Dragon Blitz
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Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Power Rangers Dragon Blitz/Theme Song
Adapted from: Changeman
Original airing: ?
Author: Greencosmos
Production Order
Power Rangers V-Force
Power Rangers Dragon Blitz is a fanfiction series based on Dengeki Sentai Changeman.


Deep in the darkest regions of space, exists a organization comprised of the most ruthless leaders from the most terrifying planets. Called F.E.A.R (Federation of Evil Alien Rulers). F.E.A.R's only goal is to conquer worlds and strip them of all natural resources, before enslaving the inhabitants. When Earth is the next target, the Galactic Global Guardians, a collective of alien peacekeepers, arrive to help empower the planet's defenses. Choosing 5 humans and gifting them with powers drawn from the creatures of myth, the Power Rangers Dragon Blitz were born. Later the Rangers would need assistance and would call for help, and that call would be answered by the Solar Sphinx Ranger.


Beast Name Ranger
Dragon Douglas Red Ranger
Pegasus Jose Blue Ranger
Phoenix Gillian Pink Ranger
Griffin Coyt Black Ranger
Mermaid Marsha White Ranger


Gozerian Empire

  • Lord Zortek: The leader of the Inhuman Gozerian League appears to his followers as a blue limbless torso, which is an illusion created by his true form: a planet that eats others. Based on Star King Bazeu. Voiced by Paul St. Peter.
  • Vlad Luke Picard/Ghost Vlad Luke Picard/Powerful Vlad Luke Picard/Dracip: Vlad is the invasion leader who secretly plots to overthrow Lord Zortek. Based on General Giluke. Portrayed by Michael Keaton.
  • Predatron: A former space pirate. Based on Adjutant Booba. Voiced by Mark Gatha.
  • Solaris: A woman with a male voice, until she got a female voice after the rangers got her reformed. Based on Adjutant Shiima. Voiced by R. Martin Klein. Portrayed by Gal Gadot.
  • Zark Havock: Based on Prince Icarus. Portrayed by Jack Reynor.
  • Queen Nazira: Nazira is the former queen of Planet Amazonia who had been recruited by Lord Zortek to lead his Gozerian league. Based on Queen Ahames. Portrayed by Julianne Moore.
  • Alion: A large green reptile-like alien who pilots the main invasion ship of the Gozerian Empire during their attack on Earth. He mostly is a more comedic alien, fighting constantly with the napping Growdie whenever it is needed to rebuild and enlarge a Space Beast. When Karina convinced him to defect and to reunite with his wife and including his son and daughter under protection of the Blitz Defense Force. Based on Gator. Voiced by Sonny Strait.
  • Growdie: A one-eyed creature from the planet of the same name who is used by Gozerian League to enlarge its minions. Whenever a Space Beast is destroyed, Vlad sends Growdie down to Earth when he was abandoned alone on the mothership he is rescued by the Rangers to assist them in defeating Zortek by rebuilding and growing the destroyed Memory Doll of planet Merlana. Based on Gyodai. Voiced by Brian Beacock.
  • Nazons: The foot soldiers of Lord Zortek's empire. Based on the Hidrer Soldiers.


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