Policies are pretty similar to the Rules but instead they are about how the how pages should be written and organized instead of what you should do and what you shouldn't do.

  • Make sure you’re not duplicating a category when you create a new one.
  • When uploading a video make sure it is for your series (Music used, morphing sequence, etc).
  • Stay on topic! Blogs are for giving updates, posting trailers, contests, etc., not for movie reviews, saying hi, etc.
  • This wiki is an English-language wiki only. If you want to use another language go to the PR Fanon for that language (Example: Also, no mixing languages (Example: You are so Kawaii), it confuses some and annoys others.
  • Don't re-upload an image that is already on the wiki.
  • Post in the correct forum category.
  • You can make posts for your series on forums so people can ask questions about it, but please link it back to your page.
  • Use existing templates and categories before making your own.
  • Use numbers and not Roman numerals for multi-parters (for example use Green with Evil, Part 1 instead of Green with Evil, Part I). Also make sure it's Green with Evil, Part 1 and not Green with Evil Part 1 or Green with Evil (1).
  • All your work should go under a category that features your username (so all of RedLegend1's work would go under a RedLegend1 category).
  • Look for an image before you upload a new one, we don't like to have duplicate images on the site.
  • Don't use categories like "Female Blue Ranger" or "Male Pink Ranger", just put your page under "Blue Ranger" or "Pink Ranger".
  • Unnecessary categories are not permitted. Instead of using "Dead Character" and "Anti-Hero Character" just use "Character". This includes putting your rangers under "Rangers" instead of "(Team Name) Rangers".

If you page has a stub post on it that means it isn't long enough. Here is what fits to not be a stub...

  • It has more than two sections.
  • Has over 600 words in it.

In order to get that stub removed, you have to make sure it meets that request. If you find a page that should be a stub, tell an admin about it and they will fix it. If your page is no longer a stub, you can remove the post from the page.

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