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Power Rangers Robo Force

In this story, our heroes will fight using the powers...

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Tenjuu Sentai Elemenger

During the times of the early humanity, 2 Meteorites with mysterious powers crashed on earth on two different corners...

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Power Rangers Zord Warriors

When a evil force threatens the dimensions, a team of unlikely heroes...

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Gensou Sentai Mirageman

The Super Sentai has protected the world from evil! These team of heroes...

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Featured Series of the Month

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Power Rangers Synchro Bug is the featured series for June 2022. It was created by User:A-a-achoo! & User:Tokoyami no Nietzsche.

The Kuroboshi (neo-Russian for "Dark Star") Special Force, led by general Konstantin Sysoev, is an autonomous military force, not related to the police. usually takes care of taking down gang leaders, corrupt policemen, cyber-criminals and criminals who are "above the law". One year before, however, a rogue artificial intelligence from the future known as Lucifer System had started taking over the network, creating the Goetia Hive Network, so the Kuroboshi was repurposed to fight Lucifer. The Kuroboshi, with the help of scientist Isamu "Sam" Hanselmann, tested a special Morpher called Synchro-Driver, which allows the user to absorb a digitized consciousness. Armed with the Synchro-Drivers, which allow two Rangers to fuse with each other, Konstantin's son Nikolai and a woman from the future, Alisa Elena Kirliana, lead the Kuroboshi's special soldiers, the Power Rangers Synchro Bug, in a battle against the Lucifer System.

Featured Series of the Year

Power Rangers Discovery logo.png

Power Rangers Discovery is the featured series for 2021. It was created by User:Adam cs.

A non-governmental agency hires the crew of a manned mission to the sub-atomic kingdom of Instinctia, who must join up with a novice zoologist with great knowledge of the realm's species to become a brand new team of Power Rangers, tasked with defending Earth from an evil army of mutants led by the spirit Xenu, who threatens to destabilize society and the course of civilization.

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