powers and become the Power Rangers Fossil Surge.


Fossil Surge Rangers

Designation Name
Red Tyrannosaurus Rob Crichton
Black Parasaurolophus Javier Montoya
Blue Stegosaurus Chris Huffman
Green Velociraptor Logan Haddy
Pink Triceratops Chelsea Cromer
Gold Pteranodon Hideki Watanabe
Cyan Ankylosaurus Sir Richard Tennant
Gray Pachycephalosaurus Li
Purple Plesiosaurus Donald Selvig
Silver Brachiosaurus Avius


Ivan the Butler/Chelsea's Family Butler

Michelle Gates/Chris' Niece/Unofficial Niece Of The Rangers

Monica Gates/Chris' Sister/Ranger Hater

Paul Haddy/Logan's Dad

Kevin Ewing/Javier’s Deceased Best Friend

Ron Gates/Chris' Deceased Brother-In-Law/Monica's Husband/Michelle's Dad

Kyle Gecko

Dana Banks/Logan's Classmate

Meatball The Bulldog

Katy Lovato

Tabby Rojas/Javier's Girlfriend

Milla Haddy/Logan's Mom

Max Tallet

Ray & Abby Cromer/Chelsea's Parents

Owen, Grady & Charlie

Harold Burkhardt/

Eric Evans/Cousin Of Cole Evans The Red Wild Force Ranger/

Wanda/Harold's Girlfriend

Detective Kate Denney

Ronnie Columbus/Harold's Best Friend & Sidekick

Kelly Gates

Omar /


Surge Morph Blaster

Dino Batteries

Fossil Cave

Fossil Saber

Fossil Blaster

Fossil Cell

Fossil Spear

  • TyPar Blaster
    • Tyranno Fang
    • Parasaur Blaster
  • TriSaur Blade
    • Stego Shield
    • Veloci Claw
    • Tricera Drill

Fossil Cycles

Wing Morpher

Pterano Saber

Rob's Pendant

Javier's Stone

Tyranno Blaster/T-Surge Blaster

Giga Surge Morph Blaster

Avian Saber

Dino Stones

Wild Amber Café


TriFossil Megazord

  • Tyrannosaurus Fossilzord
  • Stegosaurus Fossilzord
  • Triceratops Fossilzord
  • Velociraptor Fossilzord
  • Parasaurolophus Fossilzord

Surge Wing Megazord/Pteranodon Fossilzord

Warrior Fossil Megazord

  • Spinosaurus Fossilzord
  • Ankylosaurus Fossilzord
  • Pachycephalosaurus Fossilzord

Cosmicsaurus Megazord/Plesiosaurus Fossilzord

Gigasaurus Megazord/Brachiosaurus Fossilzord

Villains/Destron Legion








Protodrones/Protosauruses = Footsoldiers

Destron Legion Monsters

  • Deepfreeze
  • Crusher
  • Lockdown
  • Kawdabra
  • Monsieur Sweetz
  • Germogen
  • Replicator
  • Maze Face
  • Bone Thief
  • Mist Samurai
  • Sharpedge
  • Academiac
  • G-BO
  • Plunder


Episode #01:  An Ancient Surge ...Completed

Episode #02:  Three Unite ...Completed

Episode #03:  The Green Swordsman ...Completed

Episode #04:  And Then There Were Five ...Completed

Episode #05:  A Not So Sweet Surprise ...Completed

Episode #06:  Viral Singing ...Completed

Episode #07:  Double Trouble ...Completed

Episode #08:  Panic At The Park...Currently Working On

Episode #09:  The Lost Warrior Part 1

Episode #10:  The Lost Warrior Part 2

Episode #11:  The Man Out Of Time

Episode #12:  Rangers In The Mist

Episode #13:  A Sad Romance

Episode #14:  Head Of The Class

Episode #15:  Unreal Steel

Episode #16:  Pup Rescue


  • When you read the episodes, see if you can spot the Jurassic Park/World references throughout them.
  • While I was working on Episode #05, someone at a discussion board asked me how I was gonna introduce two female characters AND the teamup on two separate occasions.  Both times it was obvious that I was 20+ episodes away from writing those episodes.  And clearly expecting me to give a spoiler.
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