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This article refers to the show, for the organization, see Discovery Corps.

Power Rangers Discovery are the thirtieth and thirty-first seasons of Power Rangers, serving as an adaptation of the 40th Super Sentai series, Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

Coinciding with the franchise's 30th anniversary, The series is Hasbro's third production under their content production division Entertainment One, following their acquisition of the franchise.


On February 19, 2022, Hasbro revealed at Toy Fair 2022 that the next Power Rangers adaptation would be based off the 2016 animal-based Super Sentai season, Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. However, the official title wasn't revealed at the time. It was revealed as Power Rangers Season 30. On May 12, 2022, it was revealed that the adaptation would be called Power Rangers Discovery.

Discovery is the first literation of the Power Rangers franchise to be overseen by Jonathan Enwhistle, who had been previously appointed by Hasbro and Entertainment One in October 2020 to oversee development of a proposed Power Rangers Cinematic Universe, and the first season to be completely aired on Netflix, which aired the second half of Power Rangers Dino Fury in 2022. Due to this, several changes were made in terms of the episode count; Discovery would now consist of two seasons with 32 episodes each. The reason for this, according to show-runner Simon Bennett, was because Entwhistle had a bold vision for the source material, and opted for this format instead of the 22-episode format, which had been in place since the Neo-Saban Era. Discovery was promoted and advertised more than any previous Power Rangers series, and Netflix and Hasbro backed the series with extensive marketing campaigns.


  • Jenny Klein - Executive Producer
  • Chris Cocks - Executive Producer
  • Oliver Dumont - Executive Producer
  • Haim Saban - Series Creator and Executive Producer
  • Jonathan Entwistle - Creative Advisor
  • Graham Coxon - Music Composer



A non-governmental agency sends a group of explorers to the microscopic kingdom home to thousands of benevolent, anthropomorphic animals. When an ancient mutant warlord who has the potential to plunge society into chaos is unleashed upon the Earth, the explorers must join up with a novice zoologist with great knowledge of the realm's species to become a brand new team of Power Rangers, empowered by the ancient animal spirits, and the courage and will to discover, to defend the planet and fight the mutants with animal-powered weapons, Zords and Megazords.


"Years ago, a mutant warlord known as Xenu, whose goal was to shrink every planet in the galaxy, Earth among them, into sub-atomic mass, initiated the Quantum War, in which all planets were put at risk of being shrunk. Among those planets was Chimeria, the homeworld of Solomon Burnham, who was regarded by his people as a pioneer of sub-atomic physics."

"When Chimeria was destroyed, Burnham arrived on Earth and years later he founded the Discovery Corps, a non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection and experimentation of the Sub-Atomic Realm. Under his leadership, the Discovery Corps, along with the Masters of the Instinctian Order, fought on all fronts, until the Xenu was sealed away in Instinctia's core, but at the cost of four of the Instinctian Masters."

"Only one of the five masters survived the war, and in the years since, there has been everlasting peace and order in the sub-atomic realm. Every four years, Discovery commissions manned expeditions to Instinctia under the Isis Program, as part of its ongoing infastructure growth strategy. Beacuse Xenu was sealed in its core, Instinctia remains at a high risk due to what remains of his army seeking out his escense, raising the likelihood of a second Quantum War.
—Opening text[src]

Ten years ago, Xenu, an ancient mutant warrior, initiated a war called the "Quantum War" in which he intended to shrink every single planet, including Earth, into the Sub-Atomic Realm, a parallel, microscopic dimension. The combined forces of the Discovery Corps - a non-governmental organisation dedicated to exploration, research and defence of the Sub-Atomic Realm founded by warrior and quantum scientist Solomon Burnham from Chimeria, a planet conquered by Xenu - and a group of elite Masters from the kingdom of Instinctia - a realm isolated in the Sub-Atomic Plane to shield itself from Xenu, successfully thwarted Xenu's attempts to shrink the Earth, but the five Instinctian Masters lost their lives in sealing Xenu away.

In the present day, Commander Burnham appoints billionaire Anton Baxter, and experienced Discovery operatives Daniel Elahi and Laura Jacobs, to participate in Isis III, the third manned mission to Instinctia; they are shortly joined by rookies Erin Tucker and Jimmy Sophocles, as the mission's science officer and systems operator/engineer, respectively. During their first mission, the crew is taught about the Insinctians' history leading up to the Quantum War, after which an accident during a routine objective inadvertently breaks the seal containing Xenu's essence. The freed Xenu takes over Baxter's body, while portions the spirits of the fallen Instinctian Masters are funnelled into the DNAs of the remaining members of the crew. Michael Burnham, the half-human, half-alien son of Commander Burnham and an employee in Discovery's zoology department, hears about the incident and decides to help the surviving crew members, revealing to them that he met one of those masters, Master Bird - who fought alongside Commander Burnham during the war, as a child. With the expedition called off and Baxter presumed dead by those at Discovery, Commander Burnham enlists the four Isis III crew members to become the Discovery Rangers and stop Xenu from conquering Earth. Although his father is originally opposed to it, Michael, wanting to fulfil his destiny and a promise he made to Master Bird, decides to help them further and becomes the fifth team member - the Red Ranger.

Xenu, aided by his consort Narnette and generals Malvor and Cubois, commands an army of mutants, carrying out regular attacks via Disciples, a line of biologically-manufactured mutants separated into various generations of his technology, which he can enlarge by invoking "Order 57" on his Central Processing System. Meanwhile, when not carrying out their duties, the rangers are taken care of in the "Ranger Ops" hangout area of Discovery Command by disabled hacker and Discovery employee Lester Crest, who previously served as the Isis III mission's director, and is responsible for the safeguarding of the Omni-Field - a man-made, sub-atomic variant of the Morphin Grid, as well as designing the Rangers' zords and technology. Other allies include Digit, a robotic bird created by Jimmy who acts as an information scout, and Amy Baxter, Mr. Baxter's estranged daughter and another Discovery intern who runs her own YouTube vlog about conspiracies, and is unaware of her father's burden, or the five Rangers' identities.

As the series progresses, Michael gains the ability to switch to a Gorilla form thanks to a Golden Banana, Jimmy resolves his mother's prolonged conflict with Russian loan sharks by clashing with their leader, Vlad Gleberov, and Xenu revives the ancient System Lords Aerosaur and Squidija to train them in the ways of fear, deceit and terror, stripping Baxter of his humanity. When Xenu eventually confronts the Rangers and defeats them in battle, before taking Lester as prisoner, Commander Burnham sends the Rangers back to a barren Prism City, where Michael reunites with Master Bird - who is the only master whose spirit can descend from the Instinctian's spirit realm, albeit for short periods. As Michael trains with Master Bird in attempt to heighten his abilities, the remaining rangers are taken to the spirit world to be trained by the other four fallen masters: Master Lion, Master Michelle Fieng, Master Donald Trunk, and Master Beria. In doing so, their Instinctian Powers are heightened with Earth's energy.

Xenu plans to send his militia to occupy territory on Earth, and starts by occupying Mexico City, and sends a hired warrior, Migtropolis, to awaken The World, an elusive, genocidal, ranger-like warrior harnessing the Instinctian Power of the Rhino, Wolf and Crocodile. After the Rangers encounter and are eventually overpowered by The World, they learn that his origins date back to the Vietnam War, when the other Instinctian masters: Master Gator, Master Nocerous, and Master Vore were combined into a single being as part of an experiment carried out by a Vietnam People's Army soldier, before laying waste to sixty planets before Discovery forces captured him and placed him in stasis. They ultimately destroy The World, freeing the three masters, and obtain his morpher, the Continental Tricon, to be experimented. Lester expresses his desire to the other Rangers to join them in battle, much to the disapproval of Michael and Daniel, and takes it upon himself to activate the power of the Tricon - which was given to him as a present by Jimmy - for is own use, which not only purifies his disability, but allows him to become The World's successor, going by the name of the Continental Ranger. At the same time, the last System Lord, Molticon, is revived, but he takes over Xenu's place as he hates humans and resents Xenu possessing a human; Xenu wanted to possess Molticon's powerful Zyncado Power. Molticon siezes the throne from Xenu, who is betrayed by the System Lords and later sent into exile alongside Narnette, and during his reign, Aerosaur is destroyed by the Rangers, who are later able to destroy Molticon, allowing Xenu to reclaim his throne, with the help of his enforcer Imperiax, who was thought to have been killed in the Quantum War, and is key to helping Xenu master his Zyncado.

Following the defeats of the System Lords, Scermazu, an Instinctian bounty hunter nicknamed in public circles as "The Instinctian Ripper", makes his way to earth, and plans to access the Whale Nexus in the hopes of destroying one of many Titanzords scattered around the galaxy. As Scermazu approaches earth, Michael is hired by the United Sovereign Paper, a front company for the American Government, to aid in its investigation. Xenu becomes impressed by Scemazu's ability, and forms an alliance with him. When Michael is caught in one such confrontation with Scermazu, his Gorilla DNA suddenly begins to lose control, and it is revealed that it too feeds on Zyncado. The Gorilla DNA within Michael, from that point on, begins to mutate, and Michael falls into a series of uncontrollable rage against his own team, who begins to take decisive action to remove the Gorilla DNA from him. With Erin having threatened to resign during this period over her ranger duties taking a heavy toll on her emotions and mental health, the crew, after Laura frees him from a curse inflicted by Scermazu, decides to remove the Gorilla DNA from Michael completely for his own safety. Afterwards, Xenu carries out a large-scale assault on Sovereign City; as the Isis III crew and Lester fight a horde of memory copies of previous Megazords summoned by Scermazu, while Michael fights Xenu in his temple alone, in which he loses his morpher and his right eye. The battle is eventually won, and Sovereign City is saved from destruction, while Scermazu remains at large. The rangers are awarded medals of honor for their actions, and the team eventually disbands, unaware that Xenu or Scermazu are still plotting their revenge.

Three months later, the Rangers have returned to their normal lives, aside from Michael and Lester, who remain at DIscovery Command, the latter continuing to monitor mutant activity, especially Scermazu. Elsewhere, Xenu, who learns that Scermazu has disbanded from him, vows to hunt him down. Jimmy, who is now in a relationship with Erin, has found some clues that Scermazu may be back, and after he and Erin do find this to be true, Michael obtains coordnates to the Whale Nexus, and the team is reassembled in order to reach the Nexus before Scermazu does, with the intent of hunting down the Whale Titanzord. During a joint operation with the Super Mega Rangers, Michael acquires the Whale Command Cannon not only to become the legendary Whale Warrior, but to be able to safely access the Nexus, and the Rangers travel to the island of Guarma, where the Nexus is located. There, Michael awakens the Titanzord, but Xenu, hunting down Scermazu, lures it into a trap, and the Titanzord is unleashed, heading towards Sovereign City's shores. After a last-ditch effort to seize it, Michael is able to bring the Whale Titanzord under control. As Xenu prepares to properly resume regular business, Malvor is gifted with a new enforcer - a clone of the Red Discovery Ranger's Gorilla Form with no trace of Michael, by Scermazu. After Scermazu commits several acts behind the scenes, including injecting a disciple with the DNA of Daniel's deceased brother, Porter, Scermazu gains control of the only prototype soldier designed for a proposed "cyber initative" at Discovery and infuses it with the DNA of Scourge, a mercenary who is said to be the master of Xenzin power. With that, he gains renewed interest in taking the Whale Titanzord for himself, and after the Rangers fall victim into a trap of his, kidnaps Michael and demands that they surrender the Titanzord's DNA coding in exchange for Michael's life. The Rangers are able to rescue Michael, and after Jimmy had made several modifications to the coding, the Whale Titanzord is able to combine with the Rangers' other zords to form their most powerful combination.

More to come...



All 7 Discovery Rangers together

Main article: Discovery Rangers
Designation Name
Red Discovery Ranger Michael Burnham
Blue Discovery Ranger Laura Jacobs
Yellow Discovery Ranger Daniel Elahi
Green Discovery Ranger Jimmy Sophocles
White Discovery Ranger Erin Tucker
Continental Ranger
Lester Crest
Whale Warrior Whaleus the Bold Michael ►◄ Anton Baxter
Avalon Ranger Solomon Burnham
Mighty Condor Ranger Michael & Solomon


  • Digit
  • Discovery Corps
    • Amy Baxter
    • Corporal Sergei Kerimov
    • Lester-Tron - a holographic, more outgoing version of Lester who takes control of Ranger Ops hangout area of Discovery Command when the real Lester becomes a Ranger.
  • United Sovereign Paper - a front company for the International Affairs Agency who leads an investigation into Scermazu. Michael works with them through an anonymous representative.
  • Interdimensional Freedom Movement
    • Fresya Sandeghpouyr


Animal Name
Bear Master Bigg Bear
Eagle Master Bird
Shark Master Michelle Fieng
Lion Master Lion
Elephant Master Donald Trunk
Tiger Master Beria
Crocodile Master Gator
Wolf Master Vore
Rhinoceros Master Nocerous


  • Miko Burnham
  • Maggie Sophocles
  • Peters Majestic Productions
    • Theodore Peters

Legendary Rangers

Color Name Actor Generation
Gold Samurai Ranger Antonio Garcia Steven Skyler Samurai
Super Megaforce Silver Orion Cameron Jebo Super Megaforce
Dino Charge Gold Ranger Sir Ivan of Zandar Davi Santos Dino Charge
Designation Role Actor
Super Megaforce Red Troy Burrows Andrew Gray (voice; uncredited)
Super Megaforce Blue Noah Carver John Mark Loudermilk
Super Megaforce Yellow Gia Moran Caira Hanna
Super Megaforce Green Jake Holling Azim Rizk
Super Megaforce Pink Emma Goodall Christina Masterton (voice; uncredited)
Super Megaforce Silver Orion Cameron Jebo
Robo Knight Robo Knight Chris Auer (voice)
Designation Role Actor
Dino Fury Red Ranger Zayto Russell Curry
Dino Fury Pink Ranger Amelia Jones Hunter Deno
Dino Fury Blue Ranger Ollie Akana Kai Moya
Dino Fury Green Ranger Izzy Garcia Tessa Rao
Dino Fury Black Ranger Javi Garcia Chance Perez
Dino Fury Gold Ranger Aiyon Jordon Fite


Designation Name
Red Discovery Ranger
(Gorilla Form)
Red Ranger Clone
Designation Name
Mayweather Elite Red Ranger Mayweather Elite Red Ranger
Mayweather Elite Blue Ranger Mayweather Elite Blue Ranger
Mayweather Elite Yellow Ranger Mayweather Elite Yellow Ranger
Mayweather Elite Green Ranger Mayweather Elite Green Ranger
Mayweather Elite White Ranger Mayweather Elite White Ranger


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Transformation Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon


Special Weapon


Main article: Zords (Discovery)

Omnizord System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ❖ aux mecha, ● other

Auxillary Zords

Alternate Combinations

Discovery Megazord

KongaMax Megazord

Great Discovery Megazord

Continental Megazord

Grand Discovery Megazord


Main articles: Episodes (Discovery) and Episodes (Discovery 2)
Season 1
  1. Instincts Awakened (1)
  2. Instincts Awakened (2)
  3. United We Stand
  4. The Blue Streak
  5. Legacy of Power 2.0
  6. Path of the Gorilla
  7. When Rookies Attack
  8. Easy Fare
  9. Do You Have Protection?
  10. Uncle Vlad
  11. The Sweet Sound of Fear
  12. The Siege (1)
  13. The Siege (2)
  14. Peak Pressure
  15. Hunted
  16. The World (1)
  17. The World (2)
  18. Revenge of The World
  19. The Continental's Journey
  20. Rule of Six
  21. The Missing Zords
  22. Just Like Me
  23. A Discovery Exclusive
  24. Identity Thief
  25. The Joys of Disobedience
  26. The Instinctian Ripper
  27. A Fork in the Road
  28. Inner Struggle
  29. The Great Game (1)
  30. The Great Game (2)
  31. Mr. Jolly's Sub-Atomic Circus
  32. How Lester Stole Christmas
Season 2
  1. Lesson Zero
  2. Super Mega Resurgence (1)
  3. Super Mega Resurgence (2)
  4. The Whale Nexus
  5. Taming of the Titanzord
  6. Seeing Red
  7. The Instinctian Migrants' Act
  8. Lost and Found
  9. Scermazu Rises (1)
  10. Scermazu Rises (2)
  11. Don't Touch The Dough
  12. Malvor Full of Grace
  13. Splitting Image
  14. Whales Fall, Eagles Rise (1)
  15. Whales Fall, Eagles Rise (2)
  16. The Mayweather Snare
  17. Adopt-a-Zord
  18. What Would Master Bird Do?
  19. Heroes Among Us
  20. A Star is Scorn
  21. Leaving Sovereign City
  22. Doubling Down
  23. Sporix Re-Unleashed
  24. The Snow Storm (1)
  25. The Snow Storm (2)
  26. Pest Control
  27. The Ballad of Digit
  28. If Xenu Won
  29. Noble Instinctians
  30. That's Why We Believe
  31. Between Hope and Despair
  32. For the Will of the Earth


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Main article: Power Rangers Discovery (toyline)


  • This series features more original zord footage than any other series.
  • This is the first incarnation of the series since Samurai and Super Samurai not to feature "It's Morphin' Time!" as the pre-morph call.
  • This is the first season since Mystic Force to feature a female Blue Ranger.
  • This is the first season since Ninja Steel to feature a White Ranger.
  • Discovery is the first series in Power Ranger history to feature references to real-life history, as the Vietnam War was referenced in the Continental Tricon's backstory.
  • Although Michael would often take the lead when going into battle, the Discovery Rangers were a rare case in which no single member was designated the leader of the group, although either Daniel or Lester are sometimes considered unofficial leaders.
  • This series shares close similarities with the following seasons:
    • It has close similarities with Lost Galaxy. They are both science-fantasy themed, feature animals as their Zords, and focus heavily on exploration. The only difference in terms of the exploration theme is that Lost Galaxy is about space exploration, and Discovery focuses on inter-dimensional travel.
    • It has close similarities to Wild Force. They are both a anniversary series, though a animal-based series they are both mystical oriented. They have a erector style switchable robot component. The red has a secondary projector weapons. They both have a blue shark and white tiger. And the sixth ranger starts out as a villain that conforms and also has a three changeable weapon and three piece animal-themed megazord.
      • In the case of the Discovery's sixth ranger, its power previously belong to another individual, in contrast to its Sentai counterpart who was created as an experiment by the main villains.
    • It is very similar in tone to RPM. They both are science-fiction based, have fairly dark tones, have an African American Red Ranger whose father has a less than high opinion of them (Commander Burnham was concerned about his son's safety and initially did not trust him as a ranger, and Colonel Mason Truman's strict and militaristic nature).
    • As such, the main characters share numerous traits with previous other rangers.
  • Discovery is the first season since Wild Force to be orchestrated.
  • Discovery is the first season since In Space to feature the same morpher sound effects from its Sentai counterpart; It reuses some recordings of Chō's Zyuohger equipment voiceovers.
  • Discovery is the second season in a row after Dino Fury to begin with a "D".
  • Discovery is the first season since Ninja Steel to feature the original roll call footage from its Sentai counterpart.
  • The personalities of the Rangers are somewhat different from its Sentai counterpart, particularly the Green, White and Continential Rangers.
  • The actors portraying the Red, Blue and Yellow Discovery Rangers are much older than the actors portraying the White and Green Rangers, making the latter two the youngest Rangers of their respective color in Power Rangers history.
  • Discovery was intended to be a darker, much more serious Power Rangers series compared to the previous Neo-Saban seasons. Its Japanese counterpart did feature a few dark moments. However, they both have the element in common of lightly satirizing standard series elements.
  • This is the second time a Power Rangers series has adapted the Sentai out of order, as Zyuohger was skipped over initially.

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