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Featured Series of the Month


Ryokō Sentai Treasurenger is the featured series for May 2021. It was created by User:Gokai-Volt.

A group of treasure hunters set out to complete a task that their ancestors were unable to and to return the mysterious treasures to their rightful place. But when a group of monsters attack them, will they be able to?

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Featured Series of the Year

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Power Rangers Dino Knights (Reynoman's Version) is the featured series for 2020. It was created by User:Reynoman.

Somewhere in medieval Europe, in the obscure country of Rysaul, there was once a kingdom that knew of the existence of dinosaurs long before modern science proved that. When an evil tribe from outer space invaded our world, five warriors were chosen to harness the power of these prehistoric beasts. Called the Dino Knights, they rode their sentient dinosaur partners into battle & used ancient talismans that housed the spirits of other dinosaurs. In the present day, Earth has now become peaceful, with the dinosaurs sealed away in hibernation. But when the same old archenemy returns, five teenagers are chosen to become the new Power Rangers Dino Knights.

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