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Power Rangers EDF
Number 26
Number of episodes: 40
First episode: Case File 1: They Came From Raiden's Basement
Last episode: Case File 40: Endgame, Part 2
Intro: EDF Opening
Adapted from: Chikara Sentai Chouranger
Original airing: January 18, 2019-December 14, 2019
Author: Kamenrider2011
"The Defenders"
Production Order
Power Rangers Bio OverTech
Power Rangers Star Chase

Power Rangers EDF (Earth Defense Force) is the twenty-sixth series in the Alternate World Power Rangers. It is based on Kyuranger and common Comic Book tropes, primarily from the Avengers. It is the first season in the Destiny Shard Saga.


When G.U.A.R.D found the mysterious Star Orb, they invited a whole host of evil to want the powers it hold. These evils, like Madame Medusa, Big Brain, and Fuden are some of the most fearsome villains ever. To combat them, the Power Rangers EDF are commissioned. Together, these extraordinary people will defend the Earth from destruction.

However, after defeating all of these evils, once, twice, and some of them even thrice, the Rangers' enemies team-up to form the Sinister Six Fists, and create the most fearsome being of all time. At the same time, the first Destiny Shard is revealed opening up a much bigger world...


EDF Logo Ep 1-22


Red Calvin Roosevelt
Blue Ryan Royle
Pink Ayumi Asakura
Yellow Raiden, The Thunder Prince
Green Dr. Will Dillards
Navy Lt. Col. James Thompson
Orange Lara Müller
Cyan Peter Müller
Silver Julian Lewis
Camo Micheal Tran
Purple Andy Finn
White Dr. Aaron Jacobs
Gold Emperor Diego

Extra Ranger

Sentinel The Sentinel





Agents Of Evil

Takaharan Threats

U.L.S.A.R And His Hosts

The Zero Institute

SNAKE Operatives

The Evil Arts

Enemies Of Atlantis

Chaos Empire

The Quasar Empire



Destiny Shards Featured

Transformation Devices

Side Arms

Team Weapons

Multi-Use Devices

Individual Weapons



  1. Case File 1: They Came From Raiden's Basement 
  2. Case File 2: Defenders, Unite!
  3. Case File 3: Sibling Rivalry
  4. Case File 4: Virus Found
  5. Case File 5: Bad For Business
  6. Case File 6: An Old Wound
  7. Case File 7: Reactor Rage
  8. Case File 8: December 1, 1974
  9. Case File 9: Twins Of Doom
  10. Case File 10: Morning Dew
  11. Case File 11: The Incredible Fury 
  12. Case File 12: Silver Thief 
  13. Case File 13: Splitting The Atom, Part 1
  14. Case File 14: Splitting The Atom, Part 2 

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