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Power Rangers: Rescue is the featured series for May 2020. It was created by User:CaptFalc91.

On April 10th, 1865, Abraham Lincoln was abducted by the Intergalactic Council and brought to the planet of Athoria. He was summoned on behalf of the Erraditions. They were a war-torn race of aliens that were looking to take over the Earth in order to build a new colony and army of Erradicts and, once again, fight for their home. Abraham Lincoln was able to negotiate with the more peaceful Erradicts on the ship and managed to forge and sign a treaty with them letting the aliens known that they wouldn't return to Earth and humans wouldn't travel in space otherwise to go to the moon.

Years later, Barbara Beasley and her best friends Kaito Fujita and Daniel McClelland to create the Rescue morphers in the case that aliens ever returned. After 20 years of them deciding to make the morphers and over 150 years, an alien warlord named Bloodwing threatens the Earth and deployed his forces to Stone Crest. Barbara employed five individuals who, during the first attack of the aliens, helped people in some form.

The rangers, as it turned out, were mostly family to those working at the Rescue Base. Throughout the series, Noah and the team of Rescue rangers come into their own as a team. However, after a gruesome battle with a nearly indestructible creature, another ranger joins the team. The Rescue morphers are very rough around the edges and after a few fights, Kaito creates morphers based on his culture. They don't last long and Kaito's gold powers only last one fight.

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Featured Series of the Year


Power Rangers Dino UltraCharge (Starlina's Version) is the featured series for 2019. It was created by User:Starlina.

The Dino Charge Rangers disband after defeating Sledge one last time in the prehistoric past as a result creating a new future where Dinosaurs exist. And new evil from Lord Mesoness emerges to avenge Sledge. Heckyl brings 5 new teens together from Amber Beach High School not far from the zoo to combat this new threat.

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