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Featured Series of the Month

Power Rangers Star Chase is the featured series for January 2019. It was created by User:Kamenrider2011. The Space Scavenger Rocky Riley collects a mysterious cube as part of a routine retrieval mission. He escapes his boss Urond, but finds the wrath of the Quil and Chaos Empires. Ouch. The evil Captain Rygor also searches for the hidden power within the cube. Mirra, the Princess of the Chaos Empire, is supposed to to attack him, but instead allies with him as part of her own ulterior plan. The Fighter Zader, Cryo Comet and Rose are also dragged into the fray, as the 5 defend the Cube from Rygor and his forces, and all those who plan to do evil with the Cube.

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Featured Series of the Year


Power Rangers EDF is the featured series for 2018. It was created by User:Kamenrider2011. When G.U.A.R.D found the mysterious Star Orb, they invited a whole host of evil to want the powers it hold. These evils, like Madame Medusa, Big Brain, and Fuden are some of the most fearsome villains ever. To combat them, the Power Rangers EDF are commissioned. Together, these extraordinary people will defend the Earth from destruction. However, after defeating all of these evils, once, twice, and some of them even thrice, the Rangers' enemies team-up to form the Sinister Six Fists, and create the most fearsome being of all time. At the same time, the first Destiny Shard is revealed opening up a much bigger world...

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