Power Rangers Engine Drive
Number 24
Number of episodes: 45
First episode: Start your Engines
Last episode: Venjix Retreats
Intro: Power Rangers Engine Drive/Theme Song
Adapted from:
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Author: Future Beetle
Production Order
Power Rangers Ronin
Power Rangers Stratoforce

Power Rangers Engine Drive was the twentieth-fourth season after Power Rangers Ronin and before Power Rangers Stratoforce. It was created by Future Beetle. It contains elements from Kousou Sentai Turboranger, and Power Rangers RPM and Transformers.




Main article: Engine Drive Rangers
Animal Vehicle Character Ranger
Falcon Race Car Charles Red Engine Drive Ranger
Shark Bus Archie Blue Engine Drive Ranger
Giraffe Train Joan Yellow Engine Drive Ranger
Jaguar Buggy Milo Green Engine Drive Ranger
Wolf Police Car Ronald "Ron" Black Engine Drive Ranger
Rhinoceros Tank Ratchet Orange Engine Drive Ranger
Gecko Helicopter Rookie Purple Engine Drive Ranger
Lion Monster Truck Sledge Crimson Engine Drive Ranger
Bear Boat Gadget Navy Engine Drive Ranger
Elephant Bulldozer Zero Viridian Engine Drive Ranger

Extra Rangers

These are Power Ranger exclusive Rangers are the team called Dino Engine Rangers.

Dinosaur Vehicle Character Ranger
Brachiosaurus Crane Alpha Alpha Dino Engine Ranger
Parasaurolophus Jet Beta Beta Dino Engine Ranger
Pachycephalosaurus Rocket/Submarine Gamma Gamma Dino Engine Ranger
Ankylosaurus Wrecking Ball Delta Delta Dino Engine Ranger
Stegosaurus RV Epsilon Epsilon Dino Engine Ranger
Carnotaurus Cement Truck Zeta Zeta Dino Engine Ranger


  • Professor Omega
  • Helga Omega
  • Optimus Prime
  • Jetfire
  • Ironhide
  • Bumbleebee
  • Dragon Fury Rangers
  • Starscream


  • Venjix Overlord
  • Megatron/Galvatron
  • Starscream (formerly)
  • Thundercracker
  • Lord Shifter
  • Mechstroke
  • Botborgs


  • Engine Cell Shift Morphers
  • Engine Rev Morphers
  • Engine Gear Morphers
  • Engine Divine Striker
    • Engine Drive Enforcer
      • Street Cannon
      • Turbo Plasma Launcher
      • Laser Javelin
        • Road Sword
        • Turbo Launcher
        • Rev Staff
        • Torque Axe
        • Missile Blaster
        • Mach Hammer
        • Airborne Shot
        • Octane Blade
        • Throttle Claw
        • Velocity Vortex




  • Episode 1: Start your Engines
  • Episode 2: Developing the New Secret Weapon
  • Episode 3: Technology Experiment
  • Episode 4: Call to Arms
  • Episode 5: New Incoming Threat
  • Episode 6: Orange and Purple Duo
  • Episode 7: Seven is Enough
  • Episode 8: The Experiment Appears
  • Episode 9: Code Red
  • Episode 10: Rangers
  • Episode 11: Zenith Study Assignment
  • Episode 12: Lord Shifter
  • Episode 13: No Expectations
  • Episode 14: Game On
  • Episode 15: Mechstroke
  • Episode 16: Unexpected Trio
  • Episode 17: Crimson, Navy and Viridian
  • Episode 18: Red and Crimson Heat
  • Episode 19: Blue and Navy Water
  • Episode 20: Unleashing the Secret Weapon
  • Episode 21: Falling Parts for Weapon
  • Episode 22: Fixing the Problem
  • Episode 23: Red and Crimson Power
  • Episode 24: Power Supply
  • Episode 25: Creating the New Heroes
  • Episode 26: The New Rangers
  • Episode 27: Dealership Monster
  • Episode 28: Shifter Demise
  • Episode 29: Catalog
  • Episode 30: Origins of Ronin (Ronin and Engine Drive teamup)
  • Episode 31: Megatron's New Evolution
  • Episode 32: Introducing Galvatron!
  • Episode 33: Starscream gets Fired (Venjix clears Starscream's membership and orders Galvatron to kill him)
  • Episode 34: Star Lone Ranger
  • Episode 35: One Second Last Chance.
  • Episode 36: The Anti Hero's sacrifices (Starscream sacrifices to defend the Rangers from Galvatron and end up got killed off for real.)
  • Episode 37: Saving the Day
  • Episode 38: Overwhelm Venjix
  • Episode 39: Chaos
  • Episode 40: Thundercracker
  • Episode 41: Venjix Strikes Back
  • Episode 42: Strange Suspicious Reaction of Venjix
  • Episode 43: Danger Zone
  • Episode 44: Destruction is Near
  • Final Episode: Venjix Retreats


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